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Great place to buy a new car!

I was very satisfied with my experience buying a Jeep. Jerry and Nikki were extremely professional and pleasant to work with. They went above and beyond to be sure that I could find what I wanted. They made the whole process a pleasure from start to finish. I have already recommended them to a friend and I will definitely be back, thanks for the great service!


Great experience with great people

The buying process at Royal Chrysler and with Ron and Nikki has been very enjoyable. When I came on the lot the experience was pleasant, fast and relaxed. Ron took the time to listen to what I was looking for and a vehicle. Ron took the time to listen to what I was looking for and a vehicle. I went in wanting one vehicle and thought for sure I was getting that vehicle but after Ron took the time to show me the Dart and all the benefits it had, I was ready to change my mind. When you have a ales person who can take the time and put you in a vehicle that meets and exceeds your needs, that's a experience that you won't find anyplace other than here. Nikki worked her magic and listen to what I was looking at paying for a vehicle and got me into a 2013 Dodge Darr over a year ago at a reasonable price. Both Ron and Nikki delivered a customer experience like I have never experienced before. As busy as these two are, they make you their number 1 priority and they will work to make sure whatever your needs are are meet. I highly recommend visiting the store and speak to Ron when your ready for a new car, because your walk off their dealership feeling like you left a family members house!


Love my Royal Wrangler

I bought my last 2 Jeeps from Royal and I couldn't be happier with both experiences. Nikki Burdick went above and beyond in all aspects, from the first phone call through the entire buying process. She didn't miss a single detail and she is the reason I will buy my next Jeep at Royal! The service is excellent and I love this Jeep!!



They were amazing the way they went out of there way to get us our car. Barb was the best. Thank you for all you did


Amazing experience beyond.

I have no idea how these people have had bad experiences here. My fiance and I couldn't afford a huge payment [we ended up getting a $261 payment] and that was with everyone working with us. They went up and beyond anyone would have for us. We're first time car buyers, and everywhere we went they said we needed a co signer but Kevins made it work for us. I cannot express how amazing this experience was. Cara is AMAZING please consider going here and asking for her you will not be disappointed by any means. From now on I'm refusing to go anywhere else but here. Thank you Kevin and employees, y'all are beyond amazing. And people, don't be discouraged by these reviewers go here, and ask for Cara you will not be disappointed.


The good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good: The service department. Excellent as long as you speak to the right guy. (If you have ever been there, you know who to avoid.) The work performed has always been excellent. The Bad: The entire sales process is a hassle, especially when they have their monthly "super sale". Which leads me into The Ugly: completely obnoxious advertising/promos featuring salesmen shipped in from all over to take your money and run. Honestly the only reason I keep coming back is because of the superb work done by the service department. (Certainly head and shoulders above those clowns on Front St. Binghamton.) So to summarize, great service, but if you decide to purchase something. GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING!!


Our favorite dealership

This will be our third time getting our Jeep from Royal. They have always been a great place to Jeep shop. Excellent staff, very satisfied with the treatment and deals made. See you soon Niki!


Broken seat

We own a 2010 PT Cruiser. In 2011 the foam in the drivers seat split and the mechanism to move the seat stopped working. Both were repaired. A short time later the power seat would not work again. I went back to the service dept. and told them my seat was broken. I was told it was not. They manually adjusted the seat. After going back several times, I was shown how to adjust the seat myself by putting my hand between the side shield and the seat. This was the only way Royal could get it to operate. If you have to manually adjust a seat that is supposed to be a power seat, there is a problem. This should have been reported to Chrysler and repaired under warranty especially since this was not the first time it had happened. Instead I was shown how to manually adjust it. Now after we have had to put our hands in between the side shield and the drivers seat so many times the side shield has broken off and my car is no longer under warranty. I am now being asked to share the cost of the repairs, something I would not have had to have done if the situation had been reported to Chrysler by Royal when it began happening, especially since it continued to happen.

Dealer response

Mrs Potter. As you know we spoke yesterday and we agreed to set up a meeting with you and your husband to further discuss this issue. As we discussed the original seat repair was reported to Chrysler and they paid to repair the failed functionality of the seat. Subsequent to that repair the new concerns you have been commenting on were considered by Chrysler and our repair technicians to be related to non conforming usage that exceeds the limits and commercially accepted usage and performance of the seat. As a franchised dealer we are not authorized to submit warranty repairs to the manufacturer that does not meet their accepted guidelines. I realize you believe the seat is not constructed properly but unfortunately Chrysler Corp. does not agree with you on this. Despite all that we went to bat for you as you now know and got Chrysler to agree to reduce the cost you would have to pay for the replacement part and my service manager generously agreed to absorb the labor expense ourselves to minimize your over all expense. Clearly this far and above what you were entitled to considering your vehicle is well beyond warranty limits. Under normal circumstances your selling dealer should be the one representing your warranty issues that exceed standard limitations. You chose to purchase your vehicle 90 miles from home and from my dealership so we understand that it was and now is not convenient for you to drive 180 miles round trip every time you need repairs done so we accepted the burden of representing your requests to seek additional factory assistance on your behalf rather then sending you back to the selling dealer in Syracuse. In addition we agreed to pay the labor for you that is a cost to my dealership that really should have been covered by your selling dealer as they had a vested interest once they sold you your car. We have a similar vested interest when we sell new and pre-owned vehicles to our customers and take the responsibility seriously. Our first obligation and priority is to those customers. I hope you will appreciate we stepped as the non selling dealer and worked with just as though you had purchased your car from us to help you. Even though you may disagree with how this was all handled realize we are limited in what we can charge Chrysler for when performing warranty repairs. We can not arbitrarily bill them for unauthorized repairs that do not conform to their policies. I understand you may not be satisfied with the outcome at this point but it is certainly within your right to return to your selling dealer and seek additional assistance from them. Kevin Harris- Owner



