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(76 reviews)

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Audi a8

Great people. Only a crazy person would problem buying a car here.


Great Service!

Pennant Motors made it really easy to buy my used car! Service was great and everything was taken care of in a timely manner! I would definitely purchase another vehicle from Pennant Motors.


Great experience

I had a great experience at Pennant Motors. Friendly staff / clean showroom


Very Happy

I love this dealership. They have great cars, and people. I will be back for my sons cars. i can't say enough about the staff and how helpful they were.


Great service!

Very helpful sales staff & VERY flexible. Immediate answers to ALL questions. Thank you so much!


Don't do it. Biggest liars

Bought an 02 Audi TT for top dollar for the mileage. 7650.00-144300. Never saw a car with such a long list of needed repairs. Had 2 garages go over it & they pretty much agree on list . Top wouldn't go up because window glass cover got stuck back there, tires are dry rotted , wheels badly dented, fuel gauge& radio broken, front struts & back axel need replaced, oil tube broken & oil leaks, & much more. How can a car be this neglected & sold as meticulously maintained. Mike is despicable . Don't trust a word he says . Too cowardly to talk to you after he screws you over. KARMA mikeKARMA!

Dealer response

We're very disappointed that you were not satisfied with your car. All of us at the dealership put several hundred miles on the car while we had it, and it was an extremely fun car that drove very well. I have a nearly 100 mile round-trip commute and drove the car home several days. I had no problems with the radio, and the top's operation was fine. You are correct that the power glass rear wind deflector does interfere with the top if you don't push back on the rear window while raising the top. This is simply the nature of when this accessory is installed on this year of TT, and is not a defect. You can remove the wind deflector if it is bothersome. It was, in fact, quite well maintained by the Audi dealership, as were indicated by the service records on the Carfax. We attempted to give you a call to address your concerns, as at least some of the things you listed seem to be misunderstandings. We never received a return call to discuss these issues or what we could do to make things right. Additionally, we had the car Pennsylvania emissions and safety inspected by a third party mechanic that has no affiliation with our dealership whatsoever, and the car was given a clean bill of health. There was no reason for us to question the results of their inspection, as we've had no issues in the past. Again, we regret that you are disappointed with the car, because we feel that receiving your new car should be an exciting occasion.


Exceptional Service

I have no complaints with Pennant Motors. I was looking for a specific make and model and they were able to find it for me. Rachael has been wonderful to work with. All of my questions were answered in a timely manner. She is very knowledgeable about the vehicles and made me feel comfortable throughout the process. I met Nate, the service guy, and I feel confident that if I have any issues, he will be able to care of it.


Impressed with cleanliness and service

Was impressed with the cleanliness of the car and service received.


Love my 2000 Mercedes E320 4Matic

Had been looking at other cars on their lot. Rachael - always helpful, funny and courteous, Mike - so knowledgeable, eager to please. Spotted my glistening Mercedes, very high miles, but stunning. Turns out they'd had great detailing work done, just perfect, inside, engine bay and outside. Car from the South, underside as clean as could be, no rust. They'd promised new tires, and delivered on that promise! Had questions about front brakes after owning the car for 2 weeks, they replaced rotors, pads the next day. Look folks, they buy QUALITY used cars in the first place, do what is needed to make them reliable and beautiful again, and sell them at reasonable prices. They stand behind what they sell, you simply cannot ask for more from a used automobile dealer. They're not big today, but as the word gets out, they will be!



Great customer service. Willing to negotiate. Knowledgeable in car sale area. On stop car shop.