2021 Toyota Tacoma consumer reviews

$26,400–$32,125 MSRP range
side view of 2021 Tacoma Toyota
95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.9
  • Reliability 4.9
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Loud and dim Tacoma!

My 2021 SR5 Tacoma is louder on the inside than my 2006 Tacoma was after 137,000 miles. Would seem like there wasn't as much sound deadening material installed for increased profits. Exterior lighting was also via halogen or incandescent bulbs rather than LEDs; another profit pinch.


Edward Johnson

This is my 3 Tacoma the noise is the same for all 3 around the back door they never did anything to fix the problem


Tacoma's trucks are #1

I've owned 3 Tacoma's in the last 4yrs ..can get enough of them..the Tacoma no matter which one you choose gives a great performance..and proud to have and own..


the bones are good

2021 DCLB 4X4 and what started out as a rather cheap feeling numb handling and underpowered yet solid truck turned into the perfect overlanding platform with a little work. Custom made Elka suspension gave the truck a balanced and smooth highway ride with better on center feel and comfort both on highway and off and is now a pleasure to drive on long road trips. 5.29 gears now put the torque curve where it can be used so hills are no longer an effort and it will sling shot up 7% grades with ease while being lifted with a camper. It is surreal how nice this drives now. The bones are good, it will last a long time and you can not beat the resale value or after market support for Tacoma in the midsize segment. I wish they were this good stock. They knee cap the atkinson cycle engine for cafe standards and it really needs to be lower geared even stock to rectify the sluggishness and spastic transmission issues.





2021 Tacoma TRD PRO

Bought mine new and am still ecstatic about it! I primarily use 100% gas with zero ethanol. It makes a difference in my opinion. The Power is strong and responsive . This truck is unbelievable when you need to go in the snow or dig out of a soft muddy hill. I've been through both. I drive over speed bumps at 40 mph with no bouncing around. This truck hugs the earth and loves to be tested. It's stance and suspension is perfect for the toughest off road or the daily driver on the road. Im just telling ya it's my favorite solid, reliable, confident, and good looking machine I've ever purchased for under 50k. If you want a quite, floating, bouncy ride, get a Big SUV for 85k. I bet this Toyota will be in service for 20 plus years and hit 100's of thousands miles without any major repair cost.


Nice truck

do not understand the reviews which talk about is poor handling and poor engine performance. The ride is very rough, but on the smooth road the truck handles almost like a sports car. The engine has plenty of power if anything you want to do, I drove it on the freeway for over an hour 85 miles an hour to keep up with traffic and had no problems. The engine has a great sound, not sure what they mean by the engine is noisy. This is a truck, if you want it to be capable like a truck it's going to ride like a truck.


Dated, but ultimate reliability

An old design, but proven and updated to be the most reliable pickup on the road for the long term (aka decades) in my opinion. The FJ40 is now too old to be "the vehicle to take across the USA after a nuclear war" and it has been replaced by the Tacoma.


Love the Tacoma of years past. Would not buy anoth

Have had Tacoma's as primary vehicles for 20+ years. Bought new 2021 and am tragically dissapointed with this truck. New v6 cannot climb ( state maintained asphalt mind you) or tow without significant stress . Two dealerships in TWO different states said "This is the new v6......... ..." Love Toyota BUT trading this in soon


Toyotas are not reliable as they used to be

I have a 2020 Toyota Tacoma TRDpro 4x4 and the truck looks nice so I decided to buy it to enjoy some weekend off-roading which is something I have always enjoyed to do, I purchased the truck because Toyotas are known to be reliable tough trucks, but I have been really disappointed with the 4x4 system failing twice in less then a year, once it happened during off-roading I was stuck in 4-L and it was a nightmare to get my self out of that situation, the second time it just fail in the city all of a sudden the 4x4 light on my dash started flashing for no reason and Toyota did not want to replace it because they said it was due to water intrusion so meaning I can’t go out when it rains!!??🤯🤯 the dealer want to charge me over $1100 for this repairs when the truck it should be under warranty my truck has less the 19k miles but you can’t win to this big corporation so now I’m stock with something to my opinion it should be built of a better quality not just some cheap aš$ material. So think about it twice before you pay lots of money for some cheap 4x4 system Toyota is making in their new cars. Toyota reliability??? I don’t think so.