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(59 reviews)

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Excellent Car Dealer and Great Guy

I bought 2001 Mazda Tribute here about a week and a half ago for my daughter. When we started it up the next morning it was really stalling and acting like it was going to die. This was on a Sunday so I thought it just needed a battery so replaced it and called on Monday because I thought he was closed on Sunday. I called in morning on Monday because it still had the same problem going on. He said bring it in I'm sorry and it was not doing that when he had it. When I got there he said the battery was good and I could have saved my money. He was right. It had some kind of vacuum leak as it turns out which would explain the on and off of the problem. I picked it up yesterday and the car runs great. I am returning there in a few weeks to buy another car for me. All the cars there are beautiful!!


Good experiance

I bought a car for my daughter, and everything went smoothly. They carry a large selection of used vehicles, and were very helpful.


Great Dealer! Awesome selection! Great Experience!

We had the best experience buying our Ford Explorer at My Auto Inc. What made it great, was working with Andy! He's honest, keeps his word, truly cares & a genuine, compassionate person to do business with! We will definitely go back to My Auto Inc! Have been recommending & will continue to do so, to anyone who is looking for a great quality used vehicle, to go no further! Andy is a true professional!! Just want to say, Thanks so much Andy!!


His Website if Full of Sold Nissans.

I think I see a pattern of deception here. Several Nissan Pathfinders that look good on the website and have a clean Carfax report are just left up on the website to lure in unsuspecting people. I emailed an inquiry Friday night and got a response right away that a specific truck is still available, but Saturday morning, when i drove to the address, it was sold! Waste of my time. But I should have known, the picture on the website shows the truck covered in snow and it is now August? That was a clear clue.


a good company

go get your car there the people are very nice ,and the woman that work there ,she very nice now we have a nice suv charles


Response to dan

Hi dan this is andy the guy who sold you the car also the owner of my auto inc. with all due respect I find it very hard to believe that the car left my lot without new oil and bad brakes. We change the oil on every car that we sell and we have practiced that for the last 20 years of my 27 years in business and every car gets a New York inspection by a third party mechanic shop and brakes has to pass New York states requirement. Of course you bought the car 4 months ago and if you took the car to your mechanic now it's time to change the oil again. In any case if you found those problems 4 months ago the right thing would have been to call me and I would have made sure it would have been taken care of. As you know we have a repair facility on premises and it doesn't cost me much to change the oil and brakes.


Very Happy Jeep Owner

We purchased a truck from My Auto Inc. The owner Andy was honest and a pleasure to deal with. We test drove the truck and noticed that there was a very slight noise when making a left turn and the cup holders were missing. When we returned we told Andy about the issues, He assured us that they would be addressed. The truck was clean and in very good condition with low miles and priced right. We signed all the papers and returned to pick up the truck 2 days later and it was PERFECT. He asked that we take him for a drive to re test out the truck to make sure we were satisfied with the repair. He also replaced the cup holders in the truck. If you are looking to purchase a vehicle without the hassle and gimmicks THIS IS THE PLACE!!!. The owner was professional and to the point and most of all eager to please the customer.


Take a close look.

Bought a 2005 Mini cooper from My Auto in January of this year. The car is mechanically sound but everything that requires maintenance needed to be replaced. This was my first car buying experience so i'm learning the hard way. The car had no brake pads left, the tires were completely bald with cracked rubber on the inside and 2 of them blew out the sidewall over minor potholes before I could replace them. All of the fluids were bone dry and although they claimed to have changed the oil they could not tell me if it took regular or synthetic oil. After immediately taking it to have the oil changed (synthetic, btw) it was obvious to the mechanic that it had not been changed in some time. Not a bad place, just have someone knowledgeable about cars go over it with you before you buy. Then Haggle.


Fast Service / Very friendly / Great attitude

I was in the market for a car and passed my Auto Inc. where I was greeted by owner Andy. He was extremely friendly and very helpful. I must say I was very pleased and Andy had myself & my family in our new SUV in no time.Best part of all ..price was Right!I came back a few months later and Andy still had that friendly welcome and assisted me as if I was buying another car. Thanks Andy!!! ....Sabrina & Christopher


owner of the dealership

My name is Andy the owner of MY AUTO INC since 1987 and I run a very honest and respectful business and I have to protect my business. As you see from my other reviews,we have lots of very happy customers and people are very happy with our quality of cars and prices.We don't have even 1 bad review about selling anyone a bad car with problems or being dishonest since 1987 for 26 years and almost 10,000 cars.Our rating on B.B.B. is A-.At our dealership we don't tolerate people like Mr. Muhammad that walk in with a nasty attitude and demand that we have to play by their rules.The day Muhammad came for a test drive with his very young girlfriend was pouring rain,i didn't feel safe to give a turbo powered 5 speed car to his young girl friend to drive.I asked them to bring the car they were planning to trade,which they didn't have with them that day,on another dryer day.Thats when Mr. Muhammad got very mad and threw the keys on my desk and got loud in front of my other customers, demanding that I have to give his young girlfriend a test drive that day.I told him I couldn't do that and that he is not allowed to tell me how to run my business and that he should leave.After he revs his engine very loud in my parking lot and spinning his tires,he leaves.Later he calls me and threatens me about my business that he is gonna hurt my business,damaging my cars and writing bad reviews and hangs up.I called him back and told him that I know his name and I know where he lives and I will report him to authorities if I see any damages to my cars.