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Scion Xb 2014

2007-2015 Scion tC, xB Piston Issue

By Tom Torbjornsen on December 22, 2015

CARS.COM — Vehicles affected by service bulletin: 2007 Scion tC 2008 Scion tC 2009 Scion tC 2010 Scion tC 2008 Scion xB 2009 Scion xB 2010 Scion... Read More
Scion Sends xB Out To Pasture With Snowboard Edition

By Matt Schmitz on September 28, 2015

You gotta hand it to those party-rockin' hamsters. The Kia Soul is officially the only cube car to make it to 2016. The 2014 model year was the last time the Nissan Cube was around, and toda... Read More