2010 Toyota Venza consumer reviews

$26,275–$29,550 MSRP range
side view of 2010 Venza Toyota
94% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.8
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3.5 AWD 2010 So far so good

I've had this car for only 3 months having purchased it used. As a used value it seemed ok. 31k miles with most options including leather and the power lift gate but no roof or nav. 22.800 plus tax and tags. I traded in my g35 coupe as my needs changed. Styling is ok, I was attracted to the wagon like exterior. I think it looks better than the Subaru wagons probably due to its more "futuristic" look. In reality its a 4 door van, but cooler I guess. My favorite feature is the a/c which really is ice cold. I can attest that bmw (worst a/c ever) and Infinity's ac systems pale in comparison especially when it gets humid and above 100 degrees....the unit just shines. If you are looking for a plush ride keep looking, because the Venza rides kind of rough although it would not appear to be that way. Perhaps this is attributable to its 20 inch wheel setup? I'm not sure. It's not back breaking, but on less than perfect surfaces it seems to telepath every nook and cranny to the cabin. That being said its a majestic highway cruiser and its 0 to sixty acceleration is quite pleasantly surprising making merging/passing an afterthought. A disappointment that sticks out would be the interior fit and finish, specifically the plastic panels up front. There are gaps and misaligments that is surprising coming from Toyota. I don't know what to say because I saw those gaps when I bought this vehicle so for me it wasn't a deal killer. All in all a good daily driver with about 22 mpg avg mixed highway/city with a/c full blast on. Good acceleration (3.5 V6 is what I have not sure on the I4) and good road view. As others have said at times the blind spots do exist so extra care should be taken, but this should not sway much in terms of a buying decision. I begin to truely enjoy the Venza the more I drive it as I appreciate its overall versatility and driver friendliness. I shall see how the AWD performs this coming winter and will update accordingly. Hope this helps you out if you are considering the Venza.


2010 Toyota Venza

Ecellent styling, comfort and design. Good form, fit and feel -(the three Fs of Engineering). I would like to see a better, cushier ride. Being on the Camry chassis, the ride is too stiff and not in keeping with the large 20" wheels. Toyota engineers need to copy Buick SUV ride. Key elements are exterior and interior styling and large cabin feel with extra large back seating area. Do love it...............


Car is nice but ?

I had this car and the only negative thing that I can say about it is , 1.) went to the gas pump too often for me . Very Bad Blind spots on the car. The Positives : Very comfortable , Good pick up on the 4 cyl. base model LE. Front wheel Drive . Car has a lot of room . A good Family car if you don't mind going to the gas pump a lot and the blind spots on the car !


Car I Wanted

Saw this as alternative to SUV which I owned prior. Love the look of the car and has alot better gas mileage than car I had. Very comfortable to drive with plenty of power.


great car

this has been a wonderful that handles great, rides smooth, good gas mileage, lots of cargo room and tons of power.



I love my Venza she is so reliable. The only gripes i have are the ride and interior i have some scratches in the interior i wonder how to get them out. But i love how agile this car handles. She is great in the snow i have had her over a year and she has been safe and reliable. This is my 3rd Toyota I had a Camry, 4Runner, and Venza of course. I love all of the features and at night i can see fantastic. I love the display, I wonder what i would of got instead of the Venza... Maybe a Highlander... BUT I LOVE KITTY!!! she has never did me wrong!


lovly venza

wow a crossover so cheap . Great reliability . This is my 4th toyota. The reson I owned so many toyotas is because there reliable. How ever I think this is the best toyota .


Impressed !!

I have my Venza for 1 year now and I couldn't be happier. I'm averaging 26 mpg (4 cyl) with mix of road and city. The car is well finished, roomy, has enough power for me and has a nice looking. I had a Cx-7 before and definitely the venza is overall superior. I paid 30K with 0 interest rate. I ride 400 miles/week and I feel it saves me some money on gas.


Great car

I am happy with this car. I make a 400 mile round trip every week and usually get 28-31 MPG on the freeway with the 4cy. (now have 22K in 9 months) It has plenty of power and I have some heavy pulls on this trip. This car seems to ride better with more weight. i.e. 4 adults and luggage. Only issue has been popping sounds under front bumper area. Happened on the first road trip in heavy wind and on and off until I found the problem. "I" finally figured out it was the plastic under carriage air deflector under the front bumper. The dealer said "no one else" had that complaint I suggested they install 2 screws on each side while it was up on the rack for service. It did the trick. I think Toyota should make more of the fact the Venza is built in the USA. (the Chevy Equinox is built in Canada) Go figure. My three drawbacks. The cruise control is not precise, the radio screen is impossible to see on a bright sunny day, and I don't like the dimmer switch for the dash lights. It's in a very awkward position. Over all I would buy this car again. I am especially pleased with the gas mileage.


More Than Meet's The Eye!

I was skeptical about going for a Toyota Venza, being a sedan person. my wife encouraged me and I purcased a 4 cylinder AWD. I have been pleasantly surprised. While reviews have pressed the 6 cylinder, we have found the 4 cylinder to be more than enough power, and I ahve been averaging overe 25 mpg. I car is comfortable and we included the comfort package, which includes leather, heated seats and "wood grain paneling." It handles like a charm and we are looking to enjoy many miles of driving.