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(184 reviews)

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My truck 2015 Ram EcoDiesel caught on fire 5 days after...

My truck 2015 Ram EcoDiesel caught on fire 5 days after bringing it in for service. They charged me $145 to tell me they could not find what was wrong. 5 days later it was totaled. VERY POOR service dept.


Purchase a new Cherokee

I purchased a new Cherokee from Lithia last week and could not be more pleased with the transaction. Meghan and Aaron worked out all the details by text, phone and emails. Living at the north end of the state, Meghan was happy to meet me in Springfield to do the swap and sign paperwork. (in case you are wondering why I bought so far from the Portland area, they had the exact Cherokee I wanted and did better on the pricing) Aaron did a great job with the financing and didnt hide anything in the paperwork. Everything that was promised was given. Thank you Megan and Aaron for the great purchase experience. I would recommend them to anyone.


Horrible service department

No issues with the sales department, however the service department is an absolute joke. Had our vehicle damaged while in for warranty work on 2 separate occasions. In both cases we noticed the damage and the service departs played dumb. Then it was a major fight to correct the damage. Horrible customer service from Wes, luckily they employ Ken.


Sold my daughter a used car that lasted a week.

Lithia of Grant's Pass is the worst kind of dealership! Please do your research. My daughter is out $7000.00. We told them we came to them because they were a large company, with advertised pristine used cars and excellent service mechanics. Three mechanics later, over 20 calls to Lithia 5 trips to Grant's Pass (2 hours from us) and so far they refuse to do anything. The shakiest sales tactics I've ever seen. Please don't ever go there Also rated F at BBB Read all 2000 comments from Sara Frenchs FB page I guarantee you'll never walk in there.


Sold us a bad car!

My 20 yr.old daughter saved for a year to buy a used car. On 8/25/2018 she bought a 2008 Nissan Altima. We were very up front with salesman Damian T. And salesmanger Josh. We told them that we specifically came to Lithia because they advertise great used cars and excellent service mechanics. Biggest mistake of our lives, being honest and being women! We went to see a Saturn advertised on their website. Never saw the Saturn. The Nissan test drove perfectly, interior was beautiful, engine looked nice and clean. They assured us their used cars are inspected! We live 2 hours away. Car drove great for a few days then started running rough. Took it to our local mechanic in Crescent City. They told us transmission was bad, exhaust manifold was bad and had a cracked pipe. Immediately called Lithia and said we were bring car back. Another 2 hour drive to Lithia to drop car off at service dept. 2 days later they called and said there was nothing they could do and take is somewhere else. Another 2 hour drive and literally drove the car across the street to Jim Siegal Chevrolet. For $220.00 they diagnosed the issue. Just like our local mechanic said, car is useless. $4600 to get it fixed! After numerous calls to Lithia, no one would call me back. After phone calls almost every day I got a hold of salesman Damian T. I told them that we would bring the car back and buy a more expensive car if they would take this bad one back. He finally said they had a meeting and bring it back "we will make it right". Another 2 hour drive to Lithia. After being there for 4 HOURS, my daughter settled on a $12,000 car. A car$5,000 more than the original (her grandpa agreed to help her since she could not afford this) At the end of 4 hours, sales manager Aaron G. Came out and said you picked a great car, but since you bought the last one as is, we will take off what repairs would have cost but have to add the remainder of what you owe onto the new car you are buying. 4 hours of BS! They lied and cheated us again. THEY HAD NO INTENTION OF STANDING BY THE DEAL OF TRADING CARS. They were about to sell us a car for $5000 more than the crap car they sold us. I have never been treated like this in my life. Don't ever buy a used car unless you tell them you are taking it to an independent mechanic or bring a mechanic with you! As of now, 5 trips to Grant's Pass (2 hours each way) 2 months of xxxx and stress, a dead car in front of our house, (transmission completely went 2 weeks ago) yes, we made a mistake, but there should be some protection for consumers from professional liars, con artist and thieves! How is it legal to be able to have false averting and lying to your face salespwople.Do your homework, look at reviews, Lithia is the worst dealership out there! The have an F rating with the BBB and have had action taken against them by The Federal Trade Commision. We will be protesting again in front of their dealership, I don't want to see anyone else get ripped off of everything they have saved for. Merri French


Greedy, money hungry people who will cheat you!

Truly disgusting people. They sold us a "Certified" vehicle and on the drive home it was having problems so we took it in and they claimed to have replaced something but the drive home after getting it back it was doing the same thing so we took it back and they told us there's nothing wrong with it. The tires leak too and they told us only 3 weeks after getting it that theres nothing they can do and that we'll have to go pay to get new tires. I took it to Les Schwab and they found 2 nails in one of the tires. They sold us a car with two nails in the tire! I've left them numerous messages and no one will call me back. When I do reach someone, they hang up on me or tell me they'll call me back and then don't. This place and the people here obviously don't care about their customers. We wanted a reliable vehicle for our two small children because I drive over Hayes hill multiple times a week and they totally screwed us over. Please take your business elsewhere!



We made the mistake of purchasing a used car from Travis. Since we live out of town they delivered the car to us. We made the mistake of signing the paperwork after he assured us he would refund an overcharge - NOT DONE, and the car was mechanically sound IT IS NOT. Of course now he won't answer or return calls. We have proof of promises in text messages but apparently the dealership isn't too concerned about customer satisfaction since no one else has been helpful either.


bad service.

Had my light bar stolen from Lithia . They left my doors unlocked and it was totally went through . Never again will I do business with that company.. Told the manager and all he did was shrug his shoulders and said “that happens all the time”.



Bruce went way beyond his job to make my car buying a possibility. Buying a car out of state is not an easy matter. Bruce made it happen.


Horrible Service and Rude Parts Manager

The service manager is very rude, values his time more than the customers, refused to give me his name, refused to give me Corporates number, was suppose to set up a recall on airbags that could potentially kill someone in my vehicle and instead hung up the phone on me.