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Horrible staff

The service staff do not return calls for weeks on end. You cannot make a appt for a oil change, its drive up first come 1st serve only. The sales dept will tell you anything to get you to buy it knowing you will never get in to service it. Service coordinators are rude, stuff their faces all day and socialize with each other to much.

Dealer response

Hello Bonnie, Thank you for your feedback. It is regrettable to learn of your frustration regarding our policy of not scheduling appointments for oil services. This has been in place for quite a while now, but your feedback has been noted as we are always looking toward future improvement. I’d appreciate the opportunity to discuss your concerns regarding communication and assistance from our team in more detail. Please contact me at 541-472-3063 when you have a free moment. I look forward to hearing from you. Wes Fauver Assistant Service Manager


Laziness on behalf of the service dept!

Very poor experience. I have come in for an oil leak diag. I was told my vehicle could not be worked on due to "rusty" pinch welds. I waited an hour and 20 minutes to receive this news. I took my vehicle and drove it back to where I am stationed. I went under the vehicle myself with brake cleaner, cleaned the oil and found the leak source myself. I took out my intake manifold and i also saw/heard something sparking. My oil leak was the oil pressure sensor and the spark was due to torn wires on the alternator cable. To think this shop charges $165 per hour and is incompetent enough to do the work that I, a 29 year old female have done myself without a lift. I did tell the manager how I have felt and asked for an apology but the apology did not seem sincere. I told him that there were other options instead of turning me away. The alignment rack was open and is a drive on rack and a floor jack with support along the crossmember were two other options. This was pure Laziness on behalf of the Dodge dealership. The atmosphere was nice and Nate was wonderful to work with. Hence, 2 stars.

Dealer response

Hello Reba, We truly value your business and appreciate your constructive feedback. Your review is not reflective of the attention to detail and first-class customer service our team always strives to deliver. When you have a free moment, please contact me at 541-472-3063 so that I can work to regain your confidence in our team. I look forward to speaking with you. Wes Fauver Service Manager


Buyer Beware of "Extended Warranty" terms/prices

The brand new car we purchased on 9-11-21 is very nice and it was fairly priced as it was labeled. We are pleased with the car and the price we paid for it. I am not pleased that Lithia Dodge tried to push me on the spot into buying the extended warranty or "vehicle protection plan" at a grossly inflated rate. It was presented to me at a cost of $6100+ in addition to an oil change plan at $849. When I resisted, they magically brought back a figure of $3190 (for the same extended warranty? I think?) and took off the oil change plan (at my request). The salesmen told me that they wanted to "be transparent", they said this more than once, but I'm realizing now that they were trying to sell me an extended warranty at a very highly inflated markup. I could have declined it completely, but I did agree to the $3190 for the extended warranty since it could be a beneficial safeguard for our situation in the future. My online research after I got home shows that the plan they sold me can be purchased by the customer directly online at anytime before the factory warranty expires. So, To Lithia: You sold me a Vehicle Protection Plan at $1300 more then what I could have purchased it for myself. True "Transparency" would have been disclosing the truth about the plan when I originally resisted and the availability the customer has to buy at it a later time and at the REAL price of the plan (which is $1890). I would have appreciated knowing about this and I also would have appreciated knowing about the plethora of other vehicle service plans, terms and prices available for my new car. I might have picked a different plan if I had been given all available options. I feel a little duped by you, but it could have been worse than the $1300 I overpaid you for the service plan if I had not asked as many questions as I did. Even after this I would still return to you for another car if needed in the future. I'll just be armed with the experience of this transaction and the knowledge I carry now about the warranties. ***Buyer Beware on the Extended Warranty or the "Vehicle Service Plan" you are presented with at Lithia. Get an online estimate from the Mopar Vehicle Protection or Chrysler Warranty Direct website before saying "yes" to an extended warranty at the dealership. You can buy it yourself later if desired and you get it at the real price, not the inflated rate that Lithia presents it at.

