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(1,626 reviews)

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The WORST dealership I have ever worked with.

The WORST dealership I have ever worked with. They tried to rip me off with bogus fees and add one plus quoted me an interest rather of over 13% when I went down the street and was quoted 6.2% by 3 different dealerships. Stay away from these people. They are xxxx.

Dealer response

We are sorry for your experience, we are in the business of selling cars, not ripping off customers. We don't have any fees other than what is listed on the website. We are upfront with all of our fees and have every fee itemized on our paperwork, website, and deal communications. We do have additional products which we sell just like any other dealership. Our customers may purchase these products to protect their investment or they may decline to purchase them if they do not see the value. As for our financing, we use multiple lenders that can finance customers in any credit range. The rates we present are based on the approvals we receive from these lenders. If you went down the street and got quoted half of the rate we quoted you then there is a good chance you chose to get approved on a newer vehicle, with more money down, and/or with a cosigner. We do not makeup rates, we simply provide our customers with the same rates they would receive should they walk into a bank or credit union. Once again, we apologize that we could not meet your expectations. We hope you find the car you are looking for at the rates that meet your needs.


I told them I would buy a car and they sold it from under

I told them I would buy a car and they sold it from under me. They only want your money. Your business is irrelevant to them.

Dealer response

Mr. Conner, I'm sorry that you were not able to purchase the Tesla you came in to look at. We are a car sales company and our job is to sell cars. We are transparent with each customer about our policy for holding vehicles. We only hold vehicles for customers who are driving over an hour away and are either pre-approved for financing or have sent us a copy of their cashier's check. In this case, we were still discussing final numbers when another customer came in and purchased the Tesla. It is unfortunate that you feel we deserve a one-star review for this service, we wish you the best.


Good experience, Steve Garwood was professional and

Good experience, Steve Garwood was professional and knowledgeable of the business, had minor problem Matt Scott took care of it right away, will use there service department for future service.


Great Above Standard Service

Great customer service front desk Kari Miller was amazing kept me entertained the whole time, acquisition specialist jose offered me a great deal and gave speedy service!


Boy, trying to find a way to get a review posted about

Boy, trying to find a way to get a review posted about this company has been nearly as challenging as working with them! We bought a 2012 Honda Pilot from them in 2019, and I probably should have expected the problems we have had based on how unpleasant our interaction with the manager was at that time. I don’t know his name or I would share it. We bought a warranty with our car which has been included in every payment we have made since then. When we called to use our warranty recently on broken struts, Jake told my husband that the warranty company had folded but that they would cover the struts as a good faith thing. This at first seemed good, but when I realized we had been paying for a warranty all along that was not in effect, it seemed like it was just the right thing for them to do. Jake said he would get back to my husband about whether they were finding a new warranty company. This was months ago. Meanwhile, our car payment has remained the same, with the extra $50/month going towards the non existent warranty. About 5 weeks ago my husband reached out again about another thing that has broken that we need assistance fixing. I believe he was directed to email Curtis. I don’t have the exact details there, but suffice to say 5 weeks have gone by and all we have heard is that Curtis suggested we should contact Jake. Jake has not responded to my husbands emails or his phone call. I called today and asked to speak to Jake’s supervisor but they said Jake is everyone’s supervisor. I HATE to write a bad review, but I just feel obligated to warn people that you will be on your own after your purchase. We had an issue 2 years ago that took several months to get anyone to call us back about. I know people are working hard, I’m sure Jake is too, but past customers who are still paying you for a warranty that doesn’t exist should be responded to without having to resort to writing a review. If I had had any idea we would have had to spend this much time on calls and emails I absolutely would never have purchased from Indy Auto Man. I feel compelled to warn you all.

Dealer response

Dara, thank you for providing this feedback and expressing your concern. We understand that having your warranty company go out of business has been extremely frustrating as well. We apologize that you have had such a difficulty reaching the proper people in our department to assist with this mess. As you mentioned, we have been offering a good-will repair to any customer that has had this issue and also working to get them partially refunded for the warranty itself. We will pass this message to Jake and you can expect him to reach out to see if a resolution can be found. Thank you again for the review!


