1995 MR2

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1995 Toyota MR2

$7,000 - $7,000  MSRP Range
1995 Toyota MR2

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Our Take on the 1995 Toyota MR2

The high-powered Toyota MR2 Turbo sports car, once honored for delivering ''the most bang for the buck,'' is going out with a whimper.

This mid-engine two-seater - dubbed a baby Ferrari by some- will fade into automotive history at the close of the 1995 model year, ending an 11-year production run and leaving its mark as probably the best-all-around two-seater sports car any Japanese automaker ever built.

Yes, I think the MR2 is a better car than the $81,000 Acura NSX. The zero-to-60 mph performance is nearly equal, and the MR2 has a more fluid and original appearance.

When the MR2 fails to appear on the showroom floor this fall with the rest of Toyota's 1996 models, it's very likely that... Read More