2013 RAM 2500 consumer reviews

$29,420–$32,395 MSRP range
side view of 2013 2500 RAM
78% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.2
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.1
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Best truck I have ever owned.

Being a Ford truck person for over 45 year (5 trucks), it was hard to believe that after driving the 2013 Ram 1500 crew cab with the Hemi, I was so impressed that I gave up my VIP Ford customer status to purchase this truck. Here is why I made the switch: (1) the all new redesigned suspension rides as good or better than my wife's Mercedes C230 (sorry Mercedes)... (2)the interior is spacious, quiet and so comfortable (the arm rests are in the correct position - rare)... (3) the power and towing capability is awesome... drove the Ford eco-boost v6 and it was so sluggish and shifted at erratic points, the Ram tows and drives like a dream with the smoothest shifts ever, even towing a trailer with a car on it!... (4)looks... this truck just looks great. I never thought I would ever give up my Ford truck, but sold my 2006 with less than 20k to buy this new Dodge Ram 1500, and after 6 months of driving this vehicle, I am still glad I made the switch... If you haven't driven this truck, be sure you do BEFORE you purchase any other truck... YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID !!! I rate this truck ***** 5 Stars, 2 Thumbs up, and the BEST TRUCK EVER !!!


Second RAM diesel I've owned

I was the proud owner of a 2003 RAM 1 ton diesel that was very reliable and great on fuel! I was very confident with its power to pull our 5th wheel as well as plow snow in the U.P. of Michigan. I did try to compare other manufacturers when I decided to buy another truck this past October and was pleasantly surprised to find that the Dodge RAM was still king of the hill in performance, comfort and reliability. We did go from a 1 ton down to a 3/4 ton but found that we have not regrets and the towing performance is just as good as the 1 ton. mileage has been between 19 and 23 mpg around town and 15 mpg with a load. So far we are happy, happy, happy! After 10 years of owning just one truck with 187,000 miles, it was hard to let it go but now I am looking forward to another 10 years with my new Dodge RAM.


Ram 2500 Cummins

I have been a die hard GM man for 30 years. My first car was a '77 chevy short bed PU and I have owned 10 new Chevy/GMC trucks dating back to 1982. I have owned 3 Fords in that time period and currently have a F350 box truck that I use for my business. I needed a new 3/4 ton PU for personal and business use so I set out to trade my 2010 GMC crew Z71. I test drove the Duramax in crew 4x4 trim and liked it very much. I then tested the F250 loaded in same config. I am not much of a Ford guy but I was very impressed with the SuperDuty. It compared very well with the GMC, nice power and very nice interior on both PU's. As an afterthought I test drove the new RAM 2500. WOW. Very nice interior, comfortable 3/4 ton ride and that Cummins 6.7 just blew me away. Now after 20,000 miles I have not looked back. Great truck!! Pulls a heavy trailer with not issues, very nice milage (20 when not pulling trailer and mid teens when loaded), and comfortable as any 1/2 ton 4x4 on long road trips. I'm a new RAM fan. I nearly missed out on a great truck by not even considering RAM,,, glad that I took that extra trip to the RAM dealer. My truck is a 3/4 ton, 4x4 crew in silver. Very nice truck. I did rate the interior 4 stars instead of 5 only because of the steering wheel. I am not a big fan of the three spoke design as I like to hold the wheel at the bottom on long freeway runs and the bottom spoke is right in the way. Other than that small gripe, this is an outstanding PU. RAM did their homework and hit it out of the park.


Laramie crew cab long bed Diesel

Traded in a Super Duty, after Ford dealer didn't want to negotiate, checked out the new Ram. Wow! Knew how good the Cummins was but after driving, I was sold. Tons of power for effortless towing and hauling. The technology is impressive. Great ride for a Heavy Duty. Mileage has been mid teens in mixed driving with towing. Reached 19 on a long trip. Once broken in I expect a bit better.



