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(426 reviews)

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Used car purchase

Quick and easy with great service and reasonable prices. This is a great to place to go if you need a car, new or used.



the process was easy and the people were very friendly throughout the whole thing! my cousin Jerrod told me about the dealer after buying a car from them.


Stay Away

PSA: Stay Away, Save yourself, Piss poor customer service. First and foremost this dealership has terrible communication, I was hung up on, and they never called me back when they said they would.when I got there no one came out to greet me nor while browsed the lot. When I got inside, no one came from behind there desks. Im a Retail store supervisor and this is the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced in my life. id rather go to the “DMV” for no reason. I’ve boughten over a dozen cars in my lifetime, this is the one dealership that made it their goal to not sell a car. Trying to get “Dairy” to tell you where they’re with you trade numbers was pulling teeth. Then “Jonathan” gave me the almost off-the-wall reasons why they couldn't except my trade which still doesn’t make since. If I had to read the reviews before I went to this dealership I wouldn't of wasted my time. I could go on about this place but not worth anymore of my time.This isn’t a dealership by any means what so ever. I strongly suggest seeking purchases elsewhere.



DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THIS PLACE!! Paid cash for a car in August, now November and the title is still not in our name so we can not get a tag. The temp tag has expired, and can not be extended. We have made numerous phone calls and because no one would call back gone to the office 2x. Was told it would be fixed and made 2 trips to the tag office. Both times the tag office told us the title is not in our name so they cant do anything. As far as I'm concerned they stole $3500 cash from us and gave us a car that can not be titled. Again BEWARE! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE CRIMINALS.


Terrible management and employees

I bought a car from here, it had some issues at the time of purchase and the dealer agreed to fix them. Good thing I got that in writing because it took me well over a month to get these small issues fixed. their so called "shop" is a joke, they NEVER returned my calls much less answered the phone. On top of that when i finally took my car to their shop for these repairs the manager (can't remember his name) was out side smoking marijuana! That is just unacceptable for any business. I had to sit in a waiting room with bugs in it that reeked of marijuana as well. Absolutely terrible.


Stay away from Carma

Do not purchase a car from Carma. Hear me well!!! I bought a car last August. It was a lemon. They knew it. Please stay away.


Great until you say "I want the car" !

My wife bought a vehicle here. To start everyone was nice. Then we found one we that wanted but noticed the front tires were bald. They said they would replace them. After discussing numbers we came in the next day and we looked over the car again. We then noticed the rear tires were bald towards the inside. We said we would buy the car if they replaced all 4. They said no problem we will take care of you. Came time to do the paper work, which by the way the finance lady had zero people skills, and acted like we were inconveniencing her to do our deal. She gave us a "we owe" for 2 tires. She said that the sales manager was the only one that could authorize the 4 tires and he was gone for the day. We would have held off but my wife needed to get to work and we only drove one car there. We tried for 3 weeks to get an answer on the 2 more tires with no success. During which we also found a coolant leak that cost $200 to get fixed. They had to know it was leaking because it was using a gallon of coolant a week, but was full when we bought the car. The only person we could ever get on the phone was our salesman but he never had any answers. Finally he texts and says the tires are in and have beed for several days but there were only the front two. So not only did they sell us a car with 4 bald tires and a hidden coolant leak, but they were willing to let my wife drive around on them for several days, when they had the new front tires in stock, just to avoid talking to us about them not replacing the rear tires. I would not recommend purchasing a car from here. Shady used car dealer!


Great Sales Process, horrible Customer Support

The purchase process was great, but that is where is stopped. After financing through them, I paid off in January. It has now been 6 months and still no title. We have been into the dealership several times, called on the phone, I even did the chat on the site. As of this moment, still no help. I keep getting routed to the same people who are not available and don't return calls. When I do get an answer, I am told that it is in the mail, but then nothing. After 6 months, I am at the end of my rope. I have given them 24 hours to respond before I file a claim with the BBB. I get an email a few minutes ago and it is an add on cars they have I could buy. They could take the time to add my address to the sales leads, but not respond on where my title is.


Never again

Horrible experience! The battery died the first week. It took forever to get a tag. They never tranfered the title of the car I traded in.



Scammed me and my grandma, How heartless so you have to be to scam a old lady?? They lied about the problems the mini cooper I was trying to buy for my grandmother had. We drove the car up the street and it started smoking! And now they won't answer my calls