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(59 reviews)

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A very nasty, disrespectful business owner

I called Andy about a vehicle he had listed online, and I got a pretty bad attitude from him from the phone. i thought nothing of it. I went there later that day with my girlfriend to see the car. After giving the keys to the car he tell's me not to get any rain in the car. We checked it out and my girlfriend wanted to drive it. When I asked him if we could drive it, he said no. "How are you guys gonna pay for it?" I told him she possibly wanted to trade the car in. He said he wouldn't let us drive it until we were ready to pay for the car, which didn't make sense to me. I handed him the keys back and left. About 10 minutes later, I called him back and told him I drove 40 minutes to see the car and to drive it and that I felt a little disrespected by him. He said that it was his business and he would run it how wants and to go "*expletive* myself" twice. I told him that I would write negative reviews because I was insulted and I hung up. He calls me back 5 minutes later saying my first and last name and saying that he knows where I live. I took that as a threat so I hung up. I just don't know how a business can be open while the owner threatens and curses at potential customers. Just an overall horrible experience dealing with this man.


repeat customer.

my 4th car from my auto inc. They have great cars for great prices.I still have all 4 cars.all running fine.Go there if you want a car with no headaches and no runarounds.Thank you andy I will see you in 3 years for my youngest child.


2002 Overland

straight talker, good prices,quick transaction ,the dealer was flexible and met my needs to close the deal. I recommend him but you won't get a smile,


Honest,clean facility,great price.

Andy is a helpful no-nonsense businessman. I was looking for a used car and I read the reviews on this dealer. I went there because what I gathered from the reviews was that he was all about business. If you need to buy a used car with no gimmicks or runarounds, this is the place to go. What you see on the website is exactly what you get. No hidden fees.


no gimmick, straight forward,honest

i was looking for six months for a car,everywhere i went there was some kind of a catch or my autos i bought a 2004 explorer, very clean,good mileage,at a very good price,there was no extra fees, and no gimmicks.i definitly recommend my auto inc.


easy process

lost a car in hurricane Sandy and needed to replace. Owner of the dealership was fare, thorough and competent. Not a real warm friendly person, but provided what I needed.


Poor customer service

My daughter and I went to this dealership to see a car advertised online. After spending some time looking at the vehicle on the lot we went inside to discuss it. No salesperson came out to see if we needed help. After discussing the price-no negotiations on the price- we asked to take the car for a test drive. We were told that unless we were ready to purchase the vehicle that day we would not be permitted to take the car for a test drive. Really???? How is someone expected to decide to purchase a vehicle before a test drive? Stay away from this dealership.


Def a attitude problem

went to purchase a vehicle couples days ago the guy had a attitude problem they def need to change there ways there


Dealer with a bad attitude

I stopped into this dealer responding to a post for a new car, and the car was sold. He had the car on the lot but said he sold it, he had nothing else I was interested so I left. Almost 2 weeks went by and the car is still listed in so I figured I would call and see if it was relisted. This bozo tells me that the car was sold a while ago...I ask him if he could take down the listing then...he says "Who are you, the listing police". No, I am a guy with cash looking for a vehicle to purchase and don't apprciate being treated like he treats his watch dog. This guy has a real bad attitude and is not worth buying a car from. Stay far away if you want to be treated with respect.