2017 Subaru Outback consumer reviews

$25,645 starting MSRP
side view of 2017 Outback Subaru
95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior 4.7
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value 4.7
  • Exterior 4.7
  • Reliability 4.8
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Disappointing car with issues from start

Got this car new, deluxe version, 3.6i, and a problem from beginning. Am a woman in my 60s, drive locally, only 32k miles on 2017 car, 7 yrs old! Started with battery completely draining 4 times with nothing “on”… replaced battery 3 times. Class action lawsuit on battery now too. Then about a year ago, the navigation system completely failed…l no cruise control or any of the other expensive features worked. Lots of issues with this too, expecting recall, but in mean time, after 4 trips to dealer, they replaced whole navigation system. It’s definitely a design flaw. Lastly, one of the main reason I got the car was to lock it, go hiking or surfing, and not worry about the key/fob. Well, they do have a system, buts it’s not easy or obvious. Even dealer folks couldn’t get it to work. You have to disengage the lock on inside, then punch in a 6 digit code in back of car by license plate. Technically, you set the code to 999999, and punch in 9x6 or 54 pushes! And if you make a mistake, you only get 3 chances! HORRIBLE DESIGN. IT IS NOT A KEYPAD BUT SHOULD BE.


Functional, cute, & saved me from a bad crash!

I went from owning a 2003 Monte Carlo SS to a 2017 Subaru Outback. It was worth every penny. My Subaru is not only reliable, functional, and cute; it also saved me from being injured in a bad crash. This past fall a six point buck hit my car head on and I never saw it coming. It was a fatal crash for the deer, but not for me. As heartbroken as I was to see my car crumpled on the front, I was so glad it wasn't me. It was a repairable fix and made me really appreciate my car.


Outback is a car for family or the sport enthusias

This is my 3rd Subaru Outback. I have found the Outbacck to be a very reliable, comfortable and excellent all-wheel-drive vehicle. I love that even with the updated Subaru makes every few years, when I purchase a new one I have very little I have to learn to drive the newer version. However, it is always good to have the dealer go over the various updates and idiosyncrasies of your new or used Subaru Outback. I have been driving an Outbac since 1990's, and always seem to go back to this same brand and model because it is so safe in North Carolina's winter months when we get icy roads and sometimes snow. I have even tried to spin out my Subaru Outback on ice covered snow, just toseewhatwould happen. The car skidded to the side of the road but didn't sin out. And yes, I did this in a very safe environment where I had lots of empty space and room. I'm not totally crazy. The Subaru outback is a perfect car for individuals that doa variety of sports, for families looking for a safe and roomy car for up to 3 children. It easily sits 5 comfortable lying, and has child locks on the doors. The All-wheel-drive is the best other road. I also love the daylights that stay on all the time, and don't effect the battery running down as Logan you drive it regularly. My 2017 pairs well with my Samsung phone, as it would with any Android or I-phone. Ithaca plenty of additional electric outlets for listening to your MVP player or for your children playing games on their cell phones or tablets. The cargo area, whichI love, it bigger than that on a Forester, although Iusually put the backseat down sour dog s can move around while we drive. They have been trained Nottoway come into the frontseat area, unless invited at the beginning of a ride. You can also use a dog seat belt or a baby or dog seat installs easily in the Outback. And your can easily reach into a baby seat of dog seat to check on your human or pet baby, if it is placed on the opposite side inches backseat from where you are seated.in newer models of the Outback they have added extra storage compartments for electronics or other small to medium size objects that you may need handy. I also like that their is no ashtray, though one can be requested being put in. Their are plenty of cup holder both in the frontseat area and back seat area. An Ihave haul lumber an long items on top ofthe vehicle on the storage rack, and bought home a considerable load of plants and soil with the back seat folded down. The protective Tay and backend storage net came standard with my 2017 Subaru Outback, unlike many more expensive stationwagons or SUVs. The rear net is great for holding a small amount of grocery bags in place or several trays of plants. My 1917 Subaru Outback has airbags front and on the sides. The dashboard elements are easy ro read, and setting up the cruise control and distance from cars is easy to do. I sometimes frustrates me, but the 2017 Outback is set to slow down automatically if you are behind an vehicle. This can be a pain when you are wanting to past another car, but I've learned through habit to exceleratemanually when passing, so it is not a big deal, and the slow down feature is great when traveling it tracific, such as in big cities like Charlotte or Raleigh. Lastly I love my leather seats. They looks good today in 2022 as they did when I first purchase this car is December 2017. With regular washings, and dusting and or leather treating the interior the leather will last beautifully until the car has well over 250,000 miles on it. And that is both on road and off road driving. I've taken my Outback on some pretty rough roads, like Old 105going from Lake James area Linville using very old forestry back roads. My car takes these dirt, bumpy roads like a dream, with room to spare underneath.


A very fun vehicle

Every time I drive this vehicle I find some new feature that I just wasnt aware of. I thought I had done all the research I needed to make the purchase but this vehicle still surprises me daily. A very smooth ride and the features are perfect.



It has all the bells and whistles and I like the size of it. Easy commute. Mine is limited Edition and I prefer fully loaded.


Wow, I love my Subaru

First, I only just bought this used. It is the White Limited Outback and its beautiful. Im super picky about my cars, I used to own a Tesla (panic traded it, I miss it sorely). This Subaru is the smoothest driving car Ive ever owned (still miss my Tesla though, thats another story). White paint w Tan leather interior is gorgeous. No Engine Automatic Stop, stupidest thing any car manufacturer ever did. Great layout. I dont know about the reliability yet but im hoping its consistant with the rest of the car. I highly recommend the Outback.


Just got it so stay tuned

Happy so far. No complaints from me. Doesn't have auto lock feature which I found odd for being a 2017? anyone else feel that way or just me?



We just bought it, but so far so good !! We wanted a Subaru due to its safety and dependability. It really drives well, and I would say drive like a big car, yet it is a smaller car, I was surprised at how nice it drove really !!!


Very reliable

I absolutely Love this vehicle (2017 Outback 2.5i Premium) and everything about it ! I have had it almost a month and still learning how to use everything it has on it!


Best car I've owned, even after driving a Lexus!

Comfortable seating, excellent visability, smooth ride, abundance of cup holders up front. Really impressed with the safety of this vehicle and reliability of the vehicle. It has exceeded my expectations.