I went there to look for a used car as they list 2,000.00 for any used car. I went on a weekend and they had sales people that they brought in from out of town and they pressured the heck out of me right from the get go. They the inventory was like a scratch and dent sale. The sales person would not show me prices. He would just show me what he'd give me for my car and what my monthly payment would be. It was aweful. I had to beg for my keys back and was very upset. I was almost to the point where I though I was going to have to call law inforcement or get in a battle to get my keys. I've been very upset about this for a long time and thought I should keep my mouth shut but I want this dealership to be aware of how these out of town people treat thier local customers. Maybe they'll change thier ways and hire local people who are invested in our community.

Dealer response

I am sorry to hear of this experience. I have to say though that your description of your experience is some what over stated and incorrect. The sale you are speaking of that you attended is a bank liquidation sale we have been sponsoring for over 60 months in a row. These sales are not scratch and dent sales. Quite the contrary. These are all fully certified and reconditioned hand selected vehicles that pass our rigid selection process. If the vehicles fail our quality processes we refuse to offer the cars at our sale. As a result of the success of each of these sales the local car buyers have been a able to find a vast selection of domestic and import vehicles at greatly reduced prices as compared to offerings by other local dealerships. In addition we have assisted hundreds of customers attain bank financing they were unable to get elsewhere due to the banks we have available during these vehicle liquidation events. We do have to bring in additional outside sales representatives who specialize in these type of liquidation sales because of the substantial increase in traffic flow coming to our dealership at each one of these events. Our normal full time staff are unable to meet and greet all the customers flocking to these sales. Although not always fully trained to the extent our full time sales people are we attempt to screen each one before we invite them to our sales. If we have a bad experience with any of these sales people they are never invited back to another sale event. Perhaps this was the case with the liquidator that assisted you. Without knowing your name or their name I am unable to respond fully. Lastly let me point out that as a direct result of the tremendous success of these sales over the past 60 months my dealership has donated over $70,000 to local community minded organizations. Here are just a few: Lourdes Breast Cancer Treatment Center, Gear for Grades, Veterans Association, Mom's House, Tioga County Flood Victims, Boys and Girls Club, Seton Catholic Schools and last but certainly not least the Humane Society of Broome County. So despite what you said above we are giving back to the local community generously and if not for these events would not have been able to do so to the extent we have. I personally attend and participate in every one of these sales for the past 60 months in a row. We don't condone or allow customer keys being held for any reason. I would never allow this. We do however secure customers keys in a restricted area under manager supervision once a customers car has been appraised while they are out test driving a new car so they are not misplaced by accident or left in the car where it might get stolen or items stolen out of it. At times we often have 50-60 customers shopping at one time and so keys are sometimes co- mingled with other customer keys that look similar and it takes time to sort through them all to find the right one and at times it is confusing. I suspect that is what happened in your case. Accept my apology for your experience if you can. We certainly do not wake up every morning and go to work to upset customers. My dealership has been serving the community for over 40 years and very much appreciate all our customers that visit my two dealerships and do our very best to please every customer we serve. Kevin Harris-owner


Will not be a return customer.

I can not begin to explain how unhappy I am with this business. I purchased a used vehicle here that has been nothing but a problem from day one. It has been in their service center every single week I have had it. Plain and simple it is not safe to travel with my newborn child in. There seems to be no care from anyone here about my lost time and frustration on the matter. Sure they'll fix it if you rub their nose on the problem and they can't pawn you off until your warranty is up. Half the time they can't even give you a loan vehicle because they are all being used. Not that you would want one anyway because none of the ones I was given run correctly. One even leaked oil so badly it was smoking and I was afraid to drive it. Needless to say I will not be a return customer and if they Are treated half as badly as I was I do not see how anyone would want to be.

Dealer response

Please call me at 607-687-0424 ext. 240. I would very interested in knowing who you are so I can personally look into you situation. Obviously if this information is all accurate we did not meet the standards of acceptable performance I set for all our customers. We sell and service vehicles to and for hundreds of customers each and every month so at times the demands placed upon us do not always meet each customers individual needs despite our best efforts. I appreciate your feed back and please allow me the opportunity to research your concerns. We do provide FREE loaner cars to all our customers and FREE pickup and delivery as well if loaners are unavailable at the time service is requested. We do attempt to keep a reserve on hand for emergency situations. With over 30 used Loaners in our fleet of vehicles we do maintain routine safety checks on each one. With the high demand they ate often burning gas 24/7 for our customers. So at times we don't get to each one in time to clean or service every minor concern when the next customer emergency arises. If there is a serious concern when a customer returns one we never put back out until it is properly repaired. We are one of the only dealers in the Area that continues to provide this FREE service to all our customers despite the large expense to maintain, license and Insure all these vehicles for our customers so can meet their needs. Kevin Harris-owner