2019 Chevrolet Trax consumer reviews

$21,300–$22,800 MSRP range
side view of 2019 Trax Chevrolet
78% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior 4.2
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value 4.1
  • Exterior 4.4
  • Reliability 4.3
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Water leaking - GM/Chevy Doesn't Care

Just don't buy a Trax. They are made to fall apart. I bought a certified pre-owned 2019 Chevy Trax LT. I drive, maybe 40 miles a week total with it. Certified pre-owned no issues at the time Trax with an extended warranty. Not even a full 2 years later I find water just leaking everywhere, mostly in the wheel well of my trunk just POOLING. I filed a claim with the warranty as the extended warranty won't cover it, and the dealership gets back to me today and says the total cost is $500. GM/Chevy won't cover the charges as it's past their 3 years warranty claim. The vehicle is under 36,000 miles. I live on an island, it's impossible to drive 36,000 miles even annually here. I would have to drive around the island 322 times to meet that amount. The fact the GM/Chevy is claiming it's outside their 3 year warranty is pathetic on their end. This car is terribly made, falls apart easily, and is not worth the upkeep. GM/Chevy, you're a garbage company who doesn't care about your consumers.


Never again

I have had my Chevy trax for 3.5 years and I have put in two turbos and a valve cover….. I will never buy another Chevy trax


Love my Blueberry Trax!

My 2019 Trax LT hasn't had any problems. (knock wood) The stereo system is great, if the headrest would tilt back it'd be a 5 star on comfort. As is, long trips are comfortable. The turbo hesitates if I haven't kicked it in before it's needed. Blow the cobwebs out so to speak. Overall, I love my lil' blue Trax LT.


Run away from buying this car.

I built the car on line and had the dealership hand deliver it to me. And shortly after getting it it always feels like not all if the cylinders are getting gas, it's slow to accelerate and the turbo hesitates to kick in. I ran seafoam engine treatment thru it made a little improvement in the acceleration. Now going on 33,000miles the evaporator coil fails get it fixed only to have it fail yet again. I've owned a 10 year old BMW that didn't have a/c issues. I live in Texas and this will be the last American made car I will ever own.


Crappy car

I love my car when I first got it thought it was great but then only had it 3 weeks I bought it from the dealership for $21,000 mi and already needed a front-end alignment when they show me they just got it done a month ago Paul's all over the road no matter what even in the wind when it's windier it pulls even more when you're on dirt roads it's so bouncy and noisy when you drive down the freeway the car is so noisy and when you go to turn on certain roads out by my house it's hard to see when you're trying to turn left out the passenger window cuz the way the road is sometimes you have to use the back window to see if it's safe to go left accident with it in the front end slid and hit some trees and it's still drove fine but the air bags never went off like they should have in the car small for its size and money I can barely fit a 6'6 fishing pole in my car I have to do one of the declatable fishing poles to fit my car and it jerks a little bit when I take off and it only has 41, 758 and I've even had the transmission flushed and it jerks a little bit The transmission sucks bounces too much I wish I would have never bought the car


Would not start

I have been having problem to start the car: Thinking it was the remote control, so i changed it; and it is not. I put in a brand new battery; It worked fine for 2 weeks and the same problem is happening again. Not sure what the xxxx is going on. Maintenance is performed every 3 or 4 months by the dealership


not my favorite car

Bought a used 2019 Trax recently. Has been in service dept. more than 3-4 times since I've had it. Electrical and sensor problems. Paid more for this car than I did for my 2020 Trax.


Trax and service

Never had a problem with this car. I have it serviced at Axelrod Buick GMC. They do fine service work. Sales and parts are important too. All departments and the car are great.


Avoid this car at all costs!

Car has had an issue with water getting in the spare tire well. Multiple trips to the dealership has not fixed the problem because they can’t find the leak. Also almost got blown off the highway three times thanks to crosswinds. Also had issues with Apple CarPlay. I’ve not even had the car two weeks and already hate it. It’s a piece of junk.



My paint is chipping off. Electric issues, syncing issues Very temperamental according to weather. Air conditioner leaks water on my foot when it is used. When using defrost it has always smelled moldy