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Ford Expedition 2003's view

February 22, 2003

For those who despise massive sport utility vehicles, the Ford Expedition is an obvious target of wrath. Blamed for everything from wasting natural resources to blocking the sun, the 5,400-pound ... Read More's view

December 21, 2002

At last – a third row I don’t have to sneer or curse at. I could actually envision sitting for a while as a steerage passenger in the all-new Ford Expedition; for openers, I could get b... Read More
The Morning Call and's view

November 3, 2002

If you are an SUV-hating, tree-hugger, read no further. You won’t want information about the 2003 Ford Expedition with its new sophistication and refinements. The vehicle’s clean styl... Read More's view

October 30, 2002

It’s not often that one thinks of taking a full-size SUV off the road, but for those who want to do more with their truck than carry kids to the soccer game, Ford offers the 2003 Expedition w... Read More's view

September 15, 2002

The Ford Expedition is rather likable for a villain. Expedition is one of those huge sport-utility vehicles blamed for draining the U.S. of petroleum. Sad that some see Expedition only as a 7,000... Read More's view

September 14, 2002

Full-size SUVs, such as Ford’s all-new 2003 Expedition, continue to evolve, becoming as cozy as a leather living room couch and loaded with more electronic gadgets than your average home ente... Read More
The Detroit News's view

April 17, 2002

WHISTLER, British Columbia — Cougar Mountain, ringed by impressive glaciers with deep crevasses, seems far removed from such mundane activities as the school carpool or grocery-store parkin... Read More
The Detroit News's view

January 9, 2002

DEARBORN — Auto engineers and designers love nothing better than watching how real people behave in their vehicles. Nissan once hired an anthropologist to videotape how buyers “customi... Read More