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(286 reviews)

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Extended Warranty information withheld!

The only reason that I'm leaving 1 star is because I believe that the sales team are not the "high-quality" dealership that they claim to be. About a month and a half ago I decided to purchase a vehicle from Mr. McCloskey at McCloskey motors. After purchasing a used diesel truck for a little over $60k, which was a decent deal. Decent, not especially good, I drove it for about 3 weeks before things started to go wrong. First I noticed that the oil was nearly 6 months beyond when it should have been changed. No problem though, I called, they changed it. A week later the door lock quits working, and the batteries needed replaced ($500) so I replaced them myself, and for the door locks, not wanting to deal with McCloskey anymore and since I prefer to have my vehicle maintenance done at the dealership I scheduled an appointment at a local GMC dealership to get the work done. I wasn't worried about it since I paid nearly $5,000 for a "comprehensive extended warranty". The dealership calls and informs me that only McCloskey can do warranty work, yet McCloskey never informed me of that. So now, I HAVE to take it to McCloskey to have work done. I wouldn't be upset if I had been told of this. Yes, apparently it's on the 7th page of the contract I signed that I don't have a copy of. I thought I was dealing with an honest dealership and didn't think I needed to go over everything with a fine tooth comb. But I should have! I would have never purchased the warranty if I had known this stipulation was in the contract that was conveniently never given a copy of! Despite what "Best of the Springs" may tell you, these people are your average run of the mill used car dealers. I thought I was dealing with the "Best of the Springs"? If this is the best the Springs has to offer then we're in trouble. If you're buying from McCloskey make sure to read every line of your contract, because if given the opportunity they will get one over on you!



McCloskey Motors advertises that they STRIVE to provide ASSURANCE,TRUST,VALUE AND QUALITY. That's FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!! McClosky Motors is going to end up in a HUGE lawsuit because they're selling vehicles that have mechanical issues that shouldn't even be on the road.The crappy cars they're selling are going to end up in an accident because of mechanical issues McCloskey failed to fix or resolve!


McCloskey Motors is the definition of dishonest

Car broke down 5 miles after purchase. McCloskey's provided a passing emissions test certificate, but when I contacted the dealer that sold it they confirmed that it was sold at auction due to emissions failure and the 12k estimate to repair. The mechanical issues were disclosed to McCloskey Motors at auction but surprise not to me. In the end I had to take it to a factory dealer and spend a fortune to get it running. I want to put it all behind me, but I get three to five calls a week from insurance agents and extended warranty plans because McCloskey's sold my number. Stay away, this organization is as shady as it gets!


Do not deal with McCloskey Motors in Co Springs

Worst Experience Ever. Do not deal with this company. They will not cover any covered warranty issues even though I paid $3,200 for the warranty. They find a way around fixing anything, even serious safety issues they hide from you at purchase. Once they get you, they care nothing for you or your safety. Had to spend thousands to fix existing and hidden safety issues.


MRS Lori Stanley

Ray Carlson was very helpful and professional. I enjoyed buying a beautiful Toyota from him. So excited for my mother in law to enjoy her new car.


Fast great service

Had a great experience with Sarah when I went to service my car, she is great, friendly, fast and very knowledgeable of what she does.... I highly recommend McCloskey Automotive for their great customer service skills and fast service..... Thank you so much Sarah for your help!!!!



Let me run you through my breif consideration of them for my next vehicle purchase, I called them because I saw two vehicles I really like, they told he they didn't know the price on the phone, it wasnt listed anywhere and that I should go in and check them out, I asked for an estimate on the price because I didn't want to waste my time. Well they didn't have the information so I go in. I walk in and overall looked like a decent place, manager walked me over to one of his sales people and instantly I asked what the price on the cars was, he had them ON HAND, who would have thought right. But that's not what irks me, they have this promotion where your trade is worth 4000, but it's literally BS, the vehicle I was looking at was 12000 which was overpriced by about 1200$ already but whatever expected. But then he said if I wanted to use my vehicle as trade the price would be closer to 17k lol Essentially saying They're not going to give you ANYTHING for the trade. Explain to me how a car can just magically gain 5000 in value?? This place was an absolute joke. EDIT : I'm reading these reviews and the owner responded to them that all employees would have the pricing on hand, and if this was an isolated incident cool. However. The fact that you say the 4k trade in isn't a scam is disrespectful to anyone's intelligence, Your sales rep LITERALLY quoted me 2 different prices one WITH the trade which was 17k And the other without the trade 12k So you're saying essentially, you will take our car for free cause you added 4-5k on to the original price.


Shopping experience.

Patrick Spall made sure that I was 100 percent happy with the vehicle that I finally chose. He had me test drive several in my price range before my final choice was made.


Never again

Since only my husband got approved to buy the car they totally ignored me. When someone else came in to buy a Volvo with cash, things got hurried and we got very rushed service. We paid 5000 for a warranty but we’re never told that we would have another 2 year warranty through Mitsubishi, we found out about that when we brought in the car with with some electrical issues and were sent to either Mitsubishi or car sound. I had specifically asked at time of the sale if the vehicle had a recent oil change and was assured it had, only to find out 2 months later that there is no history on any kind of service on the vehicle. Very disappointed with the service from sales person.


Bad service

Horrible service. They don't care about their customers, a week after I bought the vehicle I reported multiple issues and they won't respond for a month now. Do not buy a vehicle from here.