2011 Saab 9-5 consumer reviews

$38,525–$39,875 MSRP range
side view of 2011 9-5 Saab
94% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.9
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.9
  • Reliability 4.5
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Just perfect

I love this car! I'm always getting stopped by someone commenting on how cool looking this car is. The Saab has a ton of power and sounds great. A lot of room in the interior and quiet on the interstate. Very fun to drive and sporty. I've never owned a car with such a perfect driving position. I own a 2015 Camaro and a newer BMW 535. This car is better and less than half the cost! I could buy 3 for what I paid for the BMW!


Avoid GM Models

Have had everything from a 900S to 9-5 Aero. Can only say avoid the years GM had their fingers in Saab. The fine detailing on the interior left when GM took over. A great car, fantastic snow car, great mileage, a real great car. Oh if only Saab had never got mixed up with GM.


Awesome Used Buy

Highly recommend this car used! awesome features, some glitches in things but fixed with software updates, not too expensive to repair for average. awesome value when used, fully loaded, nav and heads up display work great, so do parking sensors and parallel guided parking feature, wish it had a backup camera, also wish it had heated rear seats as in my '07 9-5, but makes up for it with the panoramic sunroof and the audio and hvac controls with the dvd screens. comfy supportive awesomely adjustable seats and decent view inside of car. SUPER RARE, xwd works amazing in the snow, and decent gas mileage for performance weight and size, Aero faster than people claim, just gotta know how to drive it and adjust the sport settings and trac. control / ESP settings. overall amazing and would say to anybody buy one if you can find one. IVE never gotten so many looks, questions, and compliments on past cars before.


2011 Saab Turbo 4 Premium

I've been driving my NG9-5 now for a month and I still fall in love with it everyday as if it's the first time I've laid eyes on it. This morning marks the first time that I've actually seen another NG9-5 on the road besides my own. This is a fantastic car within a style category all of it's own. It's a real head turner! It drives well, the turbo is very fun and it's extremely comfortable. Road noise? All but non-existent. We'll see how this car does in the long run, but my wife's 9-3 just turned over 100k and it runs like a champ with zero problems since we got it 50k miles ago. That being said, I have high hopes for my 9-5!


Still can't believe SAAB is gone!

While I've only had my NG95 for a few weeks, I am absolutely in love with this 2011 SAAB 95 Premium. Is it the comfort, steering, handling, looks, quirkiness, power, room, look, feel, HUD, HID headlights, hard drive, NAV, panoramic moonroof? A resounding "yes" to all of these. I can't tell you how much I love driving something that virtually no one else owns (only 11k were made in 2010-2011). It has the look and feel of a $50K car, but costs less than half that, and I've only seen one in my area (CO). This car is really a dream to drive, turns heads everywhere, and is so fun that I almost make excuses to get behind the wheel. If you're even thinking of getting one do it now - before they're all gone. Obviously purchase an extended warranty, but other than that go for it!


I hope SAAB comes back

My 900 finally went away with over 300k. Searched all over Texas and found 1 about 200 miles away, it was worth it. Have had it 2 months now and love it more everyday. They are right, the Dash isn't perfect, but so many other items make this such a great deal. The drive is smooth, highway pick up is great and the looks from people are constant.


2011 SAAB 9-5

This is a luxury car, more so than it's predecessor which we owned for 10 years, and certainly more than my wife's 2011 9-3x. I would have preferred a 4 cylinder, manual, 4-wheel drive, but they never made it to the US. This is a 4 cylinder automatic, which has take some getting use to, but that's not the car's fault. I have yet to take it to an autocross, but the (very) little "spirited" driving has been remarkable, and it feels more sure-footed than our 2001 9-5 did and the 1996 900 we still have. My one and only objection to the interior design is the placement of the start-button. Since the 99 most SAABs have had the ignition between the seats for safety reasons (avoid knee damage in the event of an accident ? also harder to steal). But this is a keyless ignition and SAAB gave into the SAAB traditionalists who appear to have missed the point. Having the start button horizontal on the console between the seats is now a hazard with an excitable small dog in the car. I initially thought the design would limit vision to the rear but that turned out not to be the case to the side-read and removing the rear head-rests (kept in the back pockets should have I passengers there) improved vision directly behind. The trunk is HUGE, both wide and deep. The combination of the HUD and Night-panel help me feel safer driving at night. Technologically, this car is on the verge of making driving too easy. I would like to be engaged a bit more (shifting, judging distance for a parking space) and I wouldn't want more automation without going all the way to driverless. The "estimated MPG" seem spot on: around 17 in town, mid 30's on the highway. I do love this car, and I know it will likely be my last.


2010/2011 SAAB 9 5

I have a SAAB 9-3 and I like it a lot. Went on to buy a 9 5 and am disappointed, the car doesn't feel or handle like a saab, its more like a GM car... nothing wrong with that but its just not a SAAB.


reply to earlier comment ( Windshield replacement

This is to the owner with a cracked windshield. You are wrong their are replacement windshields. a little research and you will find what you need . there is a dealer in delaware that has a large inventory of Parts. I have the tech package so I hope I don't need to replace it. It's about $!000.00 but with a $500 deductible it takes some of the sting out. I have my car serviced at my local GM dealer. cost no more then any other car of this Quality. ( Under $50.00 W/ Tire rotation ) So my Friend you do have an option , and if you don't have the tech. package , or can live without it . just replace with a regular windshield. One thing I've noticed is that when the engine is cold it seems to hesitate on quick acceliration , ) 9.5 premium w/ tubo 4cyl. )though once warmed up , it's great . The braking is amazing stops on a dime . and still no brake dust on the rims that I've had on all my other cars. Stop and go milage is normal for this type car, on the highway I average over 30 mpg. Better then a lot of compacts .... So if you're reading this to help with your decision , I hope it's been of some help. Also if you like stepping out of the box and like driving a car that very few own , that has the looks and true quality . take one for a test drive . You won;t be disapointed....



The car has good rating from past records,and GM put a lot of thought into design and quality of interrior.Add the tech. of SAAB with motors and this shoild be a good vehicle.SOLID,ROOM,peppie 4 cyln turbo with good gas for the wt and size.Compared to price of AUDIE,LEXUS,BMW this is a bargin! And you will look not only good but unique!A stand out !!!