2013 Subaru Impreza WRX consumer reviews

$25,795 starting MSRP
side view of 2013 Impreza WRX Subaru
98% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.1
  • Performance 4.9
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.7
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Dream Car

If you are looking for a powerful car that can drive in any condition, own the left lane, and comfortably fit a baby seat, then this is your vehicle. The pickup is great, the gas mileage is respectable for a performance vehicle, the capabilities to drive in inclement weather is amazing (add those winter tires) and the convenience as a daily driver is the complete package. I would highly recommend this vehicle if you are a driving enthusiast.


Can't Be Beat for the Price, Maybe Twice the Price

Great fun car! I've always been a Subaru owner, but this is my first WRX. FUN to drive for about as affordable as it gets. It is faster than some cars twice it's price. I may even invest $3500 to push 330 hp and easily be faster than $40-50K cars. The mileage is as advertised and sometimes higher if you drive speed limit (25-27mpg) on the highway. It's a little low in the city though (21-22mpg) The seats are very comfortable. I drive rental cars for work, and I am always happy to get back to my light, nimble, quick WRX. It's fun zipping around Mustangs, Mercedes, BMWs with just the stock 265 hp. And still functional for my 3-yr old, construction projects around the house, skiing trips in blizzards. It's not perfect and seems to have a few little quirks based on the online Subaru forums, but for $25K, you can afford to fix those quirks under warranty or on your own! I haven't had any issues though and believe that many of those folks issues may be folks trying to rally car drive it with everything stock. Can't be a rally driver with stock equipment. Have a friend with a early 2000's one with 180,000 miles and all stock equipment and dealer maintained. He still loves his...


Don't suggest this car as value

I have owned my Impreza WRX for 6 months. I do not suggest this car if you want decent milage or blue tooth capabilities. I have yet to be able to get the blue tooth sound quality and it was not as good as my volkswagon I had leased. I find the engine noise bothersome and inter fears with hearing the phone even when it is held up to my ear, which I must do to even hear my caller. I find the seats really hard and stiff and get back aches on long travel and must stop frequently to stretch and move despite any seat adjustment I make. The gas milage is not accurate as described. I do not plan on keeping this car after my lease. I will most likely go back to my VW.


First Subbie but not my Last!

I went from a 2003 Volvo s60 which was my first vehicle my parents gave me.(im 18) To my Subaru wrx base white sedan with black tint. Where do I start im totally in love with my car I have had it for 4 months now and I haven't done anything except for a K&N intake and Tint on my Windows and my personalized plate. im not really into mods like that. I consider myself a driving enthusiast after owning this car ahah!! I wish I would have opted for Premium package for the sunroof but its all good. the car does get quite the looks every where I go even with the tent I honestly love the car and plan on kepping it after college!!


Best Driving Value...Period

I'm a car enthusiast. My first experience with a true performance vehicle was in a family member's 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo. I remember the feeling of being pinned to the back of my seat when I hit the throttle and getting a feeling in my gut like when you take off in a roller coaster. I always thought I'd need to pay upwards of 60k to get that feeling in a vehicle I could own, but I've had that experience in my 2013 WRX for about half that price. This is my second Subaru. Just retired my 2000 Impreza RS Coupe which was heavily modified. That was the best car I ever owned hands down. I now have a family (two small children) so knew that I couldn't convince the wife of a traditional performance car and needed one that would have 4 doors for the kids, plenty of cargo space for their stuff, AWD for "safety" and the brand recognition of Subaru for reliability. Oh and it needs to be affordable too. The only cars that fit this description, and I would argue the affordability/reliability aspect, are an Audi S4 and BMW 335. Your looking at 50K easy for one of those two. The WRX delivers in all categories so everyone is happy. This car is simply ridiculous. I have a 2013 Limited with Nav. Leather racing seats are awesome. Nav is a bit clunky, but I can't stand using plug-in units and the Blue tooth is pretty nice as well. Pandora sync's from the I-Phone which is nice as well. In terms of performance, forget it. There are few cars, that can hold a candle to the WRX when it comes to all around performance. Off the line, there are legitimately only a handful of vehicles that can keep up and they are all super-expensive exotics. Low end torque is just silly. This thing could probably tow a boat. Handling is superb, especially in the rain. Its actually almost weird, how sure footed this car is. I had a similar experience in my previous Subaru and living in New England, AWD is a must, but this car is just unreal. The only car I have driven that is better in the snow than my Subaru was a 60K Land Rover, which for the record was an amazing vehicle in its own right. I test drove the STi and that definitely has less body lean, stronger braking than my WRX, but also costs about 8K more and the WRX is actually quicker 0-60, even if only by a few tenths of a second. I have the stock exhaust which emits just the perfect rumble. I've toyed with the idea of a cat-back unit as they sound beastly, but my wife would likely kill me so I'm willing to hold off. I have a 5 door hatch, so seats fold down and there is actually a ton of space for hauling stuff. Styling is starting to get a bit dated so the new model will definitely be welcomed, especially if it looks anything like the concept Subaru just revealed. However, I hope they don't move on from the 5 door as it really offers some nice utility. Larger wheels would definitely look nicer (I had 18"s on my RS), but that might also lead to a bit slower acceleration times as well as more costly to repair/poorer fuel economy. Reliability will need to be tested over time, but my previous Subaru was a champ. No issues other than brakes and one clutch after 140K miles. I was able to get the 2013 WRX Limited w/Nav, including an extension of the bumper to bumper factory warranty to 6 yrs, 100k all for under 31K. I'm sorry, but your not going to get a better performing car with all of that coverage for anything near that price. If you want to feel like you are driving a bonafide race car while still having the practicality of a reliable family car, the WRX must be considered.


