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Great Team at Darcars!

The staff at this location is different to say the least. While many individuals that work at dealerships are mainly worried about if you are a buyer or not, the team at DARCARS Volkswagen are real people that care about their customers and their concerns. It seems that the people who leave negative reviews about this dealership are simply impatient, and what they dont realize is that good things (and also important things like car buying) take time. Period. The sales manager Kamran is very reserved and attentive, he is also straight forward when it comes down to yes and no questions which is very important to a customer like myself. The sales team members Brandon, Abdul and Dean are very generous and willing to listen. Brandon is simply a genuine individual who not only cares about doing the right thing, but also about being professional and having a good time while doing it. Abdul seems to have been with the company for a long time, and his customer service shows it. You can tell he can handle most issues immediately. Dean seems to be willing to help anyone at any time, no matter how busy he is. There is nothing more comforting than knowing the people you are conducting business with actually care! I experienced all of these guy's help while I was making my purchase here, and I am a life time customer because they are a committed team who really do care!!


Very Happy With My Experience Buying a 2015 GTI

I recently bought a new 2015 GTI from Brandon Downing at Darcars. He was a pleasure to work with, honest, and not pushy in the least. I can't recommend him highly enough.


New Vehicle Purchase

On my first visit to the dealership and several thereafter I was greeting by a young salesman Mr. Downing. He was courteous, professional, and very knowledgeable about their products and services. I said to him that I had visited the manufacturers' website and that I want to physical see the models to make a decision; but I am not ready to make a sale today and that I would call him later. I made several phone calls and visits to the dealership with questions about the services before I purchase my SUV. Mr. Sheikh/Mr. Downing were my sales consultants. I was introduced to the managers of the various departments. They are the best example of Team support. Each of my visits to Volkswagen of Silver Spring I was treated with the highest regard as a customer.


Best car buying experience!!!

Thank you team Darcars VW. You made my day. Love my first car and love my dealer.


Horrible experience with VW Repairs.

After bringing my VW to be repaired at the Silver Spring shop I left with my car in greater disrepair than when i pulled in. Never again will i have Dar Cars VW service my vehicle nor would i recommend anyone else take their car. The mechanics are cut rate and the customer service was spotty. Don't trust your car here folks.


Not real happy with DARCARS

I was looking for a specific brand new Tiguan for my daughter as a graduation present. DARCARS contacted me via email saying they could get one. Many of their emails did not address my specific questions, and they were hounding me for a phone number. I did not give out my correct phone number (which I stated in my original post at CARS.com), because I did not want to field a lot of phone calls at work or during my commute. The sales doodle stopped emailing but the sales manager stepped up and finally gave me an on-the-street price. This would have been too late except another dealer was trying to do an exchange to get the Tiguan we wanted. So, I called up the sales manager and said I could come down immediately and purchase the Tiguan. He said he sold it to Fitzgerald VW (not a dealer I was in contact with about a Tiguan), but he could get another one. Two days came and went. I heard nothing from DARCARS. The other (unmentioned) dealer said the Tiguan I wanted just wasn't available. I had to decide on a second choice. I did a simple Internet search and found 104 Tiguan's equipped exactly the way I wanted including 24 the color I wanted. So I bought one. Funny thing is I saved over two grand. A few days later I got an email from the original sales doodle at DARCARS wanting to know if I still wanted a Tiguan. I hadn't heard from him in more than a week. I told him I had been dealing with the sales manager because that is who contacted me (the sales doodle got at least two emails via a cc, so he should have known), and when he said he could get one but didn't, I went elsewhere and bought one. Rather than being happy for me (I got what I wanted) and happy for DARCARS (they "sold" the Tiguan I wanted to another dealer), the response I got was quite snippy. I'm happy I got my daughter what she wanted, happy with the dealer I did go to, and extra happy DARCARS didn't hound me or got snippy with me by phone. As a VW family for 27 years, I won't rule DARCARS completely out for the future but they shouldn't expect to hear from me ever again.


Excellent service

Best service department just make sure to ask for Kevin or alli


Awesome Car Buying Experience

Best car buying experience ever. I came in to test drive the car on short notice but was easily accommodated into their easy schedule. Once i decided i wanted to purchase the car , which had been sold a few days after my first visit, they were more than willing to not only give me the special pricing from the prior week but also find the exact model and color car i want and ship it for free. They just moved to their current location so the lot isn't at its best yet, a lot of car were just shipped in.