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(77 reviews)

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Communication Sucks

Sent several email messages thru and left my name, phone number and specific car I was calling about. Absolutely no response from anyone on the team. Communication is not effective and I guess they don't care about any potential customers. The car is still listed.


Defrauded me of shipping charges

Vehicle I bought had a few undisclosed issues, including non-working A/C, and was missing the remote key fob (despite being promised in description). However the worst part was my experience around shipping - I paid $845 for shipping but the vehicle was never shipped. After a month, I asked them to cancel and refund the shipping charge, which they agreed to do. I then flew into Erie PA and picked up the vehicle. 3 months later - no refund on the shipping. They have made every excuse in the book including that their account was the victim of fraud, they are waiting on the PPP loan, etc. Eventually they just went silent on me and I have finally had to dispute the charge with my credit card company, and hopefully they will find in my favor, since I have copies of email stating the charges would be refunded.


DON'T BUY HERE! The most dishonest people around!

I made the grave mistake of buying a used car from this dealership. I had found a car online and called the dealership. I told the salesperson that I was interested in this particular car that they had for sale but the challenge was that I live in LA and before I spent money and time on flying out to inspect the car I needed to know if there were any major issues with this car - I asked nicely and openly for them to be fair and honest. The salesperson, who turned out to be one of the most dishonest and arrogant people I have ever met, assured me several times that the only issue with the car was that it had scratches all over. Apart from this, he said, it was a great car. He sent me pictures and even a couple of videos. Against my better judgment, and I admit this was an obvious and big mistake on my part, I decided to trust this dealership and didn't fly out to inspect the car as it was about 2,200 miles away from me. I was able to quickly find an auto transport that could deliver the car on the west coast only three days later. So I paid the dealership and waited for the car. When the car arrived I discovered that the driver side mirror housing was broken, the A/C didn't blow cold, the power tailgate couldn't be opened (even though the car has three different buttons for this, none of them worked), the back up camera didn't work and the left taillight was rusty on the inside. None of this had been mentioned with a single word by the two different salespeople that I had talked to and the photos and videos that they sent had "conveniently" not shown any of this. The auto transporter also told me that the car had been parked by itself in a building away from all the other cars at the dealership. I immediately called the salesperson at the dealership and he immediately got defensive and slightly aggressive and started off by claiming that the auto transporter had broken the mirror which of course was not the case as he himself had signed off on the faults and damages inspection list that was completed before the car was even loaded onto the auto transporter's trailer. So when that accusation didn't work he said it was my fault that he had lied because I hadn't seen the car prior to the purchase. Next thing that happened was that he wouldn't send me the title and the second key until I had signed the AS-IS documents. After going back and forth for several weeks I finally decided to sign the documents and the title and the key did get shipped out to me. After the car stood still for almost a month (this is a company car so it costs my business money to not have the car available to use) and after having spent close to $4.000 on spare parts and labor the salesperson agreed to compensate a part of these expenses. Of course the next excuse, because the intelligence-insulting excuses made by the people who work at this place were literally never-ending, was that he wasn't in a position to grant any compensation on behalf of the company. Instead I needed to deal with the General Manager, whose ability to come up with the most outrageously lame excuses for not wanting to be accommodating in any way was as impressive as the other people at the dealership. She applied the same technique as everybody else at this place, which is to not respond, not responding to your calls or emails and stall the process in the hope that you as a customer eventually give up. Well, I didn't and when I finally had had enough of trying to solve this in a polite and civilized way I got a hold of an attorney in Pennsylvania and when I threatened her, the General Manager, with a lawsuit she suddenly danced to my every tune. I had suggested earlier in the process that they could write me a check for $2,000, which was the decision that she had been stalling for months, and that if they did they would never hear from me again -- the day I mentioned the lawyer I had hired she sent me the check and much to my surprise it didn't bounce when I went to cash it.


Distant Purchase, Nice Job!

Albert handled my purchase from start to finish. It was easy. When I arrived via bus from MA, my Volvo V70 was in great shape to make the drive back home that afternoon.



We purchased a car from Pennant Motors and we literally had the car for less than a week, they have had the car for months now with, no word on when how or why. We can't get any condition updates, If the car is running, are the lights still on, when will it be fixed, what I exactly wrong with the car. We purchased this car for $6000 we are paying insurance on the car and they could car less. They are so not concerned about us as people. I am in awe that a business can treat their customers with such disregard. We are at a complete loss.


Shady crooks

They had my car for over a month to replace the CEM. There was little to no communication and when I finally got my car the bill was almost $800 and they give me the receipt and send me on my way. When I actually look at my receipt I see that the “mechanic” left a note saying “the vehicle displays poor maintenance.... has a multitude of issues that cannot be addressed w one repair... not considered road safe... have items repaired that will blatantly not pass inspection”. First of all they had my car for over a month and never mentioned anything. Second it it very unethical to have someone pay that much money for ONE part when you know there are several other issues. Third they never listed what needed repaired at all!!! So I take it to a real mechanic and get a pre inspection bc I. D.o.n.t want to drive it and there is nothing wrong with it at all! Why would they say that? Why lie? It’s like they are just being jerks. Never go there. So shady. They don’t know what they are doing and will just lie to you for fun.


Good Experience

I recently purchased a vehicle from Pennant Motors, and overall, I had a very good experience. The salesman was knowledgeable and pleasant to work with, and I feel like I got a great deal on my vehicle. The dealership is smaller, but very unique. It certainly has an impressive showroom layout and inventory. I would recommend this dealership to anyone looking for an inexpensive used European vehicle.


Dishonest People and Salesman

This dealership is crooked and the salesman is dishonest and a thief. They do not stand behind their word. The building outside and inside is very dirty and trying to even speak to someone you have to wait for a long time even then they speak lies. I would not even recommend this place to my worst enemy. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and have filed a complaint. They are not what they say they are. Everyone just keep on driving by DON'T STOP THERE.



LAST CHANCE PENNANT I purchased my car about a month ago. At that time, I was informed that they reviewed the car and took care of everything to ensure its safety (something like a 101 point check). I mentioned the timing belt prior to sale, which they shrugged off and said due to the car's low mileage it wasn't needed. I've since learned that's not the case and the belt was likely to go in the next 3 months so had to have it and other things repaired! They shared with me a list of minor repairs, making it seem like the car was in great shape and needed nothing major. They even made it sound like the work they did do was comprehensive. FAR FROM IT! I have had two independent auto-shops look at the car, who also sell Volvos. My car needed an extra $1100 worth of work including a new timing belt, rotors, filters, etc. which I have now shelled out after paying a top-dollar asking price. They hadn't even replaced an original factory installed filter! My mechanic was indignant. "This is not what you do when you flip a car. You do the work that needs to be done!" They come across as if they are filled with integrity and care about you as a person, a parent, a customer they want to keep --- until you pick up the car and take it off their lot. From what I can see so far, all they do is shine them up and make them pretty. They do as little as possible to ensure the car passes PA inspection. They make it sound like they take care of what needs to be addressed. Albert and Rachel -- this is your last chance to make right.


A Pleasure to work with

Mike and his team provide excellent service. A pleasure to work with and made the whole experience enjoyable. I would highly recommend Pennnant Motors to anyone.