Mazda Protege 1995

IndyStar.com's view

By George Moore on November 27, 1994

Mazda Motors of America must have been doing something right for its past 25 years on the American market.For 1995, the Japanese automaker has redesigned and re-engineered its Protege, the company... Read More
chicagotribune.com's view

By Jim Mateja on October 2, 1994

Mazda calls it the Protege. One look at it and you might be tempted to refer to it instead as the 1995 Protege-Tercel-Corolla-Civic-Sentra-Neon-Cavalier-GEO Metro. In other words, Protege is ... Read More
Orlando Sentinel's view

By Richard Truett on September 29, 1994

For years no one could challenge Japanese automakers when it came to building agile, dependable and economical small cars. Toyota built the Corolla. Ford countered with the Pinto. Nissan sold the ... Read More