After test driving all the 2500 trucks out there I found out that for the value/power the RAM truck is 2nd to none. Gas mileage on my truck has been around 17 MPG and that's with no upgrades and 3 quarters city driving. Dodge has come a long way since old dodge that I hated but now I am a RAM fan all around.


2500 4x4 crew cab longbed i6

I have owned one of each of the Dodge models of trucks and this is the best yet. Power trane and transmittion work great togethere, there is a little of a low frequence vib between 30-40 MPH if you are steadly in this speed range. It is because the tranny goes into high gear but it is not bad at all. I was unsure of the urea systems at first but after I see the mileage over my 3500 I love it now. This stuff is about $7 a gallon but you will only need to put 3-4 gallons into it at the oil change so it is not to bad. The inside of the truck is night and day over the older trucks from Dodge/RAM. If you have not looked in one of the new ones you really need to. The fit and finish is great. They have kept the hard plasic to a min on the upgraded model and replaced it with leather and a soft plasic, much better feel and look. The new electronics in the trucks are out of this world ( that is a lot coming from someone who flys a plane for a living). All I can say is look into them, you will love them.


Best and easiest car buying experience ever!!

The 2013 Ram 2500 Big Horn Crew Cab is amazing and everything we had hoped it would be. We have owned a Ram 2500 for over 10 years and have never had a problem with it, however; we were just ready to upgrade to a newer version of the Ram 2500. We own a farm and like to go camping a lot, so we need a heavy duty truck for farm work and hauling the trailer and four wheeler. We chose the 2013 Big Horn Crew Cab for the extra luxury that it offers and the heavy duty hauling power needed for our activities. The ride is so much more smooth and they have insulated it so well, there is virtually no outside road noise. The front and back seats are very comfortable for those long rides and it has lots more leg room for both rear and front passengers, than our old 2003 Ram 2500 quad cab. We also especially like all the storage compartments that it offers and the large Uconnect 8.4 information screen that offers blue tooth, navigation, back-up camera, etc. Our sales experience with Medved in Castle Rock, Colorado was even better. We have been to multiple car dealerships over the years and always end up playing the numbers game with the salesman and manager for 3 - 5 hours. It was not this way at all at Medved. We drove into the lot and our salesman, Ray Robertson, met us and took us out to look at the trucks. He asked us what style we wanted and what colors and he showed us only those trucks that fit the category we had said we were interested in. He did not try to show us another style or color that we were not interested in. After not finding exactly what we were looking for, Ray took us in to meet with is manager, Drew Kunter, who proceeded to go on-line and find the perfect style and color of the truck we had been looking for. They found two (out of state) that matched our colors and style required. We chose the one we liked best and they shot us a price immediately. We accepted the price and closed the deal in about 10 minutes time. We had done our homework, so we knew what we could get as trade-in value for our truck and we had a ballpark price of what the new truck would cost us. Medved met and even beat our expectations on the price. There was none of this game playing of quoting us an outrageous price and then slowly taking it down to where we wanted it to be. Everything was forth right and honest from start to finish. The new truck was out of state (500 miles), but they had it loaded up on a trailer and brought to us, within a couple of days at no extra cost to us and even delivered it directly to us for free, without us having to drive back to pick it up. Ray and Drew bent over backwards and made sure that the extras that we had requested were added, plus we got a few extras that we had not expected. From the time we walked in to look at trucks, to the time we made the agreement on the sales price, was about an hour. Ray and Drew sat with us and visited the whole time that we were waiting to get the paperwork through finance. It was very impressive to us that the manager sat with us the entire time, as well, as the salesman. We had a great time visiting, while waiting and found out we actually had a lot in common with each other. We will definitely go back to Medved - Castle Rock for our future vehicle purchases and we will be telling our family and friends to check them out first when they begin their car shopping. THANKS MEDVED for the great car buying experience!! Marshall Family


Powerful, all I wanted

Pulls my 5th-wheel without effort.. I have been a Ford guy for over 20 years...the Ram 2500 is nothing short of awesome.