2007 Toyota Tundra consumer reviews

$22,290–$27,770 MSRP range
side view of 2007 Tundra Toyota
88% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.6
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The tundra is a no brainer purchase.

Amazing vehicle. Capabilities of this truck surpasses bigger motor more expensive vehicles without a doubt.


Diehard American converted to Toyota

You just cant beat the value and reliability of a Toyota Tundra. after exhausting all my faith in Ford, Chevy and Dodge...I made the switch to the Tundra and am very pleased with its performance and reliability.


Best Truck

I bought the truck new and it had problems where it would do an acceleration squat but we replaced the struts and shocks so its doin good. I have the 4.7 v8 and it does ok with towing and stuff but I had to get my friends f250 in order to pull the trailer that i was given to move with(snowmobile trailer). But over all it is good. Has Problems with the hood because I almost ran someone over. It should last me until oh about 180,000 miles or more.


So far, so good

Before my 2007 Toyota Tundra, I had owned a 2002 Ford F150. When gas prices went crazy about 5 years ago, I panicked and sold it in order to get a more gas efficient vehicle (Stupid). Well, I eventually got back into the truck hunting game and had narrowed my choices down to a newer model F150 or a Toyota Tundra. I settled on the Tundra because of three things: 1. I personally like the look of the Tundra better 2. I had heard HORROR stories about the spark plugs in the 2005-2007 model Fords (research that before you buy) 3. My wife has driven a Highlander for 3 years and I'm super impressed by it's reliability. Gas mileage in this vehicle has stayed at 17mpg. Hwy or city, it doesn't matter. I'm getting 17mpg. Not bad for a V8. I am driving the smaller V8 (4.7L) but for what I'm doing with it, it works great. The interior is well made and has lots of room. Probably the best feature of the interior is all of the hidden compartments located throughout the cabin. Very handy! If I had to change one thing, I'd toss the standard stereo system in the closest lake. It is straight up GARBAGE! Other than that, I've been very pleased with the truck. Definitely worth taking a look at.


Great Truck

Traveled from Cincinnati to drive this truck home. Great service and hospitality. Will return again.


Defective Paint Job

I bought a new 2007 white Tundra from a local Toyota dealership. It runs well and i have very few complaints, however, I noticed that the paint job has faded. In fact, the clear coat is completely gone and the paint comes off when the truck is buffed. I learned from blogs and social media that Toyota used a single-stage paint for their white trucks in 2007. The cost to repaint my truck is $5,000. I contacted the dealership and they said that their Toyota distributor would pay half of the cost of repainting the truck. If they are going to pay half then they know that there is something wrong with the paint. Why should I have to pay $2500 for a defective paint job? I (consumers) should not have to pay money to fix defective paint jobs.


Perfect truck for our needs

I am a contractor who needs to pull a small loader/backhoe and dump trailer. The 5.7L pulls it without any effort. The ride is great. My crew loves it.


Excellent Truck

I currently owned a 2007 Toyota Tundra Limited with navigation. The JBL sound system in this truck is great. I currently have 67,000 miles on my truck, so far I replaced the front brake pads, the shifter, both front power door lock actuators, the front power input for sound, the third brake light (due to water leak), the strut for the soft open at the tail gate and the normal maintenance oil change, filters etc etc. oh and the truck currently has a rattle on the dash ( I don?t know what?s wrong with it, it does it when cold). I have to say overall I am very satisfied with the truck, the truck rides a little rough but you have to give something up there are no current issues of any kind with my suspension and this is due to the high level of quality on the suspension but they sacrificed the ride, the frame is for a super duty maybe that has something to do with it, the 5.7 engine is very power full and when you are on the highway if you have to step on it; this engine will respond and leave behind just about anything in seconds, the down side is the miles per gallon but again you have to give something up due to the performance and how easy it is to work on this truck etc. I definitely recommend this truck; I am currently waiting for the 2014.


Extremely durable and tows effortlessly!

Recently purchased the Tundra with 86k miles on it. It is a complete powerhorse. You can hardly tell you are towing even with 5 tons behind you. The air cooled transmission easily keeps up with demand.


2007 Toyota Tundra SR5

Overall this is very well performing Pickup truck. I have driven it in various weather conditions to include 6-12 inches of snow,. heavy rains, and hot and humid conditions in the summer. I had loaded the bed with everything from concrete sacks to furniture, electronic equipment. The pulling power is excellent, highway driving excellent with the 5.7l v-8. If there are any drawbacks it is in the 17mpg it gets on the highway. The average price of a full tank of gas can vary from 75 -90 dollars. That is the norm for Pickups and SUV's powered by a V-8 engine. Another note: This has got to be the most comfortable ride of any Pickup truck.