2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo consumer reviews

$21,665 starting MSRP
side view of 2004 Monte Carlo Chevrolet
98% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.5
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200000 miles and no warning signs on

This car is awesome 200000 miles no warning lights everything works but the high beam switch really shine on the interstate with plenty of power and good brakes in case you need them


Love this car

I own a lot of cars and a 04 Monte Carlo SS supercharged is one of them. I own all muscle cars and with a few bolt ons And a tuned pcm from ZZPerformance and she is as fun to drive and about as fast as my 85 corvette she definitely is leaving my mustang gt which I’m about to sell lol but yea if u own one of these definitely recommend ZZPerformance for affordable noticeable upgrades


Comfortable & Reliable, have owned for 14 years

If I didnt need to up-grade from a 2 door coupe to a 4 door (being a grandma of 4) I would just keep the car. This Monte Carlo SS V-6 has extra power and is such a dependable and comfortable ride. The dark maroon exterior is in good shape (a little buffing needs to be done on spoiler of rear trunk from the sun) and the black leather interior is like brand new being gently used. Accident and Dent FREE with low millage of 115,400 this would make a great car for anyone.


Best car so far, 2004 SS

I love my car, "BUT" at 140,000 miles, I'm stuck for what to do. The interior is wonderful but a little tight for a big man. The headliner is coming loose and there's some heat swells on the dash. The exterior is awesome with the non-tubo, but SS package. It handles great and when it's running, the 3.8 is a small beast. OK, the stuck part. In the old days we called it "Blowing the cobbs out", well about a month ago now on the way home I had a stretch of road that looked like a 1/4 miles stretch and I imagine race track green light coming down the tree so I opened her up. At 93mph in no time flat I backed off, and sadly to a bad misfire so I babied it the rest of the way home. I took it to the part store, they ran a code for Mas Air Flow. Didn't work, so then they said the idler control, didn't work, EGR valve, nothing different, still bad idle/acceleration. Then the fuel pump/filter, nothing different. I ran Seafoam through it, nothing, so now I am preparing to check the exhaust, maybe the converter. Maybe a coil pack or ECM?? HELP!! I just dont know other than thinking the parts store sees me coming. If anyone had had issues with this rattling miss, please let me know. Plugs? Wires? Other than that, I love this car. I cant think of why me getting on it would have caused anything more than something breaking loose and getting lodged where its not supposed to be. I am disabled so this is why its taking me longer and if this next check don't fix it, it will be August. There's another valve on the top left of the engine that I am not sure what is. Being handicapped its hard for me to see the engine like I use too.


Very reliable and comforable

Owner of this car since new. One of the best cars ever made. Too bad Chevrolet no longer produces this car or we'd buy another.


The Dale Earnhardt model - you can't beat it!

The 2004 MC SS was the first and only (so far) brand new car I have ever owned. It was covered in racing paraphernalia which was super cool, red and black leather interior. I give it all 5 stars - the only issue was that the tires continually lost air - I had the car serviced, wheel parts changed, tires changed, everything, but still could not hold the air. That was super frustrating but no one could resolve this issue. I would totally buy that model again - I sold mine to a collector in London, Ontario a few years ago. Loved being a woman driving that car! Question - the vehicle has an acceleration control - for the life of me, I can't remember - something like "regulator", but not - it was the extra power that kicks it at high speed. Help!


It's the sharpest xxx xxxxx I've ever seen..

Love it, wouldn't take a new corvette for it, not kidding.. This car was on the way to the scrap yard and then I brought it back to life, best car I have ever owned..


Great mix of elegance and raw power!

After my previous car was totaled, I found this gem for a reasonable price with only 98K miles! This car has served me well, just like my old car and has so many features, it could rival a Cadillac! I even named it "Dale" (After the NASCAR Driver)!


Classy, Sassy and Turning Heads

Bought this car because my Jeep Wrangler succom to rust. It is one mean car. All black, sleek, sexy and fast...Supercharged. Good gas mileage for a muscle car. I am distantly related to a racing legend, and that need for speed in my veins is fullfilled by this machine. Good ol American muscle, even if it was assembled in Canada.


Nice looking car , fun to drive for an old man .

I am 71 years old and disabled , still easy for me to get in and out , sporty car makes me feel a little bit more young again .