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(83 reviews)

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Brand new to the luxury car world experience

I have never seen a maserati and a friend took me to your Wilsonville dealership for an experience i never knew was possible. Not only did i see beautiful cars the welcoming invitation to the showroom really began on the parking lot. Friendly hellos and gentleman door opening courtesy not only added to the class of the experience but showed their respect for their place of employment. The Secretary at the front desk ms. Pat, was helpful and cheerful. When i was greeted inside by a gentleman named Mike, i was given a tour not only with expert information about the vehicles but explinations with respect to my not knowing the great detail and care that goes into the creation of such a fine automobile - what i can now call works of art! I want to thank all of the staff at Wilsonville Ron Tonkin maserati for making a visit a memory. Very sincerely, Ms. Joanne Crowley



Truly an amazing dealership. Staff is incredibly friendly, very helpful and they definitely know their stuff! Their passion for the cars sets them apart from others. Even if you're in to admire their exotics, they'll treat you with the same devotion and respect they would a potential buyer. Thank you RTGT!


Credit Check and Shifty Behavior

After corresponding for about 2 weeks with a sales associate and understanding the price of a used Porsche Carrera 4S, I made the trip from Seattle to Portland to test drive the car. Upon arrival I was told that I would not be able to test drive until 1) they ran a credit check (despite the fact that I am a cash buyer) and 2) I signed a document saying that I would purchase the car, assuming no issues. They said nothing to me about this back handed tactic before I made the trip. I refused, and left the dealership without being able to drive the car. I am a serious buyer who made the effort to come a long distance the buy. While young, I have not been treated with this level of disrespect at any other used or new luxury car dealership that I have worked with to look at cars. The dealership and it's employees are unscrupulous and disrespectful.


Best dealership ever!

Today I visited this dealership with my grandson who is crazy about Maserati and other super cars. Everyone was so nice and helpful. We sat in many models, got lots of information and just had a wonderful time. I only wish I was in a position to purchase one these beautiful cars. Thank you to all for the great experience.


Visit to dealer

Agent I dealt with was very helpful and responsive. Highly recommend this dealership.


Awesome in every way!

I called Evan Bolton from out of state for info on a car & he was very helpful & invited me to come test drive the vehicle. I drove down from Washington and fell in love with this gem of a car! After driving back home to ponder this purchase, I called back the next day to seal the deal. When we arrived to pick up the car, Evan had it waiting in front of this PRISTINE dealership, all detailed and ready to go! He took the time to show me every feature of my new sports car and asked if there was anything else I needed him to show me. He was thorough, patient and extremely professional in acquainting me with my new car. The sales manager, Michael, was very pleasant and helpful in making us feel comfortable and confident in his dealership as well as feeling welcomed. The process of paperwork was honestly the smoothest and easiest I've ever encountered, thanks to the expertise and easy going & fun natured Steve Wintermantel. What a great guy! He's an expert at his job and going through this process felt as comfortable as having a drink with a good friend. I appreciated all of the personal attention and respect we received during this pleasant transaction. Thank you for the extra water as it was an 85 degree afternoon, convertible top down, heavy traffic for the first hour of our four hour plus ride home. I'm REALLY LOVING MY NEW BOXSTER and thank everyone at Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo for this outstanding experience!!!


Buyer Beware

I purchased an Acura MDX from the Ron Tonkin, Maserati dealership in Wilsonville, OR . My husband and I live in Seattle and drove down to purchase the vehicle. When we arrived at the dealership, prior to test driving, the General Manager, Martin, spoke with us about the car. He spent most the time focusing on one feature of the car, the CMBS monitor, which is a Collision Mitigation Braking System. It sits in the front of the vehicle allowing the vehicle to slow down if it senses a car breaking in front. Martin spent a significant amount of time focusing on this feature, which in hindsight, should have been a red flag. He very deliberately pointed out that the CMBS on Acura’s tend to get dirty and need to be whipped down and cleaned often or an alert will pop up on the cars dash board asking to run a collision mitigation system check. We test drove the car for roughly 15 minutes and noticed there was a door ajar symbol on dashboard. Martin offered a work order for this to be repaired at the Acura of Seattle dealership when we got home. After driving the vehicle off the lot, about 15 minutes into the drive home the CMBS monitor light came on for the first time. We called the dealership that same day when we got home to let them know this light came on, along with the DVD player not working. We were told the CMBS needed to be cleaned after the road trip. We cleaned the monitor thoroughly and it continued to come on for the next few days prior to getting the car into the Acura of Seattle dealership for the door ajar work order. After bringing it into the dealership it was discovered that the CMBS monitor was completely broken. The part alone is $5,000 to replace. It is also NOT an option to have the CMBS turned off to avoid having a collision mitigation warning symbol pop up on the navigation window and the dashboard, every single time the car is driven, asking for this to be repaired. The Master Technician of Acura of Seattle said there is no workaround for this, the only option is to replace the monitor and pay $5,000 for the part, plus labor. We did not even inquire on the cost of labor. After contacting the Ron Tonkin dealership ourselves directly, as well as the Acura of Seattle dealership contacting them on our behalf, the general manger Martin refused to pay for the CMBS monitor system to be replaced. We have now spent a significant amount of money on a vehicle with a problem that should have been openly addressed or attended to by the Ron Tonkin dealership prior to the vehicle being sold to an unsuspecting buyer. In looking back at our interactions with Martin, it is evident that this was a known issue and one that was hidden from us. We are shocked and disappointed by the ethics the general manager displayed and would never recommend purchasing a car from this dealership. This is the type of treatment you expect to receive from a bottom tiered used car shop, not a luxury dealership known for great customer service.


Kevin Anderson

We recently purchased a vehicle from Ron Tonkin Grand Turismo. During the transaction we dealt with Kevin Anderson. Kevin treated us courteously at all times. He returned our phone calls and answered our questions promptly, both before and after the sale. In short, we were very pleased with how Kevin treated us. Ed and Marjorie McDowell


Bought used Maserati GT from out of state and sight unseen.

I found a very nice 2009 Maserati GT via one of the online auto sales sites. It led me to Ron Tomkin Gran Turismo and I began making inquiries about the car. Living out of state it was not practical for me to see the car in person, so I had to rely on the dealer to give me honest information about the condition of the car. Ron Long led me through the process, answered all of my questions and arranged to an enclosed van delivery of the car all within 2 weeks. I couldn't be happier with the service I received.


Best Ever!!!

We bought a "tricked-out" Mustang through Ron Gilchrist and Steve Wintermantel. The experience couldn,'t have been more pleasant. No pressure, no rush, very comfortable. They bent over backwards to help me make this a very special gift for my wife. Our 52nd wedding anniversary. The car was staged and covered in the "presentation" room, My wife thought she was going to look at a special Ferrari. When the cover was removed she thought" that's a beautiful car, but it looks like a Mustang". We opened the drivers door and had her sit in the seat, on the steering column was the anniversary card. When she read her name on the card she started to cry. This was such a special moment for us. Thank you Ron, Steve and Arun!