DARCARS Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Marlow Heights


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I usually don write reviews but the buying process here was so horrible that other must know. I used cars.com to search for a brand new vehicle and I found the one that I wanted. I went to this dealership website and enter my information. I was shortly contacted via email from the Internet Sales Manager Terry and was told the vehicle was in stock. I was handed over to a Sales Rep Dewayne and I told him that I would be able to come down there the next day. After leaving work the following day me and my wife immediately drove down there and when we arrived we were approach by a sales rep. Who told us the vehicle was sold the following day. He went inside and check again and said the vehicle was gone. I wasn't to happy about it but I felt like it was my fault because I didn't call ahead. The main problem was that the sales rep didn't identify his self as Dewayne until after 20 minutes of talking to him. It was like he was playing games and didn want to indentify his self as DeWayne the guy I had talk to a day before. I had actually came to purchase the vehicle that day but after being told that the vehicle wasn available I started to look for V8 because that was the last WK2 V6 in area that I liked. The next day Terry the Internet Manager (Terry) had emailed and I told him what happened and he said the vehicle was indeed and stock. He even took a picture of the vehicle and sent it to my email. So we proceed to drive another 45mins to the dealer to check out the vehicle. We walk inside and ask to speak to terry because he said we would deal with him or another manager but we were rerouted to DeWayne and I almost expected an apology from terry but he acted like he was to busy to talk while he was talking to another employee. Dewayne took us to the vehicle and my wife was disgusted at the outside of the vehicle (the inside was clean), I can understand the vehicle not being perfect but it shouldn't look like the vehicle was neglected. The vehicle also had 300 miles on it, which I inquired about because I was told the vehicle was setting in the back in storage but I was given a shady answer. I eventually let it go and took the vehicle on a test drive with Dewayne. The test drive route was horrible, we didn't get to test the vehicle on the highway just some empty new streets, in which you really couldn't see how the vehicle would operate under normal circumstances. We just left after the experience and search other dealers We ended up drive about an hour away to DARCARS of ROCKVILLE, which had superb customer services. They had a 2011 WK2 V8 and I called ahead and spoke with Santiago and he was awesome. They were very busy when we got their but he took my ID gave us the Keys to the SUV, explained every thing to us and told us to go TEST DRIVE the vehicle alone. It was very nice to see how the vehicle would handle and not be directed to a route which we would never test the vehicle in normal circumstances. In Conclusion If you want to buy from DARCARS and Marlow Heights has a vehicle you want just tell the Rockville people to transfer the vehicle to them. I didn buy my vehicle from ROCKVILLE because some one brought it as soon as I left but before I made the drive all the way their, the service rep called me to let me know and Apologize. I ended up driving to Farrish Cars in Fairfax County VA and brought a new car from them. I felt like they thought I was wasting their time not sure if it was of my age or race