2013 WRX from dream car to reality

The 2013 WRX is the most fun car for the money. I was able to lease on and get a great deal with awesome residual value for under 400 a month. Great credit pays big with Subaru leases. I have the limited trim level which includes a sunroof that both slides open and tilts up, heated front seats, and fog lights standard. The light curb weight and 2.5 L Boxer engine paired with a turbo charger produces 265 horsepower which is fun all day. I have gotten better than my advertised fuel economy when simply driving point a to b, and it really doesn't drop the fuel econ when you get on it. I am a sales person at a subaru store and have dreamed about this car for a year and have finally made it a reality and you can too. I strongly suggest if you are in the market for a fast fun car look at the WRX in any year but the 2013 is especially fun and a great value for a loaded up version for under $30,000


Getting away with murder

Driving this car makes you feel like your getting away with something, in the best way. As a 19 year old, this was my second car, a WRX sedan. I absolutely could not be happier driving this car everyday. The 2.5l turbocharged horizontal 4 boxer engine absolutely screams down open roads where you can open it up. The car dips into a lower stance and pulls the road towards it faster than you expect. This car sprints to 60 in about 4 and a half seconds and will do the quarter in about 13 and a half. For anyone looking to get into the AWD performance or rally car scene, you MUST BUY THIS CAR. Also, to quelch all the haters, whether you drive a WRX, an STI, or an EVO GSR or MR. We are all friends, and you should be glad you have choice between two car companies. Rally enthusiasts rejoice!


Fun to drive

I like the handling. It's a smooth drive and torquey at the same time. I went from a FWD to AWD and I love it.


Bang for the Buck

The WRX is more bang for less buck. Less the insurance on the car. But worth every penny. Very comfortable seating. High speeds you feel the car sink down and just grab the road. It is unbelievably solid in the corners at any speed. Tested it out one night at 3:00 am. Maxed it out at 150 mph with no down shift. It just goes.


This car is insane!

If your looking at a fun car to drive, that is reliable, safe, and practical, this is the BEST bang for you buck. The WRX has 265 hp hits 60mph in around 4.8 seconds. Throws you back in the seat, and holds you there. The sounds it makes, is so impressive, you will think your in a V8. I can't even believe they sell this car for 26k. IF your even more bold, and more of an enthusiast, then go right ahead and grab the keys for the STI. More power than the WRX, even better handling due to its extremely capable rally inspired suspension, and when you need them, slam on those huge brembo breaks, and feel your eyeballs pop out. Both these cars are incredible. Similar to the mitsubishi Evolution and Ralliart, these cars lack luxurious interiors, however unlike mitsubishi, Subaru has created a very good looking, simple interior, unlike mitsubishi where you feel like your behind the wheel of a race car, but your eyes think your driving a school bus (ugly.) Overall, I would recommend this car to anyone! the all wheel drive system is so superior, it will keep you safe, and inspired!