Dealer response

Hello Patrick, Thank you for your business and feedback. We truly value the trust of our customers, and it is unfortunate to learn you feel as though you were misled during your buying experience. I’d like the opportunity to speak with you in more detail about your pricing concerns and do everything I can to help. At your earliest convenience, please contact me at 541-472-3082 so that I can work to earn back your confidence. I hope to speak with you soon. Matt Hillier General Sales Manager


daughter paid full book price for a 5-year old car........

daughter paid full book price for a 5-year old car..... within 2 weeks, had multiple problems, including the brakes...... one of the parts on the car was held together with zip ties ...... are you trying to tell me that lithia's mechanics didn't see that as a problem, nor even mentioned it to their salespeople ?? inexcusable....... will never purchase another vehicle from lithia ---- nor utilize their mechanics........

Dealer response

Hello, I regret to learn your daughter is experiencing issues with a recently purchased preowned vehicle, and I’d like the opportunity to help. At your earliest convenience, please contact me at 541-472-3082 so I can learn more about your concerns and work toward earning back your confidence in our dealership. Thank you, Matt Hillier General Sales Manager



I took in my truck for oil change it needed a little antifreeze they checked it off as good didn’t check all my fluids and they replaced my oil plug and didn’t call me to ask or tell me what had happened to it.



I bought a car back in July from Lithia in grants pass. It seemed to be a good car at first. Then it started having transmission issues, and a no start issue. I called to get the car looked at and the service department told me i needed to take it to Kia butler in Medford since it was a Kia. Even though I bought it from them. I decided that I wanted to get rid of this headache and sell it back to them. When I took it in today the told me they would only give me $3,000 for a car they sold me for $7,200. And I needed to pay the remainder off today. I waisted my time, my gas, and what little patient I had left with them. When I originally called on Wednesday the salesman said to bring it in and he would look at it to get it valued. He didn’t even get off his xxx to go and look at it, he sat at his desk and looked at it through the window and said he would only do $3,000. You guys suck! Thanks for nothing!

Dealer response

Hello Jake, I regret to learn you were dissatisfied with a recent preowned vehicle experience. It is unfortunate we could not agree on a valuation for your vehicle, and I apologize for the inconvenience. I’d like the opportunity to learn more about your experience and to try and help. At your earliest convenience, please contact me at 541-474-7092 so we can work toward a positive solution. Thank you, Erin Cooke Sales Manager


Took in to have a recall done for air bag and toe hitch...

Took in to have a recall done for air bag and toe hitch they half asked toehitch and bound up the t case lost our driver seat belt and broke the interior dashboard and didn't put it together right and when we called to complain their head service guy said f you not our problem even though he said his guy doesn't pay attention he said we did it and it was not their problem cussed my husband out


My truck 2015 Ram EcoDiesel caught on fire 5 days after...

My truck 2015 Ram EcoDiesel caught on fire 5 days after bringing it in for service. They charged me $145 to tell me they could not find what was wrong. 5 days later it was totaled. VERY POOR service dept.


Truck caught on FIRE

Had lost power with truck, brought it in for service next day. They couldn't find anything, but charged me $145 to tell me that. 5 days later I lost power AGAIN, but this time truck caught on fire on the freeway and was totaled. Can't get any answer or refunds from dealer.


Purchase a new Cherokee

I purchased a new Cherokee from Lithia last week and could not be more pleased with the transaction. Meghan and Aaron worked out all the details by text, phone and emails. Living at the north end of the state, Meghan was happy to meet me in Springfield to do the swap and sign paperwork. (in case you are wondering why I bought so far from the Portland area, they had the exact Cherokee I wanted and did better on the pricing) Aaron did a great job with the financing and didnt hide anything in the paperwork. Everything that was promised was given. Thank you Megan and Aaron for the great purchase experience. I would recommend them to anyone.