2014 Chevrolet Sonic consumer reviews

$14,170–$15,780 MSRP range
side view of 2014 Sonic Chevrolet
78% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value for the money 4.1
  • Exterior styling 4.3
  • Reliability 3.9
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Best buy for small car with plenty of extras

Amazing value! Small but spacious! Plenty of extras! Bluetoon is luxury added in. Few miles and great price!


Amazing car

The car is amazing, comfortable, smooth, nice handling, good mileage. Good family car. Definitely a car I would recommend.


Only Time Will Tell

When you first purchase a brand new car, of course, it is going to be the best car that you have ever laid eyes on. Once you take the time to settle into it and one day this messes up and then that, you start to wonder if this was the right decision. That's just it, I have had too many issues with my 2014 Chevy Sonic and I would not recommend that anyone purchase this car. It's not reliable in the long term. Between recalls and "special coverage defects", really do your research before making this purchase.


Very Nice Compact Car

This car is very easy and pleasant to drive. It's also amazing with gas, very economical. Great value.



love this little car nice gas mileage faster than you would think very reliable so far nice features


Great Gas Mileage

With the price of gas, I can travel from point A to B without worrying about filling up my gas tank. OnStar makes me more safe and secure


Best bang for the buck.

I have always owned compact vehicles and this one is the best. I will soon have owned my 2014 Sonic three years. During that time I have not had a moment's problem with it. No adjustments, no trips back to the dealer, nothing. It just does what I ask it and does it well. I got the Cool Blue colour and constantly get compliments on it. For a compact vehicle it is loaded with what used to be luxury features. Power windows, one touch down on driver's, backup camera, moon roof, 6 speed automatic, central locking ,air, heated seats, and the list goes on. I can start it from my condo when it is in the parking lot and by the time I take the elevator down to the lot is is cool or warm. I have a Lincoln MKS that will not do that! I bought it for town use, but find myself taking it on longer trips. A friend and I took it from MI to central FL for $58.00! Air on and over the speed limit on I75. Speaking of speed, a word of caution. The Sonic will go any posted speed and well above it. It went 94 MPH by "accident" once and was secure and steady and not working hard. It goes through the mountains on cruise and rarely kicks down to a lower gear. HOWEVER, a word of caution. At highway speeds, i.e 50-60 MPH, you will need an enormous amount of space to pass another vehicle. Drive accordingly. On I 75 I drove 77MPH for hours with no problem. I'd recommend this car as a first vehicle for anyone, or a teenager's car...10 airbags. I have been in one emergency situation. I literally stood on the brakes. The ABS, and stability control took over and I know that car saved me from having an accident. I'll buy another one when this one wears out...it if ever does!


I love this little car

Gosh...I had my mind made up on a Nissan Sentra and the salesman couldn't talk me out of it....he asked me to just try the sonic...I got in and it was love at first sight...I love this compact car...drives so light, its a fun and efficient car


The best car I owned

I love this car it is the most comfortable car that I had ever had in my life. I also love how it feels when I drive it


Great car at a bargain price

My Sonic LS hatchback is the most basic of the Sonic line up. Even though I have wind up windows - it does have blue tooth connection and air which is standard. The only option is automatic trans. The car handles well and is fun to drive. It has a lot of room for a small and the seats are comfortable - even on long trips. The ride is surprisingly quiet for a small car. I bought this car used with only 4,000 miles and it was a bargain. On the price factor the negative is that it has poor resale value. I love this car!!