2011 Volkswagen Golf consumer reviews

$17,995–$19,755 MSRP range
side view of 2011 Golf Volkswagen
97% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.8
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.5
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Goin Golfing

I've owned a VW before and loved the car very much. This new 2011 Golf TDI has lived up to my expectations so far. Nice handling, plenty of pep, and 38.2 mph. on my very first tank of diesel. Very happy new owner!!


VW Golf

I like the car because is a standard transmision and has a Diesel ingine and is very strongly made, also because I have owned VW cars before and have very good luck with then.


Love This Car

Great car...quick, agile and comfortable...ride is a perfect balance between handling and comfort...engine and transmission both perform smoothly and more than adequately...but the interior is where it really shines. The quality of workmanship and materials really sets it apart from other compacts...a mini luxury vehicle. If you want a car that averages over 30 MPG but is fun to drive and doesn't feel at all like an "economy car", this is the one.


Fun and economical

How can you go wrong? It's well put together, the interior materials and layout are superb for its class, fit and finish are excellent... Plenty of go, lots of shifting option with the automatic, and great fuel economy. I really like this automobile and looked at all the competition before making my decision on the Golf. Oh yes, one more thing... it is fun to drive.


Good on road value

I'm used to small cars and this one ranks well for small cars, easy to park, easy to get around, big on the inside. I especially like the mileage with the TDI Diesel and the DSG transmission. On the highway I get a bit better than the full rated 42 mpg. If I'd keep it at 65 I'd probably get 50mpg, maybe a touch better. But I tend to drive just above the speed limit and Arizona's 75 on the freeway means I'm driving 78 and that does hurt the mileage. Last trip to Disneyland from Phoenix I drove 78 in AZ and 73 in CA and got 40.3 mpg. The return trip I toned it down just a touch (71 in CA and 75 in AZ) and I got 44mpg. Round trip at 42. Around town I get 45-50 if I'm on good roads without too many stops, on a 10+ mile local trip. Running down to the neighborhood grocery is a 33 mpg trip. So I like the mileage. For getting that kind of mileage, it's nice to have the power. There's a long hill out of Indio on the way back to Phoenix and twice trucks pulled out to pass other trucks, slowing everyone way down. I just touched the cruise control and it shot right back up to 71 on the uphill, as if there was no slope at all. I understand VW revised the TDI a few years ago and that hurt the mileage. I'd rather have the even better mileage back. The drive is solid. The body seems rugged. I feel secure driving it. And there are a lot of nice "little things," like the fuel cap door is automatically locked if the car is locked, but unlocked if the car is unlocked, so you don't have to think about the fuel door release. When I buy a new car the first thing I always do is take it to an independent mechanic and have the fluid levels checked and the wheels aligned. The fluids were fine. The tires were inflated right. And it was in perfect alignment. I don't know if that is the dealer or VW, but it's my first VW and the first time the alignment has been right on. Now I've driven it 3 1/2 months and it's been a good drive; no problems at all. I bought mine moderately loaded, with navigation and a nice computer in the instrument console that makes driving fun. The factory navigation works well, though I wish it connected to traffic reports to revise arrival estimates and provide rerouting advice. It's a comfortable ride, but the bucket seats are hard to get out of. (Feels great on the ride, but feels like you're climbing out of a bucket when you get out.) VW could improve on this. And it seems like the cabin storage could be better. And VW, why no backup camera? I got the standard sound package, and it's very nice, but if I was buying again I'd opt for the premium sound package. So there are a few things I'd do differently. I thought I might buy my wife a Jetta, but the Jetta TDI with Navigation (which supposedly comes loaded) doesn't have the computer. So I may get her a Golf, too. I guess that shows that while I find a few things missing I still believe I got a great car.


Great car!

I previously owned a 2008 vw rabbit and compared to this car, the golf blows it away in my opinion. Interior is so much nicer than the rabbit. stereo has a better size screen. Performance for this little car is great too. definitely no slouch, but it's not a speed demon either. the clutch is very smooth as well as the gearbox. I bought aftermarket 18 inch wheels, but wish they came stock with 16's for winter. overall awesome car and I'm 100% satisfied with my decision.


golf tdi

I love your reviews but wonder how many are plants by vw. Doesn't matter. Drive the car for yourself and decide.


Real competetion for Hybrid Cars

If you would like your fuel efficiency to approach Hybrid expectations [better than Altima and Camry-Hbds] and have a capacity to enjoy german ride and European styling, then read on. I have equal experience with Japanese and German cars 3 Hondas and 3 VW-Audis previously. The Japanese do a bit better in the areas of reliability and lower cost of ownership/repairs. But this Golf was different [better?] enough from the Japanese models in the same price range. Also I did not want to be concerned with expensive hybrid battery degredation and replacement issues in years to come. Diesels traditionally last longer than similar gasoline powerplants. This car has a solid and noticably more quality feel than the Toyota, Honda, Subaru and Nissans that I looked at [in similar price-range and similar mileage.] The fuel mileage is as good and occasionally better than I expected. Touch screen radio and Bluetooth mobile phone interface is best in class. The DSG transmission is a welcomed upgrade to simplify my commute and still can be shifted nearly the same as the manual. Best of luck finding a TDi equipped without the Sunroof, HID lighting and for under $26k.


Outstanding commuter car!

Bought this car for a 160 mile daily commute, 95% of which is on interstate highway. Was first impressed with the very excellent build quality of the Golf TDI. The diesel engine is great, lots of torque, great fuel economy, quiet...not the noisy, smelly, slow, diesel of yesteryear. Excellent automatic transmission as well. Car handles very well in the curves, more like a sportscar than an econobox. The zenon headlights & dynaudio stereo are desirable upgrades. I've enjoyed the sunroof too. Only minus I can think of is the front bucket seats are a bit narrow for a big guy like me, but I've gotten used to them. An overall great car that gets excellent fuel mileage with that fine, German automobile feel. A big selling point for me was that this car is actually built at the plant in Wolfsburg, Germany where the classic, air-cooled beetles were manufactured. This is a car that I would highly recommend to family or friends that were interested in high quality and fuel economy


HP unnecessary

I love the Golf TDI for its handling and safety. My 2002 was destroyed in a T-bone when a bonehead made a left in front of me from the opposite direction. Neither my wife or I was seriously injured, but the car destroyed. Car had 90HP. I considered a 2010, but the HP is now 140, and mpg reeduced accordingly. Found a 2006 TDI identical to the lost one. It has 100HP. The 2010 and 2011 have 140HP. Unnecessary as the 90HP diesel had a ton of torque for merging into traffic. Increasing the HP to such unnecessary levels is a real negative considering cost of fuel. VW should really consider reducing the HP, or offer different versions. The point of a small car and diesel is cost per mile. 2011 is still a good car, but could be better with less HP i.e. better mpg.