2021 Subaru Crosstrek consumer reviews

$22,245–$23,595 MSRP range
side view of 2021 Crosstrek Subaru
96% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.9
  • Interior design 4.8
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value for the money 4.8
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.8
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Crosstrek - Excellent Smaller SUV

This was my 14th Subaru and my first Crosstrek. Great smaller SUV. Four cylinder engine is more than sufficient for excellent acceleration and superior MPG. Comfortable and safe. What more could you want?


Wow Car

This is my first Subaru and I wish I had owned one earlier. It's super comfortable and fun to drive. The low profile leather seats are extremely comfortable so there's no driver fatigue. The interior is well thought out and the Harmon Kardon sound system is the bomb. I'm looking forward to many more years of enjoyment and possibly get another Subaru after this one. The price was unbeatable given the current shortage of used cars. I totally lucked out with this car.


An economy sportscar

Went from a Tundra 1794 to the Crosstrek, big difference, but absolutely no regrets. Not as many luxury features, but driving fun, economy and size more than makes for it. I wasn't paying attention driving home following some idiots on the interstate when I looked at the speedo, I was over 100, so I was one of the idiots. Car handles like a sports car. I have the small engine and manual. Love it.


comfortable, still learning about all the features

Easy to get in and out. Car was expensive, the dealer instruction was valuable, but still learning and still referring to the books. Still waiting for the state paper work, will have to get a Pa inspection.


Great Car with Few Exceptions

I love this car. I replaced a Forester with the 2021 Crosstrek and like the Forester, fell in love with the car. The sporty look goes along with the sporty feel of the drive. It sticks to the ground... I do find the acceleration to be lacking. In the summer when accelerating to get on the interstate, I have to turn off the A/C to get the power I need to get up to speed before I enter the highway. Gas mileage is over the top. I usually average 27 - 29 MPG. Yesterday, after filling up and drive stop and go home, I drove 30 minutes with A/C on max and within the 30 minutes mpg climbed to near 30. It does lack the interior storage I was use to in my Forester. I did not opt for the Blind Spot Detection. If hindsight was 20/20, I would pay for the option and I would highly recommend you do the same if your thinking of purchasing the Crosstrek. The passenger side blind spot is horrific. I have cut off several other cars because I didn't see them. Now to safety check the blind spot, I have to lean forward in the seat to scan the mirror to ensure no one is there. Terrible interior design because the rear head rest in in the line of sight when turning you head. Overall, a great car and I'm not disappointed in the purchase. I will just remember next time to check that blind spot better before the purchase.


Second Crosstrek, love it.

Meets all of my needs and is great in the snow. Will keep leasing them as long as they are around. Hope they make an electric one soon.



Great looking exterior with roomy comfortable interior that offers some great features. I was looking to scale down the size of car I have been driving but still be comfortable and have something more fun to drive. The safety features are excellent.


Love the 6 speed manual transmission

I can now understand why people stay with the Subaru brand once they buy one. Excellent vehicle! My car is very comfortable and has suprising amount of power for a 4 cylinder.


This is my third Subaru crosstrek

I’m happy, and pleased to say that I’m satisfied with my 2021 crosstrek premium. It’s my third crosstrek. The gas mileage is outstanding. It’s very comfortable, and easy to drive. Plenty of gadgets too. Since it’s AWD it’s great in the snow too. It’s reasonably priced, and a great value.....


Should've gone with a Tesla

Ordered this car piece by piece off the Subaru website. Went with the premium version because it said the moonroof was standard with premium. Also ordered proximity fob for unlocking the doors, push button start, LED headlights, digital speed readout, power seats, heated seats, EyeSight technology, manual transmission. All I got was the manual transmission, and the heated seats. All the rest, apparently don't come with the manual transmissions. But I wasn't told this. I assumed I was getting all of this, until the day I got my car after waiting 10 weeks for it to be put together and shipped to me, and I had a chance to actually sit in the car. The ONLY reason I went with the Subaru instead of a Tesla, was because I wanted a manual transmission, with the other features. Tesla has the other features, but no manual transmission. Yesterday, on my way to work, the check engine light came on, shortly before I lost all power in the car. Lights turned off, dash lights turned off, speedometer (and other gauges) went to zero, forcing me to pull over and call a tow truck. When I was on the phone with Subaru, the power came back, turned on my radio/Pandora (which you can't set to not turn on when you start the car, you can only turn the volume to zero before shutting off the car), which then overlaid the music from Pandora through my speakers, OVER the person I was on the phone with. Check engine light was due to a gas cap not being tight enough, but since the power outage didn't trigger the computer to display a code, they have no idea what caused it. Also, my car came with my driver side mirror installed incorrectly. I could set it to look into the car at myself as I drove, but I couldn't get it out far enough to see what was actually next to me when I was driving. The only saving grace of this story, is that all repairs were covered because they were under warranty. But with 2,700 miles on my car, I shouldn't be having any problems with my car at all. I should've bought the Tesla instead. Very unhappy with my Subaru.