2008 Suzuki SX4 consumer reviews

$14,339–$15,889 MSRP range
side view of 2008 SX4 Suzuki
97% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.6
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great little car

bought this car used two years ago with 30.000 miles on it i have 72,000 on it now.i commute about 400 miles a week give or take 50 miles, this is a 2 wheel drive model. this vehicle gives me 30 miles a gallon driving on highway every day. i love this car no problems with vehicle other than current recall issue for passenger seat air bag sensor.i'm a mechanic so i don't skimp on maintence. oil changes & all other fluids are changed when due. the best feature of this vehicle is the roomy interior with lots of head room gives you a sense your driving a bigger suv.the big door mirrors are a plus ,every one who gets in this vehicle compliments me on how smooth the ride quality is. great suspension with 17' wheels no doubt are a factor.very pleased with this vehicle


2008 Suzuki SX4 AWD Touring

I bought this car new in 2008 and now have about 37,000 miles on it. If you are looking for very affordable AWD this thing fits the bill. The AWD works great in just about any conditions, the only real limiting factor is the low ground clearence. One complaint I do have is that it doesn't have enough usable space. A Honda Fit for example is very similar sized but has much better storage options and room for cargo. It would be nice if the rear seats folded flat instead of the awkward fold and tumble configuration that takes up room. Also, I live in Wyoming and though it does fantasic on slick and snowy roads, any type of road debry (sand, gravel...) will chip the paint, my hood is very pock-marked from winter driving on the interstate. I am a big tall guy 250+ and 6'2" and this car has loads of room for me in the front seats which was a selling point. Power is sufficient in most cases, although hills can be tough. I have the 5 speed manual and have no problem surpassing the EPA mpg ratings. My best mpg has been 38 on the highway, worst has been 23 (any type of luggage rack will kill mpg). On long interstate trips I generally average 28-32 mpg, in town I get 21-26. The car has a very small gas tank (11 gallons) which is nice to fill up, but has a short driving range. It has been very reliable and never let me down. At this point the lack of cargo space is really getting to me, and I am looking into a Subaru. Probably the worst thing about this car is the resale value, they just don't retain their value for a Japanese car. For the price it's a great car, but for a little extra money I would definitely step up into a Subaru Outback or Forester.


This car is fantastic

If you can get your hands on a Suzuki SX4 buy it. I LOVE this car. It has headroom like nobody's business. I bought the sedan but I still had roof racks put on and this thing will carry two kayaks and a canoe. It gets good gas mileage, and it's rare to see them on the road, which is nice. I smile everytime I look at mine. It has lot of pep for a 4 cyclinder, Mine is a beautiful blue metallic color. It actually was in a big accident when I first got it (My husband ran into the back of a truck) and the car was bashed in BUT we didn't get hurt AND this poor car even made it home. So it's safe, it's comfortable, and if you are like me and don't want your car to own you, this is the one to get. I've had Nissans and Toyotas before, and I'd pick my car over them every time.


excellent, trustworthy car

The more I drive my daughter's SX4, the more I like it. She needed something with AWD for school in the snow belt, and frankly used Subaru's (our first choice) were too expensive. The Suzuki has almost all the features of the Subaru (the "big" difference is no hi/low setting on the seat heaters), for half to 2/3 the cost. The car is bouncier than a Subaru Forester, because it is smaller and lighter. However, she took it to "skid school" and simply could _not_ get it to lose traction. Even the BMWCCA skid school instructors were impressed. There is also an impressive amount of storage room for a car this size.


Nice little AWD

I consider it a good purchase - fairly good mileage (~ 25 mpg average so far), fair performance, GREAT ride quality and very quiet for such a small vehicle. I have not needed AWD for snow yet, but going up steep gravel drives it does well with no slippage. Convenient layout of the interior permits laydown of rear seats for carrying a lot of luggage to the beach (really loaded her down) and putting a friends rolling walker in the trunk to take her to church. Wife appreciates the comfort and quiet. Carries rear seat passengers with surprisingly good leg room. I like the sound system, and added an iPod adapter for a great selection of tunes. Cruise control does not keep up with hills and over compensates at the crests to put you 5-10 mph over setpoint after lagging 5-10 under. The throttle-by-wire makes it hard to assist the cruise unit as you can in other vehicles. Maintains speed well on level roads, but I live in the mountains, so I end up using cruise a lot less than I have in my other vehicles, including other small engine vehicles like my Ford ZX2. Overall though, a pleasing little car that I hope to keep for many, many years.


Suzuki SX4 Crossover AWD

I've had this car three years now. It was inexpensive, even though it has has two range AWD, keyless go, climate control, 180 watt stereo with subwoofer and six CD changer. The mileage has increased over the years...currently I get about 31 mpg. It has ranged from 24 to 34...not bad for AWD. It handles like a go-kart. Wishes: that it had a bigger gas tank (range is only 300 miles or so), Bluetooth, and a bit quieter interior. To its credit, nothing has gone wrong with it and nothing has needed adjustment.


good, so far

I am a previous Subaru owner. I bought my SX4 AWD used cause I needed a different car and the price was within my price range. So far, I am satisfied with it. I just had an opportunity to try it out in the snow and for a little car it does pretty well in the snow in AWD or 4WD. Positive points: 1/Pretty roomy in the front for a smaller car. 2/I like the fact that you can choose between 2WD, AWD or 4WD. I think the 2WD tends to save on gas in nice weather. 3/I like the safety features..airbags. 4/ The sound system is pretty good. 5/ It handles nicely and has an ample amount of acceleration for a little car. Negative points: /It is too low...not enough ground clearance. I drag when coming up my lane in a few inches of snow. 2/The gas tank only holds 10 gallons...wish it held more. 3/ The lights on the controls need to be a different color...when wearing sunglasses you cannot see the numbers (ex. clock, temp. etc.) 4/Not much leg room in the back seat if the people in the front need leg room (but, that's to be expected in a small car) 5/ I thought the mileage would be better.. about 26mpg...but I do live in the mountains of PA! 6/ I am NOT real impressed with the quality of the paint..the pain scratches easily 7/ mine did NOT have mudflaps and the gravel from the road chips the paint easily..I invested in mudflaps immediately. All in all, the car is ok...I would probably buy it again, but I have not had it that long...just 6 months. So far, I'm fairly happy with it, guess time will tell.


Love Our SX4

We purchased our SX4 when gas prices approached $4.00/gal (we traded a full size Blazer). It's been almost two and half years and we still love it.


I love this car!!!!

I own this car and the sportiness is awesome!!!! It is a wonderful car for the price! The preformance is very good! Styling is great!


Honestly impressed

I purchased my vivid red 2008 SX4 on June 24, 2009. So far this has been one of the best auto purchases that I have made. I was very hesitant about purchasing a Suzuki (had never owned one, didn't know much about them). I normally own large luxury cars. I was helping a friend research another small car model when I discovered the SX4, and I was so imressed, I went to test drive one, and ended up buying it! One suggestion to make an easy dress up on this car.....buy contrasting pin striping at an auto store and put it on yourself. My SX4 is vivid red, and I purchased metalic silver pin striping tape and applied myself....could not believe the difference!