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(65 reviews)

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Not the Dave Smith I bought my first two vehicles from !...

Not the Dave Smith I bought my first two vehicles from ! Bought a used car from Dave Smith as is with a extended warranty. Didn't make it off the lot heater quite working , key fob no good, went back and they sent me down the street to service they said they could help me . Then they closed for the night saterday. Monday couldn't get a call back, called manager he said he would call back never did. Went to BMW dealer Spokane he told me the car needed 9,487.86 in repairs and the extended warranty I bought for 4,200.00 wouldn't cover anything. Never got a call back from Sales man Dustyn. I got had in a bad way ! I will never buy another car from Dave Smith ever again ! Worst customer service ever ! Dishonest used car salesmen ! Not Dave Smith anymore. Welcome to the new Dave Smith. Do not buy anything from these guys ! Buyer beware !


Ty Nelson sold me a pickup in 2010 and I remembered Ty...

Ty Nelson sold me a pickup in 2010 and I remembered Ty being patient while I checked out many trucks and did not pressure me to make a decision. I was comfortable with the financial aspect of the purchase and the whole deal was easy. I got the truck I wanted and the price and trade-in were good. Remembering that transaction, I once again headed to Dave Smith Motors and looked up Ty Nelson when it was time to get another truck. Same experience. Ty listened and didn't bother showing me anything other than what I wanted. It didn't take long to find a great deal on a very nice truck. Paperwork went smoothly and I was out of there without being stressed. Sales manager (Kyle) and finance mgr (Christian ?/Kristan?...sorry) were friendly and easy going and all was done quickly and efficiently.


Customer Service

I had hoped to purchase a truck and trade in my vehicle... Due to the lack of service I received and the reviews I have read, I will stay away from the "Wal-Mart" of dealerships.


Horrible Service

I have only written one bad review in my life. My wife and I have purchased many vehicles from Dave Smith over the past 20 or so years and we have been rather happy with our sales service and purchases except for our last two times. The most recent was earlier this week when I stopped by the Coeur d'Alene lot to purchase a truck (Substantial amount of cash in-hand). AJ was my salesman and as it turned out the vehicle I was interested in had already been reserved - okay, after test driving it and working toward a purchase agreement, now what? I asked what else was available for me to look at and I was shown one other pickup truck. Not caring for that truck I was told there was nothing else on their lot to show me......really? Nothing else? I saw multiple other GMC trucks on the lot. All-in-all I felt like my being there was more of a burden. Being very disappointed with Dave Smith I went to Robideaux Motors where my salesman, Mike, helped me and treated me like one of the family. I purchased a great GMC from Robideaux that same day. John and his crew definitely earned our family's respect and loyalty, so much so, my son purchased his truck from Mike too! Very disappointed in Dave Smith, but more than happy to give ALL of our future business and our recommendations to friends and family to Robideaux Motors - where I should have gone in the first place.


Used Dodge Pickup

The experience with Dave Smith, CDA was excellent from the moment I talked to Dave Harrison in sales all the way through the financial process with Craig Sharar. The employees were friendly and very accommodating! If this is indicative of all Dave Smith dealerships, I strongly recommend them for your next automotive purchase.


Rich lied and was very run around about everything

I have bought a couple cars at dave smith with minimal issues. When i bought bwfore with nancy herold the experience was amazing. I love her. This time however i brought my 18 year old daughter in to get her first new or really new used car. Long story short she found a car that she liked did all the financing on June 8th walked out with a car and signed paperwork. She did have a trade-in that needed to be paid off through a bank she was five days from the due date on her car payment but was told as long as they paid it off within the 10-day. Off that she would be fine needless to say 20 days after the car was bought the loan was still not paid off on the trade we've been called Dave Smith who told us that the financing did not go through on her first car and that they were trying to figure out how to get her different financing it took us calling to figure this out. Now with my daughter's car payment late and almost 30 days late I called numerous times to figure out what was going on was given the runaround for days then finally went in and signed with a new bank assured by Rich that this was going to be a way better deal than the last time there would be no issues I would be there in my referral bonus for bringing her in there and that everything was completely done 10 days after this I had to call again and figure out where the trade money was after the run around for a few days I decided to go in there and personally pick up a check I was told that I had one hour to get in there to get the check before they closed or they wouldn't know what was going to happen with it mean while Rich was getting very angry already that the situation. Thankfully I thought everything was over until my referral fee never came I called for a week straight asking for somebody to call me back to tell me where the referral fee was nobody would call back my husband and daughter decided to go into Dave Smith was told that there was a mistake and that they could come pick up the check the next day the next day we called spoke with Rich who then got irritated that we were calling to figure out what was going on told us he would call us back. An hour later after no call we decided to call him who the receptionist said he was busy I said I would hold until I could talk to him and then finally put me through because he wasn't busy he picked up the phone decided to get angry at the whole situation even though it was not my fault it was his fault and pretty much told me that it was free money to me so well we will see if the check actually comes.


Best service and most knowledgeable .

I got a van from Dave smith and at the time Kyle Galaz helped me finding the right van even though I was 900 miles away, he would keep me posted as to when he got new inventory and always stayed on top of things . kyle is now the sales manager and I can see why. He's been selling cars for more than 15 years I believe so definitely knows what he's doing . Anytime I need a new or used car I will always shop Dave Smith in Coeur D Alene and see Kyle.

Dealer response

Thank you for the kind words and the great review!


Hidden charges

I agreed to a price with the salesman that I would pay for the car. However when I got to the sales finance guy he had added in $150 hand buff fee. There was no mention anywhere me agreeing to pay this however I just wanted out of there so I didn’t want to argue with the people who just wanted to argue with people all day. Also, the car was listed as newly detailed it was gross. There was stuff dripping down the side of the console, They didn’t have all of the keys.... in my opinion if you’re going to sell cars you may want to get them ready to sell before you actually sell them. Very frustrating on the money I spent


Special Order

Kyle Galaz was very friendly, accommodating and answered all my questions on my first visit in September of 2017 although he knew I was not going to take a stock car from their inventory. He spent 1-2 hours with me, letting me test drive a 2017 Maserati GT convertible and then on line to special order exactly what I wanted. Kyle provided timely updates on the progress of the build of my car in Italy, the shipping and subsequent arrival in CdA on February 13th. Dave Smith is even willing to keep it on their show room floor until the weather and icy roads improve so I can drive it home even though I paid for it and it is taking up floor space. KDH, Hayden Lake, ID



Personnel were all very friendly and professional. All questions answered immediately. Told Paul what I wanted and he brought the exact pickup I wanted. Great work