We had a great experience today with Victor.

We had a great experience today with Victor. He was not pushy, courteous, and explained us everything. We were not able to buy a vehicle today, but we will be back as soon as we can.


Steve G.

Steve G... Thank you for your professionalism and personal touch throughout the entire process. Thank you for honest approach, I never felt any pressure. The entire team was awesome!



I have been looking for a SRT Durango, Indy Auto Man has one. I went to see the vehicle and it's a basket case that's priced at $60,000. All 4 rims are curb rash victims (that's $3,000 to replace). The tires are from different manufacturers and all with different amounts of wear (that's $1,200 minimum to replace) it's missing the SRT and 392 badges. The inside of the vehicle smells like a combination of cigarette's and nasty dog.. The back end cargo plate is gouged. I looked at the CARFAX on their webpage and it said there were ZERO issues with the vehicle UNTIL I expanded the CARFAX report and read the details which said: The vehicle was purchased new in December of 2019. It had been driven by a very inexperienced owner who abused it severely. How do I know it was abused? Because it had been driven 13,000 miles in less than 7 months and required that the rotors be replaced. Do you know what would cause that? It happens when someone is trying to do burnouts without turning the traction control OFF or by just flooring the accelerator between stop lights, this causes the rotors to overheat and warp, which requires replacement. At 9 months it had 18,000 miles on it and just 2 months later it had 24,500 miles on it and required brake pad replacement (which indicates more abuse). Then in December of 2020, being only ONE year old the vehicle was reported stolen. The vehicle was recovered 3 months later with nearly 32,000 miles on it and needed to have all tires replaced from further abuse. It was now a Theft Recovery vehicle owned by the Insurance company and whatever repairs were required to be made after the theft recovery ARE NOT reported via a Carfax report because an insurance company doesn't have to file an insurance claim like everyone else to have repairs made by their own Insurance Company associated / Preferred body repair shops. But wait, why would I think that it was damaged or abused by the thief? First, how was it stolen? was the key fob handed over to the thief so as to prevent any damage while being stolen, I'm thinking no.. Then there's the continued repairs that have to be done even while the vehicle goes unowned like the 3 times the wheels required realignment and the brakes and tires required replacement again which indicates that there's a frame and/or suspension issue that is still NOT resolved. Since this vehicle is a Crossover (unibody construction frame) the body and frame are one in the same, so a "frame" issue means that the integrity of the entire vehicle is compromised. Indy Auto Man used cars bought the vehicle at auction in May of 2020 and Carfax says that they sold it in May to a Florida resident BUT it never left their location or possession because only 37 miles were added to the odometer until the next time it was serviced at Fletcher Chrysler in Franklin Indiana. Then it indicated that the vehicle was sold to Indy Auto Man in August of 2020 when it never left in the first place... Then it had a 4 wheel alignment performed and all tires replaced and within a few weeks it had a 2 wheel alignment done. With the issues and questionable records and ownership of this vehicle I'm pretty certain that it will NEVER be priced to where it should be to afford the next owner the ability to spend the time and money that will certainly be required to make this vehicle reliable and trustworthy again.

Dealer response

Thank you for your review. We take precautions to make sure we are offering vehicles of quality, however, it appears some items were overlooked in this instance. We apologize that this particular vehicle did not meet your standards and we will look into the history more closely. Again, thank you for taking the time to point out your concerns.


I'd recommend everyone that's in the market for a car

I'd recommend everyone that's in the market for a car check out Tex at Indy Auto Man. Everyone is super nice and our salesman Tex was knowledgeable and never pushy. He found us exactly the car we wanted and needed


Vic provided me and my wife with very good service.

Vic provided me and my wife with very good service. Thank you for making it easy to buy a car. Receptionist Brandy is awesome!