2019 Acura RDX consumer reviews

$37,400–$39,400 MSRP range
side view of 2019 RDX Acura
73% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.0
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.2
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Acura missed the mark

Purchased new in Oct. 2018 with Navigation Package. Car rides and handles well. Has a nice luxury car feel until you turn on the radio, try to use the navigation system or make a phone call. The infotainment system constantly fails and Acura doesn't seem to care. I've taken it to the dealer 6+ times over this issue and all I'm told is Acura is working on a software update. It's now a year later and no update. Sad that this issue takes away from what could be a great car.


2019 rdx a spec

This car drive very nice and looks nice .. leg room good [I'm 6 feet] plenty of power for me ...gas mileage average on highway around 26-28 miles ... sits 5 comfortable.... storage is average.. it's a best buy for the money ..


Acura needs to fix the infotainment system!

The infotainment system on our 2019 Acura RDX has been down for more than 90 days. This includes the navigation system, sound system, phone connections and basic information system. Our dealer says they have 1000 customers on a contact list needing the problem fixed. It is not a priority to Acura and they do not have an estimated time to get it fixed. This is a pretty critical set of components in this day and age. We probably won't rush back to buy another one and you should think about it too!


This car has a design flaw which Acura has no fix.

This vehicle is not reliable and should be pulled out of showrooms until they find a fix. It is not safe. The computer screen malfunctions, staying on even when the car is turned off. The battery dies. Acura roadside assistance has to come and charge the battery. The car is then driven to service and they claim there is no fix. Acura knows there is no fix


Luxurious, classy. Love technology package

I love my Acura RDX. I especially love the graphics on the dashboard as well as the technology package. Interior design is exceptional. I will certainly buy another Acura.


Computer system is F***ed. Acura can't fix it.

The computer system causes the car's battery to die. Acura service admits they cannot fix the problem. Do not get this vehicle. I repeat do not get this vehicle. 3500 miles and it's a piece of junk.


Electronics suck

I like the car, but the electronics suck. The infotainment center is difficult to use. I thought I knew how to do it but it changes on it's own. Sometimes I can set a station and sometimes I can't - it's up to the car's mood. The GPS sucks. It worked fine - then after I connected Apple to it one time to listen to my music, the infotainment system didn't work right any longer. This isn't just with my car. I have read the blogs and this is a major problem. I can't get the GPS to work - no matter what I do. I used to love it, ,but now I hate it. I wouldn't get this car again.


Most horrible car

totally broken infotainment system which the dealership cannot fix and now have filed corporate complaint - dropped calls - loud popping from speakers - switches from Sirius to FM radio on its own - creates dangerous distractions - horrible!!!


'Upgrade' from Honda to Acura: Bad Experience

Had been a Honda owner for over ten years- various models all new, I had NEVER had an issue with my Honda's. I wanted a small SUV and I wanted a bit of an upgrade, after test driving many vehicles the Acura RDX seemed to fit what I needed. I've owned the vehicle for under two months. From the beginning, the sunroof will 'shift' when going over speed bumps/ changes in terrain on the road. The shifting is a loud POP- seeming to be the body shifting all the weight or stress of the car to the large opening of the sunroof. I took the car to Acura dealer, they were unable to hear what I was talking about. Car is still making the noise daily. The bigger, and more scary problem is that in the infotainment center gets fuzzy or makes popping noises (as described by others) the system goes black *EVERYTHING GOES BLACK* a message says network connection lost, and the whole system restarts. Important to note that you cannot control anything as far as navigation, music, radio, clock, change modes of drive, etc. I took the vehicle in to Acura, they said there was a system update and that the downloaded it and it should be better. The day after I got my car back, it started again. One day while on an 2 hour car trip, it restarted 26 times. My fiance and I started a betting game on how many times it would restart. Acura claims that this is an Apple issue, and they're waiting for an update from Apple. I do not believe this is the case, this happens when my phone is connected, when it's not connected, when it's plugged in, when nothing is connected and just playing the radio. In my non-car-knowing brain, I believe this is a heat issue. When my car is parked in the garage and cooler, or when I am driving at night- this seems to happen less or not at all. When it's been parked in the hot sun all day and the car is hot- that's when this happens. To me, this seems to be some sort of connection issue or heat issue, not an Apple issue as stated by the Acura car dealer. I plan to take my car back again to forcefully make them fix the car. Possibly return the car.


Since I was a victim of fraud and tricked into th

Would have paid more for the car of my choice except being tricked into this car on lies and deceit after my oxygen tank was depleted and I wasn’t able to make an intelligent decision.