2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo consumer reviews

$19,690 starting MSRP
side view of 2001 Monte Carlo Chevrolet
90% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.4
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Nothing but headaches

When I purchased this car I was in love. It was very classy looking. Drove and handled beautiful. I have nothing but problems with it. Electrical, replaced catalytic converter 2 times. On my 3rd muffler system. My carpet on the driver's side is torn very badly. I had leaks where water would come in when it rained. My passenger side would get inches of water. Same with the drivers side in the back. Replaced head gasket, just replaced radiator. Had to have ac fixed. Radio and amp replaced. Still doesn't work. I only have 180, 000 on it. Not bad for a 2001. I have a folders about 4 inches thick of all the repairs. My guess is I got a lemon. I have replaced every wheel sensor. I dont think I will ever purchase another chevy.


The best car I ever owned.

I literally traveled a toured the United States with a 1977 Monte Carlo. Then did it again in a 2001 Monte Carlo. It was a beast. Both of them. I owned 5 various ones. I never ever had one break down. A dream to drive. The seat got crushed in and a little difficult to sit for long periods but a trip to the scrap yard for 20 bucks then got you a fresher seat easy to bolt in or take out. I had a flat tire occasionally that was kind of hard to shove up under the body and onto the lugs but the miles together were well worth one little thing I overlooked. Steroes were and still are easy to change. 8 cylinder 350 Montes were very good on gas too. I wish I still had one.


A great find of a used car

The car I purchased is very clean, all original no rust at all with a few minor flaws, I replaced the exhaust from the cat back, replaced the headlight assemblies, the tail light assemblies, and put new custom wheels on it and stayed in my budget of 8147.00. I had been rear ended 45 mph hit in my 2012 honda civic with only 31000 miles original owner, it was totaled out for 8147.00. I drive maybe 100 miles a week or less. The car does sit under a carport and covered.


Best car I've ever owned!

I ordered my 2001 Monte Carlo SS from the factory and it was delivered Aug. 2000. It currently has 84,352 miles on it, 11/12/2018 and still runs like a top. Minimum maintenance in the 18 years I've owned it. I love this machine!!


One of the best vehicles Chevrolet has ever made.

This vehicle is a rare gem. Chevrolet stopped making Monte Carlo's ten years ago. This vehicle is in great condition. For those who follow or followed NASCAR, the Monte Carlo is and will always be a legend in the sport.


Comfortable car For tall people 6' 4"

Very reliable car that I can fit in comfortably, To get into most cars made today I have to become a yoga guru to twist my body in unnatural ways to squeeze into the car and find out do to the position I am unable to read the instrument panels or view traffic lights. Call me picky but I find it is much better and safer when drivers can see what they are doing Only complaint I have about the car is Chevys Pass lock system which causes numerous headaches and provides zero benefits.


Love the Monte Carlo body style!

Great car! Love the body style, too bad they don't make them any more! Great ride, comfortable, with plenty of engine power!


Very reliable with great lines!

I loved the lines of this car - sporty yet classic. Sorry they discontinued making the Monte Carlo. Had over $150,000 miles when I sold it after 11 years.


Amps Speaker Bass Music System

That car had a very reliable engine that ran for a very long time with alot of miles.I was traveling alot back and forth from Louisiana to my home town in Tennessee and then back.I also had the best steroids sound system installed that I loved.


I bought the Monte new in 2001 0% interest from G

I know that if you buy a car used you will really never know where its been. Most of them have not been taken care of. I bought mine new and have kept the oil and filter changed (engine and transmission) on a schedule along with all the maintenance. It is 5-29-2017 today. The car has 266000.I did renew the intake gaskets at 140000. And the front axle bearings once only after towing a fully loaded trailer from California to Florida. This car is still in new condition and has always got 32-34 highway mpg. Most cars today cant get this mpg. I have the LS 3400.I love the style and the ice cold air. I will never sell it and if it gets in an accident I will go find another nice clean used one to buy. It has truly been the best car I know of.