2003 Subaru Baja consumer reviews

$21,995–$22,795 MSRP range
side view of 2003 Baja Subaru
96% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior 4.2
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value 4.5
  • Exterior 4.3
  • Reliability 4.7
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Owned for 10 years with NO real problems at all!

Built like a tank! Near perfect car/truck! Gas mileage and HP could be a little better but for the 10+ years I've owned it I only have had to replace brakes, tires, O2 sensors, and oil! Awesome!


Extremely versitile

It's a fantastic car with plenty of room for four, but also doubles as a mini truck which can hold a phenomenal amount of stuff.


Still the first owner.

I'm dreading when this dies as the newest one was built in 2006. 174500 miles and all but 16 of those are mine. Good....broke far less then anything else I owned, and it was me that broke it. Carry just about anything. Also it has 5+MPH bumpers. Found out the hard way. Really easy to repair for the most part. Bad.....Only leg room for us tall folks is the drivers seat. The timing belt is expensive to replace. Cheap to buy but getting to it! Ouch. And once it's out, then might as well replace everything it drove, like the water pump. If one tire goes, gotta buy the other three. Still, it's been a faithful ride and it's built like a tank.


never a problem--aside from regular maintenance!!

This is the 7th Subie, and this one is the best!! the "6" is smooth and handles mountains with aplomb!


2003 Subaru Baja Sport (Turbo)

I have had a man crush on this vehicle for 5 years now. The problem was the cost. Used Bajas are still going for over 8k with 200k miles on them, but that just shows how great these vehicles are. I found one in Virginia with 200k miles for a little over 4 grand so I decided I would buy it. Rebuilt the entire engine, transmission, and even turbo'd this truck for under 6k. Vehicle had no issues when I bought it and the only issue it has now is that it causes me speeding tickets from a naturally lead foot problem, but overall this truck is phenomenal. Rides smooth. Even when I bought it used the only problem the truck had was the rust on the stock rotors, and the cruise control had disconnected. Overall if you are looking for a pickup truck with great gas milage, room for 4, and great performance than you have found it here. This truck lasts forever and repairs are cheap and quick.


It's that Good

I've owned my 2003 Baja for about a year, I was super blessed to find one with low miles (53k) and super shocked at how much I needed this vehicle. I previously owned a VW beetle convertible (up keep was insanely pricy and constant) needless to say I traded it in to help cover the cost of my Baja, no tears were shed to see it go. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, or like one commenter said need a truck occasionally seriously recommend this vehicle. What is it like owning a Baja? Gas Mileage: When I keep the oil changed, new tires, and do not "gun it" I get about 400 miles to the 12.5 (or 13 gallon tank) but I gun it and am seeing about 350 for a tank, I drive mostly country roads and highway. Never use cruise control but it works nicely. The Ride: Now this is the only con but it is fixable, there is an air sound in some models where you drive and it kind of sounds like your windows are down from air suction where the door mirrors are, there is a community online called the scooby truck and there is a fix. I will not do the fix for mine because I have speakers at that part of the door. Still I could care less (test drive it on an interstate to see if this will bother you). Also, the baja may one day idle hard, this happens in some but they are built to last. Interior: I have cloth seats, love them. They have plenty of compartments to store things, I have a sunroof and no leaks (it's always good to have it checked from time to time). I store my soft tonneau cover behind the seat. Air conditioning and heater has worked quickly and efficiently. Also, I have a lot of people ask about it. I thought in getting rid of my beetle I would loose the little fun moments seeing other people with beetles and exchanging peace signs. When you see other Baja owners it's hilarious, I was chanced down in ways in a parking lot by a fellow subaru owner and had such a wonderful conversation about subarus. Subaru has defiantly earned their reputation and there is a reason they advertise Subaru Love, along with reliability there is community. And if I could I would buy a second Baja as a back up. It's that good.


cool car

roomy interior is essential. drives smooth. good handling. fun to drive. could use some more storage for my knickknacks.


Fun little car, big gas appetite!

Great fun car/truck to drive, but the gas sure goes quick! Didn't give full thought to the "all wheel drive". But sure am looking forward to the winter roads!


Just a FUN truck?

Bought my Baja with 80,000 miles. Went through and changed all of the fluids just to be safe. I'm amazed at where this thing will go. I have an Outback also and it's nice when you have something a bit too big (or dirty) to put in the Outback. The "switchback" door allows me to haul 8 ft. lumber. I've got the Ozz Bros toneau cover and want a bed extender. I like the looks and versitility the Baja offers. Wish they would start making them again.


The perfect "occasional" vehicle

The Baja is a good option for those that occasionally need a truck (my wife and I load up our bikes in the back on the weekend, and every now and then to haul the extra big box that wouldn't fit in her trunk)... its great when you occasionally need a 4WD (I'm in Florida and its good at the beach or in bad weather)... and its nice to have 4 doors for that occasional 3rd or 4th person; and I fold down the back seats and convert to a cargo area to haul my golf clubs to the course... The styling of the vehicle is unique - not for everyone but I've always liked it... It's extremely reliable and mine still looks as good today as when it came off the showroom.