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Is Employee Discount Pricing Really a Deal?

By Rick Popely on February 26, 2018

When you are in the market for a car, finding a good deal is almost always a top priority. Whether you are shopping for a Nissan, GM, Toyota or and other brand, getting the best deal at a car deale... Read More
What Does MSRP Mean?

By Joe Bruzek on February 12, 2018

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What Are The Pros And Cons of Leather and Leatherette?

By Rick Popely on February 5, 2018

CARS.COM — Car upholstery can come in several different types, ranging from basic cloth and fabric to various types of leather in luxury vehicles. We are going to cover the differences between two ... Read More
What Are The Different Types of Fuel Injection?

By Joe Bruzek on February 2, 2018

CARS.COM — You’ve heard the term before, but what are the actual nuances of fuel injection? What are the different types of fuel injection in your vehicle? It requires a little bit of basic e... Read More
What Do The Numbers and Letters Mean on an Automatic Transmission Shifter?

By Joe Wiesenfelder on January 31, 2018

CARS.COM Q: What do the numbers and letters mean on an automatic transmission: 1, 2, D, L, S, etc? A: That’s what’s known in the automotive world as the “prindle,” the pronunciation that engineers ... Read More
What Do the Letters in BMW Stand For?

By Joe Bruzek on January 31, 2018

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What Does Half-Ton, Three-Quarter-Ton, One-Ton Mean When Talking About Trucks?

By Joe Bruzek on January 29, 2018

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What Does Kickdown Mean in an Automatic Transmission?

By Joe Bruzek on January 25, 2018

Q: What does kickdown mean in an automatic transmission? A: Kickdown is a downshift in an automatic transmission triggered when the driver pushes the car’s accelerator to the floor. Automatic... Read More