2013 Subaru Impreza WRX consumer reviews

$25,795 starting MSRP
side view of 2013 Impreza WRX Subaru
98% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.1
  • Performance 4.9
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.7
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Exceptional Turbocharged WRX

There aren't any used vehicles more reliable than a Subaru, unless it's a Subaru with low mileage like this 2013 Turbocharged WRX.


Fast, comfortable and sleek

Great car but our engine and turbo did go at 24,000 miles. It was covered by warranty but if it hadn't been the total cost would have been about $10k. Overall this thing is fast and fun, looks great and has a good amount of cargo room (We had the wagon)


Jack of all trades. Fun daily driver.

This car does a lot of things very well. With All wheel drive, flat 4, turbo charged engine and available in a hatch, this combo makes for a very special vehicle. My personal opinion, is that I want the best of both worlds. I want an easy to drive fuel efficient daily driver AND a race car. While this is close to both, it isnt as extreme in either category (daily driver, and race car) as i would like. I would recommend this car if you live in a location where you get a fair amount of snow. Personnaly, I am going to get a Honda, and then some sort of 2 seater sports car. But its been fun while its lasted.


Awesome handling on and off road.

Bought my 2013 Subie WRX hatchback used, 35,000 miles. All stock. Handles both paved roads and dirt trails beautifully. Caught the last snowstorm in NYS, even with summer tires, it handled the snow on the roads fine. Only "issues": doors have no sound baffling, so doors sound tinny when I let go the handle. Also the CD player is not a 6-disc, and the manual doesn't specify that "type b" is only a single CD player. MPGs: average 22.4, although if I'm driving a lot of highway, I have gotten 26.7.


Great car

Great car i love it. Drives nice very comfortable very fun to drive. I woulf recommend to friends. Would buy again although they do not make the wrx hatchback anymore


Good, fun car

I loved driving this car! It was tons of fun with a lot of power. My only complaint was that with this particular car, I didn't feel like the engine ran super smoothly. I would always feel like it was about to die, especially when just sitting there in traffic. If you weren't idling, it was fine.


Outstanding summer and winter performer

Unfortunately, only about two weeks left before I have to turn my leased 36K mile 2013 WRX Sedan Base in. I'm going to miss it!! I put a big K&N conical air filter on it and a short throw shifter about two months and would definitely recommend both. The OEM tires were terrible for Colorado winters so I invested in a set of Nokian tires (just for the winters) and have been amazed with the performance on snow and ice. I actually look forward to driving in terrible conditions! I have had the pleasure of owning many great performance cars over the years and for overall performance and value I can't think of another car that offers the year-round fun that this WRX did.


Alot of Fun while it lasted

Purchased this car new. The performance you get for the money can not be be better even if you spend almost twice as much. Very good at corners and will do any speed you want all day long. The brakes are great and crash protection is second to none. Very inspiring car to drive, however that can be bad just as it is good. The interior is this cars weekest area. If you have a dog that rides with you alot you are going to spend alot of time trying to get the fur off everything. Interior sratches easly and feals just cheep. The front bumper is allways scraping on driveways and parking lot exits. Very dependible car. We averaged 24mpg overall. If you set the cruse control at 55 mph you will get over 31mpg. The range you get on a tank of gas is very good for an all wheel drive car. It will hold its value and be easy to trade or sell. At 16xxx miles we traded it in for 500 dollars under its origonal msrp.


Good car

I bought this car new, the WRX is overall a good car my favorite feature is definitely the turbo. It looks awesome too, I think some people must think it's an exotic car or something with the looks I get in it. The only real problem with this car was that the original clutch was defective and the dealership nearest to the break-down site and Subaru USA ganged up on me and tried to make me pay for a repair.....long story short if this happens to you do as I did.....threaten legal action, call them yell at them like they deserved in this case because I was just treating them the way they treated me the buyer of a new car that according to advertisements has a warranty...the jerks didn't honor it but fixed it under good will. Either way it is now a good car and the new clutch is better than the original one ever was...every car company has some defective parts even BMW has had a few, the difference is I can call BMW they fix offer to fix it free under warranty right away, and for the Subaru I had to make a few calls and act like a jerk for something that should have been fixed under warranty right away with no questions asked and no false accusations made. I love this car but strongly despise the way they handled this incident. I guess I'll decide when the time comes for a new car wether or not I'd consider another Subaru, but the last 8,000 on the car have been great. Basically if nothing breaks for the next 50,000 miles I'll consider another one because I love the power and the ride it has. For under $60,000 you can't buy a new higher performing car unless you want an Audi S4, which just looks too plain for my liking.


A little disappointed overall, but not a bad car

OK I had wanted a Subaru WRX for years, finally in the summer of 2013 I purchased a new WRX Premium 5door wagon off the lot, got a decent sale price. I didn't buy any extras knowing I wasn't going to keep the car long term but I wanted to at least own one for a brief period of time. My initial wants were AWD and the power and uniqueness of the vehicle so it was between this and a new Audi A4. I decided the Subaru based on price and reviews. Driving it is fun and when you want the raw power to pass or mess around its there, its a more unique car and you don't see them on every corner which I like, its a more select group of owners. The car has a lot of room inside and cargo space. The car also handles great on the road hugs the corners nice and easily allows me to take off ramps on the highway at excessive speeds without any worry of loosing it. The car wants to get up and go on the highway and most of the time you can easily be going along at a nice clip and not know it. Cons: I'm not a fan of seatbelts law or not, so I don't wear one. The noise of the seatbelt warning indicator NEVER stops unlike other cars after a few minutes. its enough to make me want to find it and disconnect it. Another pet peeve is that the door locks don't automatically open up when the car is turned off, I was somewhat spoiled by that on my last car. The interior design is basic and nothing to brag about, The heating & AC is mediocre at best, the sound system is subpar and doesn't get loud enough for my liking, the seating position is nice but not great, and again the car takes premium only and I only average 21.9 miles per gallon on the highway and 18.9 around town. I have never gotten 24 or 25 mpg on the highway ever ,maybe its because I drive 80-85 mph a lot but regardless its a $60.00 fill up at the tank more often than not. I also had to go out and spend almost $1000 on nice decent winter tires for the car, since the stock 3 season tires would not cut it in new England winter weather. They make a huge difference and over all I'm very satisfied with the way that the car performs in the snow. Over all I'm a little disappointed with some of its quirks and basic interior design, the car performs great and handles great. The new 2015 finally looks like something decent on the interior, I should have waited. Either way this 2013 is on the way to the dealership soon for a trade in with 15K miles on it, it was fun while it lasted.