2008 Suzuki SX4 consumer reviews

$14,339–$15,889 MSRP range
side view of 2008 SX4 Suzuki
97% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.6
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Solid Car With Nice Pep

I was not in the market for a Suzuki when I ended up buying the 2008 SX4 sedan. I was looking at Ford Focus, Chevy Cobalt, and Hyundai Accent. This turned out to be a great bargain (0% financing) plus a good warranty. The car drives great, with a zipy 143 horsepower engine. It feels a lot roomier than most compact sedans, though, and the interior looks nice and modern. The stereo produces better sound than most factory units wit its component speakers. Overall, I have had no problems with this, and it works great for local or highway driving. Note that this car is one year old and has about 10k miles.


Great car, Great price. Subaru watch out!

This is a great little car. I owned an Aerio AWD and had a list of things I would have done differently. The SX4 addressed almost everything on the list. Still the same old thing with the brakes and the factory tires. I replaced both with upgrades that were worth every penny. I lived at 9000 feet in the Rockies when I got this car and had a 40 mile one way commute. Winter was no excuse to miss work, this car made it easy. They say traction control is all about the software, and whoever wrote the code for this system did it right. The AWD lock setting is truly better than a snow shovel and chains. (Well, maybe not, but sure a lot easier.) It easily handled snow situations that stopped the Aerio in its tracks. I have driven this car around the mountains on fire breaks and logging trails and it can handle anything up to the limits of its ground clearance. I am also surprised at its ability to handle steep dirt inclines that a lot of people would say are Wrangler only territory. Good C.G. for working transverse slopes. No feeling of being about to roll. I have the rear seats folded flat most of the time and that makes the interior seem larger than the outside of the car would let you think. You can fit a lot of stuff back there. Driving mountain roads, a lot of them dirt, I am in the high 20?s for mileage. Good enough, and close to what I expected. The ?distance to empty? setting on the information system is accurate but I suspect the instantaneous fuel economy setting is using guesswork. The XL-7 has a pretty slick auto-stick transmission that would really be cool in this car. Overall I would say this car beats out my former favorite dirt road blaster, the Subaru XT-6. In my vehicle selection phase I found nothing close in features and equipment within $3000, price wise. I have gone so far as to insist several friends with similar driving needs buy this car. So far everyone is happy. One problem with Suzuki on a huge warranty claim from someone I know but that seems to be the exception not the rule. The roadside assistance is nice. Buy an extended warranty that includes rental coverage, Suzuki seems to build a lot of cars and not a lot of replacement parts. Never had what I need be any closer than some warehouse in California. Even minor issues take overnight to find parts. If this one was murdered or stolen today, I would replace it with the same exact car.


Great little car!

I went from a Land Rover to the SX4, so the improvement in gas mileage alone (and supreme to regular grade) was a joy. I have no problem with the performance, and the handling is great. There is lots of room in the back. I took the back seat out and I can easily carry three english mastiffs in the back. That's almost 500 lbs of dog! The AWD is great in the snow, and the sound system, with subwoofer under the driver seat, is very nice. The only thing I wish it had is the option of a sunroof. All in all, a great car for the money.


Fun, yet safe for teen.

This car's performance, while adequate, is kinda slow. BUT, it is comfortable, composed on the road, looks cool and practical with alloy wheels, roof rack, GPS, lots of airbags, and lots of usable space. The best part is having my teen daughter in a car that doesn't tear up the road or my wallet. Did I mention that I don't have to work on it? Larry


puny Out, big Inside

Nice little car. I just bought this car for commuting from my home to my office about 15 miles from home. Whoof! its just awesome. I never thoght that a Sx4 would be so good. It has a lot of safety features for the price just under $15000. JUST AWESOME...


First New Car

I bought the SX4 Sport Touring Pkg 1 and I should have waited until I could get a Touring Pkg 2. The Pkg 1 isn't available anymore, which is good for new buyers, but if you are buying used, be aware that the Pkg 1 doesn't have Stability Control or Traction control. The car gets much better gas mileage than I expected. I get an average of 31.5 (according to the computer, which is pretty accurate). I have a manual transmission, and the clutch is light and its easy to stall if you aren't paying attention. The gear shift linkage is a little loose after some use, which is barely noticeable. Hopefully the dealer will replace whatever wore out so easily. One thing I like about the car is if you get synthetic oil (recommended) it can go 7,500 miles between oil changes. The maintenance on this car is very affordable. One thing I don't like is that the rear seats don't fold down for trunk access. The trunk is very large and easy to use, but a pass-through would have been nice. Overall, the SX4 is the best car for the money because you get a great warranty, lots of space, good gas mileage, and best of all it's fun to drive. If I had to go back, I would buy the SX4, but I would have gotten the Touring Pkg 2.


Small outside, big inside

Even with a thik sheepskin there was plenty of headroom. It didn't feel small inside, but when I got out, the car shrank! I live in the mountains. I need a 4X4. The manual transmission puts me back in charge and gives me more contact with the car; instead of having only a visual (video game) referent. It's like having a sports car again after driving trucks. It was only by accident that I even knew that this car existed, but I bought it about an hour after I first saw it.


Best Bargain out there

Owned the SX4 Crossover AWD Auto for 2 months and 2000 miles. Love it. 0% financing, less than $18,000 out the door, loaded with safety features. The gas mileage just keeps getting better. CR said a combined 22 MPG. I'm up to 25 now and its still getting better. Hwy rating is 28. I took it LOADED and I mean loaded, seats folded forward, big cooler, food, clothes, toiletries, camera gear to the mountains of NC for a 4 day weekend. Got 30.1 mpg on the trip. I know it will do even better on flat land and without the load. The AWD is just another benefit. It doesn't snow much in eastern NC but with the mileage difference and price difference between the 2WD and the AWD you'd be foolish not to go for the AWD. I have the Auto so it is a little more sluggish off the line, but with $4 gas I take it a lot easier and slower so it doesn't bother me. The car is tight and handles well. Its just fun to drive. Its too bad Suzuki doesn't push the car more. People just don't know about it. People at work kept asking "What is that?" We looked at the Fit, Versa, Matrix and Vibe and for the money and features and ride this thing won hands down. Throw in the 7 yr 100,000 mile transferable no deductible warranty and the decision was very easy. I love it and would recommend it to anyone.


Great AWD vehicle for the price and warranty

I purchased my 2008 SX4 in November and waited until I used the AWD to review it. I love the exterior style and profile. Several people have inquired about it. You can't beat the price and warranty. I love the red dashboard lights as they are easy to see. I do wish the gas mileage was better. Also that it had a bigger gas tank. I like that it is a heavier car than most in its class. I like the way it handles and performs. They need to upgrade the the seating material. It is roomy inside and my 6"1" husband likes the headroom, which is higher than any vehicle in its class. He does wish it had alittle more legroom. I wish stability control, fog lights, and the middle arm rest were standard.


Good looking and cheap (What a combo)

Havent had the car long, but, so far I am very pleased with my purchase. A whole lot of features on this car for a lot less money than some others in its class. So far no rattles or annoyances, even on some of these terrible Illinois roads. The dealer even does free oil changes for life while I own the vehicle.