2021 Toyota Corolla consumer reviews

$20,025 starting MSRP
side view of 2021 Corolla Toyota
93% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.9
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Love the ride. HATE the trunk.

I do love the ride this car provides… BUT WHAT ON EARTH DID THE CREATORS THINK WOULD FIT IN THE TRUNK SPACE!!!? Almost 2 years now and the best I can fit in the trunk are some flat and small ikea items along with low lying groceries. It is a deceiving space! When you open it, the trunk appears large and spacious! However, less than 2 feet in, it narrows by over a foot, and when you close the trunk, the hinges lower the height by at least half a foot. Lower the seats you say? Sure, but there is a substantial shelf on the hinge of the seats which makes the opening quite narrow. Camping? Nope. Rubber made bins? Nope. Christmas tree box? Not a chance. Ikea items? Hope it’s a TINY table or cupboard. Put it in the back seat you say? Wait until you see how little those back doors hinge open and you’ll have your mother threatening to wash your mouth out. PLEASE make me love you better Toyota! I need more BASIC NEEDS CARGO SPACE!


Most Perfect Car

I own a 2021 Corolla Hybrid. I am 56 years old. This is the most perfect car I have ever driven. Everything from my 64 miles per gallon, to the tightness of the car, to the reliability, to the audio system, and to the price of it. It is the car to buy. I have read reviews by a well known magazine saying it lacks rear headroom and that because of that, it gets lower ratings. But the rear headroom is fine and is such a small thing compared to the important things. This car is a great car.


Lemon and dealership knew it.

My 2021 Corella has some electrical issues my screen lose all my contacts every other day and from time to time I can't get the screen to keep my information with out me repeating the steps all over again.


best car ever saving in gas

I just got a 2021 L model and being the most basic trim level I am very surprised how smooth and comfortable it is to drive it. I have had the 1997 & 2017 models before and I clearly notice they have improved its maneuverability, suspension is awesome compared to the previous years, comfortable seats and good control location.


It is a very reliable car.

I am satisfied with this car and I enjoy it. There were a few things that I would have liked to have and I could have but I did not want to wait. It was the exact color and model that I had envisioned so I decided to take it as it was with the economy being in the situation that it is in.


Very reliable car.

Very roomy interior and sporty looking exterior. The drive is smooth and comfortable. Plenty of leg room. Has great safety features. Great vehicle for the price.


Car runs great and looks great

The car is sporty and is a car I see myself buying it again in the future. And I would recommend it to my family and friends



I had a really good experience with buying my new car from Toyota. Drew Stevenson has worked with me and expressed patience throughout the whole process. He made sure I was given the best deal possible with no hidden motives. I would 100% recommend him to everyone!


Very Reliable Car

The Corolla is great to drive. It has many safety features. The Corolla is an extremely comfortable ride. The reliability of the Toyota Corolla is excellent! I highly recommend the Corolla.



2021 Corolla SE, owned for 5 months. I am short, under 5 ft and the center navigation/stereo unit obstructs my view while driving because I can’t see around it or if something comes at you from the passenger side, such as a child, dog, bicyclist, r car (blind spot because of the stereo). (Not Safe) Toyota refuses to adjust or removing the stereo/ navigation with a smaller display. Claims this is the design, in my opinion an unsafe design. The center stereo/navigation unit catches the sun at specific times and becomes a blinding spot from the reflection, just an overall poor design to have this large obstruct in your face. (Not safe) I have a difficult time with a proper seat adjustment because the floor pedals are so far. When adjusting the seat closer it is not a safe distance from the steering wheel and airbag. This causes safety concerns because if it was to deploy I’m situated in an unsafe distance and will likely cause more damage to me. (Not safe) For tall people this might not be a problem, but it is for a short person living in a tall persons world. How is it in today’s society there isn’t reasonable accommodations for short people? The driver side lock buttons do not light up at night or have lights. This is a huge safety issue, as at a minimum one should be able to easily identify the locks for protection and safety. The door handles also obstruct the ability to navigate to the locks. I have found that it is not easy to locate the lock button in the car at night and fear I will be in a situation where that by not being able to see these buttons at night, might determine an outcome in a life or death situation, such as accident, carjacking, suspicious individuals, it’s just not safe at all. (not safe) Transmission has a slight shudder similar to the terrible Fords issue, when you pull out and accelerate there is a delay. Just waiting for the recall on this, it’s terrible. The usb connection is terrible, causes your phone to overheat. Noticed I’m not the only one whit this problem. Phone connection is awful and unusable, people on the other end can understand a word you say. Also another safety issue if responders can’t hear you. One positive is Toyota and affiliates are always tracking you, your muffled conversations and reporting your driving habits. Just not sure how much more I can take with this vehicle, impeding of freedom and ease dropping along with all the safety issues. Actually trying to sell it back to a dealership and pay the difference to be done with the vehicle. I will not by another Toyota because they are not short person friendly.