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(145 reviews)

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This dealership is rude and disrespectful.

This dealership is rude and disrespectful. After paying over 6,000 for a transmission you would think they would be a little more grateful but instead the check I wrote wasn't good enough and John wanted to be hateful. I will never return with any vehicle. The only person in the service department that even remotely had it together was Kara. I will forever be grateful for her because she was respectful and actually communicated about the vehicle being worked on. She didn't get rude or make hateful comments when asked questions.


Our saga with this dealership continues.

Our saga with this dealership continues. Shortly after finally getting my Escape back after months, I was driving it and the check engine light came on. I carried it to a different dealer (that was great) and was told that the O2 sensor wire had been taped with black electrical tape because it had been sitting on the exhaust and had melted. They are unable to do anything until that is repaired at a cost of over $600.00. There has only been one place that has done work on this vehicle. Shottenkirk! We have tried to contact the service manager to see if this is covered under the warranty that came with the replaced transmission since it would have had to been removed and replaced during that process. My husband has even went to the dealership to try and speak with someone. Of course, no one will respond to our request. PLEASE DO NOT USE Shottenkirk Ford in Jasper!! I apologize in advance for the length of this post, but I feel completely helpless and frustrated beyond words! Back in February, I had issues with my Ford Escape. We carried it to Shottenkirk Ford in Jasper. I was told it needed a new transmission and would be covered under my extended warranty. However, they were not sure how long it would take to receive the parts needed from Ford. When I dropped it off I asked that it be kept under cover until a new windshield could be put in because it leaked. I gave them permission to install the new windshield so it could be moved outside. Fast forward three month, still no hope of having my car repaired, I made the decision to purchase a new car with the plan that I would sell the Escape once it was repaired. Shottenkirk would not purchase it because it would void the warranty. I understood that. They also said they would not honor the Z plan that is available to me because my father-in-law put in over 30 years of service with Ford and my brother-in-law has been with Ford for 27 years. John and I made the decision to purchase my Bronco from Wade Ford because they gladly honored the plan. When I went to Shottenkirk to get some personal items out of my Escape I found my car sitting outside, torn apart. I quickly noticed that after more than three months, the windshield had not been repaired and had sat outside in the elements. Also, parts had been placed inside in the back hatchback area. I was furious, but what could I do. John immediately carried a tarp and covered it to prevent further damage. Finally, after four months I received the call that it was repaired and ready to pick up. When I went to pick it up, the first thing I saw was a tear in the leather on the driver's seat that was NOT there previously. The seat, steering wheel, and door on the the driver side was also very dirty with what appeared to be grease. Also, both sides of my back hatchback area had been scratched. I strongly recommend that no one trust Shottenkirk Ford with your vehicle. They obviously do not care about their customers! Very angry!!! #shottenkirkford #fordmotorcompany


I purchased a used 2019 Jeep Cherokee with approx 31,000

I purchased a used 2019 Jeep Cherokee with approx 31,000 miles on it on May 26 2022. I put $10,000 cash down. After driving it 6 miles, the airbag alert system light came on. I took it back the next morning. After, it being transferred to a sister store that was a primary Jeep dealer for 2 weeks, I got it back. Long story short…this problem continued on and on. And, I was told repeatedly it was NOT SAFE to drive. The Jeep was returned 3 times for the same issue. I only had the Jeep in my possession a total of 3 weeks out of the 5 months I had it and made payments on it. Communication was terrible! As, Shottenkirk Ford never gave my contact information to the Jeep dealer. The last time I returned it, 2 months passed without any response from emails to the general manager or service manager at Shottenkirk Ford in Jasper. I had enough!! I reached out by email again to the GM and copied all managers at Shottenkirk Ford Jasper and Shottenkirk CDJR in Canton, GA. The next morning, the managers in Canton at the Shottenkirk CDJR were contacting me. They honestly had no idea the Jeep they had in their possession in service belonged to a customer. Only that it was the property of the Ford dealership that I was dealing with. Shottenkirk CDJR in Canton traded me out of the Jeep, saving me money the best they could. I still lost a huge portion of the cash down payment I put down! Steve Ferenzy(GM at Shottenkirk Ford in Jasper), has yet to respond to any of my emails since the first return. BUYER beware! There is some shady business going on at the Ford dealership in Jasper, GA.


Service sucks

Dropped my car off for 3 simple recall issues. 4 hours worth of work. Dropped it at 8am, at 415pm I called and was told I would get a call back. At 545pm I had to call back. NO STATUS AVAILABLE is what I was told. They will call me tomorrow.


Thanks Shottenkirk Ford

Serviced my daughters Escape and they got me in and out quickly, and on time. Thanks for the great service. I highly recommend Shottenkirk Ford


Great store

Easy process, kind people, highly recommend...30-40 Broncos in stock, got a Wildtrack in Cactus Gray. This facility is clean and freshly remodeled. I was offered beverages and things moved at my pace.


Nathan was the best sales man ive met in my life thank

Nathan was the best sales man ive met in my life thank you so much for having suck a good courtesy man working for u guys.


I purchased a 2022 Bronco and the entire experience was

I purchased a 2022 Bronco and the entire experience was fantastic. They had a lot full of options and my sales professional, Ashlee Jenkins was fantastic. Highly recommend Ashlee!


If interested in honesty and a knowledgeable sale

I was helped by a young man ,Nathan Fye. He was able to answer every question I had. Just so kind and courteous. I'll be going back to buy ,and I prefer to be served by Nathan Fye.


I recently had problems with the AC on my 2012 Ford

I recently had problems with the AC on my 2012 Ford Fusion and I took it to Ralph Tucci at Shottenkirk Ford Jasper. Ralph and his staff figured out what the problem was and fixed it in record time. Everyone there was friendly,courteous and helpful. Excellent customer service. I will definitely go back to Shottenkirk Ford Jasper. When you find someone you can trust at a fair price there is no reason to go anywhere else.