2013 Buick Verano consumer reviews

$23,080 starting MSRP
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92% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.7
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Too Many visits to the mechanic.

I got the car in 2015, with 26K miles on it. Cons: The fan had issues. Noise in the transmition. Starting vibration. Cons Fill it up with Premium Gas for $37 A whole tank would give you around 140 miles between City and Highways. It looks gorgeous.


Like an Energizer bunny...

Approaching 67000 miles with near zero problems-just routine maintenance at minimal expense. Only 1 problem so far & it has occurred maybe 4 times in the past 2 years. A/C just seems to take a vacation for a few minutes--no cool at all sometimes no fan either. In a few (less than 10) min. or when engine is re-started all is well again. No codes or warning lights to give any clues. If it ever acts up long enough I will try and get to the shop for their input.


Perfect college kid car!

When I was looking to upgrade from my 2004 Ford Mustang, the last thing on my mind was getting a Buick. Going off to college I wanted something that was more reliable and better on gas. When the salesman said he had a Buick, honestly I rolled my eyes. I thought he was going to show me some old grandma car. To my disbelief, it was a stylish mid sized sedan. The first time I test drove it I fell in love. The exterior is simple yet handsome, especially in the back. The interior is extremely quite and sleek, and ride is so smooth. The only thing that I wish the car had more of, is power. Now it is a 4cyl car.. so lack of power is to be expected, but it is there when you need it, this is not the slowest car I have ever driven. This is also coming from someone who loves the power of muscle cars. I do not regret my purchase in the slightest. It has meet and exceeded all of expectations. Good job Buick.


First Impressions After 1,000 Miles

I purchased my 2016 Verano 2.4 Sport Touring in May and just hit 1,000 miles. Since it's still early, these are just my first impressions: The car is very quiet in the city and on the highway, with excellent sound dampening. It feels composed and steady, with great steering response, especially when making turns. In the city, it almost feels sporty at times due to the well-matched steering and handling. While not fast at all, the regular 2.4 model is more than capable of passing other cars in the city or highway, and it is actually fairly agile and nimble when needed to be driven that way, despite its weight. There is some engine noise at low speeds, but it's not really bothersome in my opinion -- just a bit raspy. Except for large potholes, the 18-inch tires seem to absorb most bumps in the road, and there is still good road feel from the suspension (this is not a floaty car at all). The gas mileage in the city is a bit low, but about average overall with combined driving. The exterior, however, does suffer from too much chrome treatment in my opinion. Overall, it's still a nice-looking car, and it's unique enough to not look like every other car on the road, but the front grille, ventiports on the fenders, and eyebrows over the tail lights seem a bit excessive. Too bad Buick didn't decide to sell the next generation of the car in this country, as it did in China. The next-gen Verano, from pictures I've seen, eliminates most of that chrome and looks much more updated. The interior, however, is more understated, with nice soft touch, two-tone materials, and a fairly user-friendly interface. The driver's seat feels comfortable on short and long trips, the controls seem easy to use and are fairly reliable, the safety tech seems to work well, and the trunk is very ample, with about 15 cubic feet of space. I don't have an issue with the number of buttons on the center console, since they all seem to work fine and add redundancy in case you need it, or the small space in the back seat, since I rarely have back seat passengers. Overall, this feels like a good, solid, dependable car, with an extra dose of comfort, quiet, and surprisingly, some nimble, agile handling at low speeds thrown in.


Loved it but needed more trunk room

Beautifully designed sedan! Good on gas mileage too! Received an incredible amount of complements from strangers on how nice the car looks! Only reason we traded it in is because we needed a bigger trunk. We became seniors with walkers!!! Found just what we needed at Goldstein's in Albany-where we always find what we're looking for!



I love this car I have had it for a month. My mechanic said it would be a low maintenance vehicle. I love the price, I love the bells and whistles, love the gas mileage (I get around 325 on a full tank), love the body style and omg the color is amazing! I looked at cars for 3 months and I fell in love with this one the moment I seen it!


Most Convenient Car I've Had

I love my Verano! I just made my first long trip in it and I will definitely not be dreading road trips in this vehicle like I have in others. The technology is amazing, not to mention the added security of driving something safe and reliable. My favorite features are the Bluetooth/hands free capabilities, I love having the option to put the vehicle in manual, and having the USB charger in the console for my son's tablet made life that much easier. The gas mileage is pretty awesome too, I had an SUV before, and now I've cut fueling expenses in half.


nice car, found online, followed up at dealership

I thought we made a good bargain. No pressure from sales person. Did not take much time to complete paperwork once we agreed to price.


Great Car

I saw this car (Verano, Convenience Group, no turbo) at a local Cadillac dealership. Used with 40,000 miles on it. Didn't know anything about the car, but thought it looked sharp so went home and researched on line. Found mostly positive reviews. Next day took a test drive, seemed peppy enough, rode nice and my wife liked the look of it and the interior was nice so i went for it. Now, 24,000 miles and 18 months later i can say that i am very happy with the car. Every now and then i envy other cars with more power, but at the end of the day my Verano can get up and go with the right timing from me and the foot on the gas. The ride is silky smooth, steering tight, and road noise is almost non existent. I love the radio and user interface with my Bluetooth phone and Pandora is easy and sounds great. huge trunk, fold down seats and great console slot for phones and gadgets makes it all the better. In hindsight maybe the turbo would be nice, but overall i am planning to drive this car to 100K miles and beyond. Only mechanical blip was a "check engine" light that was covered under my assumed warranty. And the car is a fine looking car. Get positive comments all the time.


Love It!

I love this car and all of the accessories. I believe and feel it is the best value and quality for a Buick. The features of the vehicle make it more enjoyable.