2007 Subaru Outback consumer reviews

$21,495–$24,595 MSRP range
side view of 2007 Outback Subaru
94% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.5
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Informed Buyer

As a ?madison avenue advertising execuitive?, I have lived and driven in multiple countries (both left and right handed sides), and have owned Honda?s, Mitsubishi?s, Mazda?s, Ford?s, Holden?s and my favorite Saab convertible. But this review is about what my wife and I call the ?sporty station wagon?. Yes we all have dreaded memories of our parents road trips in that monstrous fit all car during our early childhoods (depending on your age). But for some of us a ridiculous gas guzzling, unmaneuverable, stylistically challenged and worst of all, generically ubiquitous SUV is not an option. We decided upon an individual car? The Subaru Outback 4 cylinder. The car has superb all wheeldrive, god knows I?ve tried to spin tires, understeer into corners and basically many other rally techniques, but it just keeps holding the bitumen. Borrowing someone else phrase, it has enough ?zoom zoom? even without the turbo. And easily rides over the bumpiest terrain without you noticing due to its shocks and above average clearance. Mileage is more than acceptable, ranging from 24 to 31 depending on lead foot or conservative technique. Let?s now discuss the interior and comfort ? modern and spacious, very well crafted seats, both front and back and comfortable. Ash tray section is useless but does hold a Motorola V or gate opener rather well. Many fold away anchors for holding all sorts of components in the back and underneath the floor e.g. first aid kit, elastic straps etc etc. Only problem I have noticed is that at about 36 degrees or less the flat tire pressure warning comes on? well that was fixed. Personally speaking the Volvo XC is its only real competitor but at 3 times the price that is the end that. These cars are all made in Japan under the strictest of quality controls and for those whom live in the eastern seaboard and northeast, they are very well known. Of course the image for this vehicle is a sporty, outdoors fit individual and not the 70?s station wagon we all remember. My advice, test it ? after all test driving is free and an informed buyer never has remorse, they only glee each time you drive past a large SUV and look at the never smiling driver beside you.


Subaru Has Changed

This is my third Outback and it's going to be my last. My last two Outbacks, a 1997 and 2001, were excellent. I would buy another one in a minute. But something changed in 2007. This new car does not sound right and has driveability issues. There is hesitation and bucking when going downhill. Gas mileage is not good either. I can't seem to get over 23 mpg no matter what I do. A 2.5 liter engine should get mid- to high 20s. Performance is lacking compared to my ohter Subarus. Overall, I can't believe I actually bought this car. If I could afford it, I would trade it for something else, anything else.


Very promising start.

This is a very new car, based on a week of ownership and 270 miles driven. I have a 2007 XT Limited model, without navigation. What I like most: * it rides very nicely, with the kind of smooth highway cruising you'd expect from a large detroit sedan. * Tons of power, which comes on very readily, even in the "I" mode for the SI-drive system. It's been hard have willpower to keep it under 4,000 rpm for break-in. * The interior is great; fit-and-finish is excellent, front seats are roomy and comfortable, and the sunroof is humungous - the next best thing to a convertible. What I've got mixed feelings about: * Fuel economy is just OK; I'm averaging 19 miles to the gallon in not-very-trafficky suburban streets. Hopefully this will improve a bit with break-in. * Handling is good, but not very sporty; body roll is minimal (which was the final selling point for me over the Forester I originally went to look at), but cornering is not super-confident. Fortunately, stability control (VDC) is standard on the 2007. * It's not yet clear whether the "SI-Drive" feature ("I" mode for economy, Sport/Sport sharp modes for better power/acceleration) is useful or merely a gimmick. * Factory stereo is good both in sound and features, for 2007, but it is the typical-of-higher-end-cars "fully integrated" model so when it gets dated in a few years, one can't replace it with an aftermarket one. Note that MP3/WMA support and the aux jack are both new for 2007. Downsides: * Cost - the premium for the turbo and VDC over the regular 2.5i Limited is very large; I found the regular 2.5i models underpowered, but I suspect many drivers would be happy with them. * Color availability, at least in my area, was very limited. Hopefully this will be better when the 2008s hit. Other cars I test drove/considered: * If you don't need AWD, the Saab 9-3 SportCombi was very nice, with a nicer interior, better warranty, and slightly more confident handling, although with somewhat less power. * If you don't need a wagon, the comparable Subaru Legacy trim (GT Limited) is slightly sportier. * If you don't need AWD or a wagon, the Acura TSX has much sportier handling and has a nicer interior and warranty, although it had a rougher ride quality.


Though a wagon, exceeded my expectations

My wife and I just purchased our first Subaru. We did a lot of research and found everything we read was true when we drove the Outback. The options between the base package and the next package was priced very well. We drove the car home about 140 miles and could not believe the mpg we were receiving. The interior is incredible. After driving for about 140 miles I was becoming restless. I deseried to drive the car because it is so much fun to drive. The only complaint is the amount that needs to be paid to install the XM service. Overall, this car is incredible and I would defenitly buy another. My wife and I have been to numerous car dealerships and the Subaru dealership are very intelligent about their cars. They were very friendly and not forceful in trying to sell you a vehicle. I will be a Subaru owner for years to come!


great balance of usability and comfort

very smooth combo of drivetrain and suspension with limited offroad possible. I have non-turbo with automatic. Switches, leather , steering equal or better than my Infinity and more comfort, better tracking on highway. The Infinity is good but Outback limited wagon is very good and feels like one piece with no annoying small noises or chasis flex. Very impressive as is the 26+ mpg on reg. MPG was on first tank of gas with less than 200 miles on car. This is with automatic and city plus 70mph hightway use. My wife has become posesive about this car, first time ever including new MB's and Saabs. Indications are that 100,000 miles will be trouble free although with only 800 miles on car it is too early to really know. Suggestions are:1. lower wind noise, 2. offer red exterior color, 3. Improve auto climate software. No new car adjustments or service needed so far. Can't say that about any other new car I have had.


Safe and powerfull

3.0 VDC 2005 - Great; Acceleration, comfort, handling, Safety, reliability, look. To improve; OEM tires, transmission, consumption, (12l/100km on Highway),valves adjustement, noisy moonroof at 120kph, limited offer of Interior colors (Beige). Rattling engine, Slow power windows.