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Thank You TONY ROSS!

Picked up my ... I mean, my wife’s ... new Ram 1500 Quad Cab, and we couldn’t be happier, thanks to TONY ROSS, who made the entire experience a pleasure, from my initial telephone contact, through price negotiation, to our ... her ... driving the truck home. TONY is intelligent and personable, and a real gentleman. Obviously aware that people are spending a lot of money with him, he is patient and respectful answering customers’ questions and removing their concerns about every aspect of a transaction, from vehicle selection to pricing, to financing to leasing vs. buying, new vs. used ... . And with TONY, the relationship doesn’t end when you drive off the lot. He has contacted us to ask if we have any questions about my wife’s first truck (and the first one I have had in 25 years). I have called him with questions about possible modifications such as winter tires, bed covers, steps, and he has always been helpful. I consider TONY more than a salesman, more of a mentor and friend. Thanks again, TONY. SO SORRY I TOOK SO LONG TO WRITE THIS, BUT I WANTED TO GET IT RIGHT! And you know I’ll be looking for you for my next vehicle.


lee Blaine

have tried to contact dealer through email, didn't respond for a week. I was really interested in one of their cars so a month later, it was still there so I tried to call. I do not want to be hassled with many phone calls from any dealer so when they ask my phone number, I do not give it to them. ( I have received 5 phone calls from different dealer in one day, so I refuse to give my number now) When this dealership asked my name and number, just in case we get disconnected, I told him if we did, I would call him back. "CLICK" ....... he hung up on me. I tried to call back and it went to voice mail. I refuse to do business with a dealer who uses these tactics


Customer for life!!!

Just bought my fifth vehicle from Royal Dodge and Royal Ford. Once again had a outstanding experience. I will always come back to Royal, friendly honest people!



I am looking for a new car, but I don't want to haggle over a price for it. I do my research, I look at prices for similar cars in similar states of use, etc. However, some of the prices suggested to me for the car I was looking at were just ridiculous. I think they thought that since I'm a woman, I can't know a lot about cars, and would be impressed by the shiny features of the car instead. I want to know that I'm getting the same price that any other person is getting. It doesn't seem fair.


Left a lot to be desired

I visited Kevin's Royal Automotive because of the ads on television. it isn't far from my house and i've been looking for a new car. However their salespeople were not respectful of my desire to look at cars in peace. i just wanted to walk around and see the different deals and cars available without someone breathing down my neck. i ultimately left because i did not feel comfortable making a purchase here.


False promises

I should have known from their obnoxious- and awful- commercials, that these "salespeople" were "too good to be true". The cars have many flaws to them, and the employees just want your money- even if they sell you false promises in the process. I was swindled out of thousands at Kevin's.


The fun way to deal

Always a good time. Wonderful staff. Great owner. We have dealt with Van several times. Even helped when we turned in my Dad's van after his passing, when the dealer the van came from was zero help.


do not come here...ever

About a year ago, I bought a car here. They seemed great, everything went smoothly...until it didn't, and my car started to have problems less than three months after I bought it. It started to have problems almost constantly. About once a month for the past few months, I've had to take my car to various places to be serviced. When talking to Kevin's initially, they were not sympathetic of my situation and were actually downright rude! I'm very sad by this situation, as I feel like they took advantage of me. I was a single woman, and went to buy a, I didn't know exactly what I wanted, but I thought that I was in good hands. As it turns out, I was not. At this point, I'm going to get rid of my car. After pouring thousands of dollars into the car, it's cheaper to be rid of it and buy a new one. Every time I see one of their commercials on television, I'm just hurt again and again by these smooth-talking salesmen. I was naive to trust them, and I regret it. Please, do your research on the car before coming research on the reviews. I regret buying my car here, giving them my money...only to be insulted, treated like a child, and given poor customer service. I would not recommend this dealer to anyone I liked.


Great Group Of People!

Everyone here has gone above and beyond! Great Experience, Great Service! ?


Experience at Buying a Car

The Experience with Mikey & Nikki, made buying a first car an easy Journey. We couldn't have asked for any nicer & educated team.