2006 Toyota RAV4 consumer reviews

$20,300–$23,735 MSRP range
side view of 2006 RAV4 Toyota
85% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.1
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value for the money 4.3
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.4
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What can I say? It’s a Toyota!🤗

I am very happy with it so far. I’m counting on the Legendary Toyota Reliability. Very nice to drive, plenty of pep, and room to haul things! 175000 miles and everything works great !


I love my 06 RAV!

I bought my 06 RAV4 on Craigslist at 152,000 miles in 2018 assuming I would drive it a while and then have to do some big repairs. Boy was I wrong! 2 years later this little puppy is going strong and we are now at 170,000 miles. I am not easy on this suv either. I live in Alaska and drive it regularly at 40 degrees below zero. I also recreate places only accessible by very rough dirt roads. I am very impressed with how this vehicle handles in the snow also. I never even have to turn on the 4wd, it's just a little champion. I love that the back seats fold flat too. I have hauled many things in the surprisingly large cargo space. I have also thrown down sleeping bags and slept in the back on camping trips with my large dog and husband, it's so roomy! The only mechanical things I have done to this suv in the last 20,000 miles is oil changes, new tires and replacement of the front shocks. I think this RAV will outlive me! If you are considering buying this vehicle used and are a little taken back by high mileage, or it being 14 years old, I would say to remember that it is a Toyota, so it will last forever! Toyota does it again, reliable, reliable, reliable! Bravo



I have replaced almost every part , i still have it it still runs like crap, and i bought it off a dealership never gave me one!!!! recall letter. i know this was a flood car i see water marks or line at the radio i paid top dollar for this junk they robbed me . i will never buy a TOYOTA again i tell every one i know about my car


Durable SUV

Good looking SUV, unlike the current generation RAV4. Super reliable, durable, high-quality SUV. Impressive cargo capacity and agile handling. Never had any issues, and I'll be sorry when it's gone.


Good car, reliable, but I wish it were comfier

Honestly, this is a solid car and I've not had any problems with it this far. My only complaint is that the seats are really uncomfortable and I don't think I have ever had that thought/problem with my last 4 vehicles. My partner has the '11 Rav 4 and the seats are much comfier. This may not be as noticeable to someone who does minimal driving but I commute one hour to and from work every day so it's definitely been something that has affected my feelings about it. Other than that, it runs great and I haven't had any problems yet!


Very reliable and powerful vehicle!

Great for off -roading, lots of storage space and comfortable seating for 5! Got this car used back in 2015, almost had it for 5 years! Just recently had to replace shocks/struts, radiator, alternator, and water pump. The car still runs amazingly!


The 2006 RAV4 has defiantly met are needs.

The 2006 RAV4 has defiantly met are needs. Especially my daughters needs. My family has always been a greatly fond of the Toyota product. I feel pretty confident about are recent purchase. The near future will determine are overall satisfaction. Thanks Lou !!


Most fun to drive

This car is fun to drive both in snow and on dry roads. Good power and overall decent for the money. Love how it the interior looks as well.


the best car I ever bought.

I lived in Costa Rica for over eight years. I always drove Toyota RAV4's. When I came back to the United States, I started looking for a good one. I found a lot of junk out there when I started looking for a cheap RAV4. When I ran into this one, thanks to a friend of mine, I bought it on the spot. It is a great car. I have had everything done to it that is required and necessary. I would not sell this car except for the fact my doctor, who replaced my heart valve, told me not to drive for about 12 months, just to be sure everything was working well. If the new heart valve were to fail I would be dead behind the wheel and could cause a lot of problems. As a result I have to sell my baby.


Rav4's are Toyota's Crap Model

I bought a used Toyota Rav4, 3.5. Loved the pickup on the 3.5. I read they discontinued because of no interest in the 3.5. Can't imagine that. As time went on, I had to replace a spark plug and that Rav4 has a complicated spark plug set up. Camry and something else has the same one. You can't do it by yourself. You need a mechanic and they know how to get around all the crap to replace it. You need to know which cylinder is not firing before you want to get into this. That will cost you a 69.00 or 100.00 scan. That car shook like crazy when that plug went out. I thought it was going to shake to death. That is a terrible setup. It doesn't tow much. I did tow a u-haul 5x8. a 5x8 weighs 1,000 pounds empty. There's no room in the back to put the seats down and lay down and it's hard as cement. There was no alarm system on it, but it was old model. It's a real easy car to get into when it is locked. It really was kind of ugly, but I loved the 3.5. The back door opened to the side. It made me think of a refrigerator. The newer ones all open on top. The other nasty nasty issue was the steering. I didn't feel it on the test drive and I read another woman didn't either. There's a pop in the intermediate steering column. I replaced that part and it stopped and then it comes right back. that's just a thing inherent to the vehicle. There's a website I made a complaint to about that and there are tons of other people in there made the same complaint. Unless they get enough people to complain, Toyota won't do a recall. The dealership quoted me 300 or 600 to "balance" the intermediate steering columns. There is no balancing it. All you can do is have your mechanic put some grease into it. That fills up the pocket and over time, it disintegrates and then you have to put more in. It's an ongoing problem. It really is a defect. The dealership is making money off their faulty vehicle. I would NEVER recommend Rav4. I love my mechanic. He loves toyotas and he lives eats breathes cars. He said every manufacturer has its crap models and the Rav4 is Toyota's. I believe it. I was so glad to trade that xxx in. I traded in a real nice well maintained celica for that xxx. I got ripped, but it's done and over with. Also, the dealer, K Toyota turned off the dash lights off. They came on after I drove off the lot. The scanner said it was an 800 evaporator canister issue. Unless you live in California, you don't need to be worried about it, but for the whole 2 or 3 years i owned that piece of crap, those dash lights were on. K denies doing that and their response to it was pretty lame. I DID call them and they said no, they were not going to do anything about that. It's not a safety issue. They claim they didn't do it. They did it.