2007 Suzuki XL7 consumer reviews

$22,999–$25,949 MSRP range
side view of 2007 XL7 Suzuki
68% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 3.9
  • Performance 3.9
  • Value for the money 3.9
  • Exterior styling 4.1
  • Reliability 3.8
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it's a common problem they say.....

Let?s see. We bought the car June 21, 2010 and it has been nothing but problems. Day 31 the gas gauge went crazy turn out the floater in the tank was sticking. Got that fixed. Winter 2010 the roads were horrible, but I was on my way home with my kids in the car and All these lights went off telling me the traction control and stability control shut off, and another thing shut off, well I went to slow down to go around a turn and pushed the breaks to the floor and no breaks. Called for someone to come get the kids and take them home? called the dealership and told them what was going on they swore there was no way that I had them to the floor in the first place? whatever I know better. They took it in to check it out, the lights had gone off, and all they could find was a sensor was bad so they changed the throttle sensor? a week later I was back b/c of the traction control and all that good stuff. Just to have my timing chain replaced. Winter came and gone, and I had a few other issues with it. Last winter had more issues with the traction control, but they couldn?t find anything wrong with it.. winter passed again summer was ok didn?t have any issues.. WELL?.December 19 2012 went in to have the timing chain changed AGAIN, tells me i'll be seeing you soon except next time it will be for a new engine because the oil pump is going to go next. it's a common problem and it always happens... well so we started thinking we better start looking for a new car because we only have 14,000 left for warrenty.. HA Feb 9, my oil pump went out.. Well I finally got it back on friday the 15 I didn't even make it home and the check engine light came on. so turned around and went right back. they told me there was nothing they could do for 150 miles unless i wanted to pay for it. it was the catalytic converter and is a common problem for that to happen when they put in a new engine. Well i'm tired of hearing it's a common problem why not tell me this when I got it. any way they deleted the code and sent me home. I get home and run my babysitter home, stop off at a car lot and get my car priced and notice a little tap that wasn't there earlier he took all the info and i gave him my number to call me at home so I could get the kids home and guess what the engine light pops on, to late to call and they are not in until Monday. On all weekend, I noticed the tapping seemed to be louder..So on my way to school monday I smelled this burning, and pulled off first thing I checked was the oil and guess what nothing on the dipstick at all. the store I was near didn't have oil, so I got it to the next store, bought the 5qt jug, and grabbed an extra one since it said 5.5 qts of oil.... well I put the 5 qts in and it still didn't read on the dip stick, so I figured ok need to drive around a bit to get it circulated before it would read. So drove the 5 miles to school. check again and nothing. so I put half the other quart in and it finally showed up on the dipstick. Went into school because it was to early to call the shop. Came back out on break and jumped in the car to go for the smoke break. again smelled something funny, but i called the dealership to let them know what was going on. On my way back there was white smoke coming from under the hood,Got back to the school, and noticed a wet spot where I was parked. Pulled in and checked it, and yep it was oil, looked up at the engine to see where it was coming from and the entire bottom of the car was covered with oil. called them and told them to come and get it. the tow truck couldn't make it until the next day, but i had a car to come get me after school. Went back the next day and oils was running down through the parking lot......tow truck driver got to the shop and told them it was running out still and was on the bed of his truck...... well it is now friday they called and said that I had over filled it, and that why there was oil coming out, that they couldn't find a leak anywhere in but was going to change the catalytic converter and o2 sensor and I can come and get it when it's ready.... Can?t wait to get home and get it detailed and sell it back to them.


Worst car I ever had

Bought csr new had 1500 miles on it and had to have the cam replaced twice and waterleak at the sun roof and now the car out of warrenty with 29000 miles on it have water leak they can not find had vehicle back to dealer 4 times they even had to replace carpet in vehicle its a lemon will never buy another one


Great value but Limited owner beware!

I own a 2007 Luxury edition and a 2008 Limited edition.Suzuki no longer sells their vehicles in the U.S. However,their 7-year transferable power train warranty is still honored @ previous Suzuki dealerships.The timing belt on my 07 went @ 50k miles.Repair covered 100% w/no deductible.Sunroofs on Limited edition are flawed.You need to remove sun visor w/ Phillips head screwdriver,pull down black,rubber insulating strip around window frame and pull away headliner from uppermost corner of door window frame.You will expose airbag and sunroof drainage tubing.Glue the tubing where it meets the connector to surface of sunroof.I also recommend calking perimeter of sunroof to eliminate misalignment Of same which causes serious leaks and Suzuki will not fix beyond 3 yr/36 k mile warranty!


Great Car

Bought my XL7 in August of 2009 as a 2 year leftover in the dealerships inventory. Got it at a great price with the full new car warranty. I make several 300 mile trips a year and the gas miliage is great for a car this size. Plenty of cargo room or people room whichever you need. Also, very comfortable on a long trip. Suzuki should bring it back into their inventory!



This is the worst vehicle I have ever owned! We bought it brand new in June 2007, since then we have had to replace the timing belt 3 times, the sun roof leaks into the over head lights, water gets into the back of the vehicle and makes it smell moldy, and the engine is so loud. I have had nothing but problems with this vehicle!


I wish I could by an extra one

Have had a 2007 for a couple of months... my favorite car yet... lots of leg room in second seat., great performance, and it looks great. Cannot figure out why Suzuki quit sellng this model.. 21.6 miles to the gallon.. good for the size of the vehicle... bought used. Price compared to similar cars was excellent.


The best overall SUV I have ever owned!

We love everything about our Suzuki XL7. It has been the best SUV we have ever owned, and we have owned every make available..COmfort, looks, perfomance, interior room, features, and price out beat the others!


07 XL7

This suv is simply the best value for the money. with the warranty that is provided at no deductible, this is why i would recommend this suv to ANYONE.





good but not great

I do like my xl7 alot but had problems with it last summer and now have a glitch in the air. Have 90,000 miles so I may need to trade her in soon.