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To whom it may concern Thanks for help us get veh

Even though my credit situation was not good they were able to help me get into a new car! The salesman was very kind .I have to say I’m happy overall.



Was told that I was approved for loan of $32,000 and when I drove from Glen Burnie MD (79 miles) only to see they where lying the whole time. I had pay stubs and everything. I make great money over $1500 weekly, I just don't have the credit due to bad decisions when I was younger.


Joshua Irby And I approve of this dealership

Ok look I’m no to impress but dog the world is full of opportunities yup but remember what looks nice and shiny ain’t always so promising but yea no one ain’t focus yall to get a car or do business with them because tbh I love my Hyundai she is amazing yay it need work as far as getting detailed but that’s nothing so I have to say I’m happy overall


They were patient with me.

It’s was an great experience. Very patient. The salesman were very kind.. it’s was a far drive but they accommodate me the best to their ability which was nice of them. It was not the car I wanted but they convince me which way to go to help me get what I need instead of what I wanted. So Thanks again.



they messed up. I had planned on going to this dealership but after reading through the reviews I saw a few bad reviews but was still open-minded. but because of the person that respond to the reviews once the display in Malice the full customers name which is against the federal privacy act I have decided not to. the full name of the people in the dealership were never displayed by any of The grieving customers. however the dealership in Malice puts out the full customers name which they only obtained through financial papers and because they came into the dealership which seems to be a violation of law. it is unnecessary to put the full name of anyone just the experiences and that they remember the customer. while the customer bashes their experience the dealership wants to bash to customer it would seem. instead of apologizing and promising to offer a better experience for the next customer it looks like they fight back with excuses which makes with all the customers say a negative truthful. so I would classify customer service as extremely unprofessional and since I was told some of the same things that these customers seem that they were told that they're complaining about I would expect that I may have the same problem. now I did look through all of their inventory and it does look like some crap overpriced luxury cars with high miles. cheap imports out number all of the cars. other cars may have like one to four models but one specific import they have 51 of the same car that's a poor selection. so no thank you Auto connection I won't be coming



Andy was great, over all process was great. I had my doubts in the beginning but it all in all turned out to be a great experience.


Mrs thomasine Vaughn

Auto Connection should be shut down. Fake scam business taking advantage of people with challenging credit. They tell you you’re approved and if you don’t see anything on the lot you can shop at other dealers.....NOT. The selection of cars are garbage, dirty, scratches, dents etc. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT go there. Time is valuable, time is money, DONT WASTE either one there


Thank you!!!

Even though my credit situation was not good they were able to help me get into a new car! Brandon my sales associate was patient with me and did what it took! Thank you!


Highly recommended!

Mr. Johnson my sales associate and manager Jay D were Great! They took care of me in a timely manner and were flexible regarding my credit situation. I would highly recommend this dealership to everyone!!!


Unprofessional! Janky!

an hour ago I would not recommend buying a vehicle here. This dealership is extremely unprofessional and janky! So two Weeks ago I purchased a vehicle but I was in the process from relocating from PA to DC. So I had to switch jobs but long story short. They couldn’t process the loan. Firstly, Chris in finance is extremely rude and basically called me a liar and telling me to return the car . So, I contacted the bank and sent my offer letter and my other job information. So then the dealership calls me back and told me to come sign papers for the vehicle, THAT I ALREADY HAD! Long story short they set me up, I get there was waiting for an hour! Then they tell me yeah they can’t send me back in my vehicle!! Antonio lied and told me that I was approved for the vehicle again! The finance department so janky Chris, Jay and Antonio! I had to take a 150 dollar back to Baltimore because they set me up. I would never recommend nobody to this dealership! I never seen anything so unprofessional.