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2018 Chevrolet Volt consumer reviews

$33,220 starting MSRP
side view of 2018 Volt Chevrolet
94% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior 4.5
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value 4.5
  • Exterior 4.6
  • Reliability 4.8
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A little small inside, but quietly gets the job do

Thus far, no regrets. Intitutive dash, peppy acceleration and quite. Nice to know the range extender is there if needed, decreases range anxiety. Currently my NEMA 1450 charger replenishes in 4 hours.


Excellent balance - Electric Power & Gasoline

It's a pleasure to drive. Even tho it is a sophisticated auto with lots of state of the art technology, you can just get in and drive. I routinely get 60 miles on a full battery - then it uses the gas engine if I need to go farther. Recharge over night and go again. In first 700 miles, I used 1/4 tank of gas It's fun to drive, comfortable interior, and responsive. When the lease is done I plan to get another.


Great car best I have ever bought

Love the hybrid extra parking charging system is cheap, love the HOV Lane , save money on gas. Not for sale I hope to own this car for the next 20 years


Great first electric car

If you want to try out one of those electric cars but don't want to have a range anxiety or spend $60,000+ then this is a perfect car. It's pretty affordable especially if you lease it, it's good looking for a compact car and it has almost all features you may want to have inside any car. It'll get you around on just the electric charge most of the days.


Had hopes for the Volt-- but nope

Came to my test drive so hopeful but came away unconvinced. The great part of course is the ability to move seamlessly from plug-in to gas powered. The car has nice pick-up. A good if slightly confusing instrument panel. The colors are beautiful. Nice comfort & safety options offered at an extra price. Now the bad parts: back seat is a joke. Middle back seat is simple unuseable. No power adjustment for the seats. Grossly overpriced for the size and quality. Worst blind spots I have EVER encountered in any car-- and these include side mirrors, rear view and even the front view! This made me feel very unsafe and uncomfortable-- and I've noted many other drivers have commented on blind spots as well. Expect to pay another 600-$1000 to install a powerful enough charger at your home. Be aware it takes about 12 hours to recharge off normal electrical outlet.


The most fun yet practical car I've owned

I've owned my 2018 Volt for about 6 months now and have around 5000 miles on it but in that time I truly have grown to love this car; it is very practical and so much fun to drive. My daily commute is around 40 miles so I don't need gas unless I take a long trip which has resulted in a lifetime MPG of 195 mpg thus far. We have low electrical rates where I live so with current gas prices ($3.05/gal) my operating costs is 1/10th of my other midsized car. Range is affected by temperature so in cold weather (i.e., less than 15F) the engine will turn on for heat but I've read in the up coming 2019 model has been reduced to a temp below zero. My vehicle is an LT but I do have heated seats and steering wheel and on the coldest days my predicted range has been as low as 38 miles but in the spring and summer months I'm getting as much as 60 miles range with my record actual electric range so far being 64 miles. Acceleration off the line is excellent which is great for city driving. There are not many cars on the road that are quicker than this one from 0-35 mph so starting at a light you will be able to put yourself in front of traffic to be able to change lanes if needed (very handy and fun feature.) The front seats are spacious and fairly comfortable but the leather seat bottoms are more comfortable than the cloth. Arm rests are wide and very nice for a small car and the back seats also have a wide center arm rest as well. The back seats are okay but leg room is limited and head room is low for taller folks. The Mylink touch screen and entertainment system is great and I use the available Apple Carplay daily for phone, news, navigation, hands free texting and Pandora. The hatchback is pretty practical if you need to move larger items but you will need to put the rear seats down because the cargo area is small. The suspension is well tuned so the ride is smooth, quiet and comfortable even over potholes. The battery placement gives the car a low center of balance making the car corner very effectively at low speeds at least. Ground clearance is low which likely was done for fuel efficiency but living in rural areas where roads can be a little rough means you will need to be careful where you are driving so you won't bottom out, I wish there was a few more inches of clearance. There is no spare just a air compressor and 'fix a flat' kit; IMO run flat rated tires would make me feel more comfortable because where I live in Northern NY means you might not be able to get the GM provided 'Road Side Service' in a reasonable amount of time which can be dangerous in the winter months so I probably will start putting a spare in the back just in case. Overall, this is such a great car I absolutely love it. When I see other people driving with Volts I find that we usually wave at each other because the car is a rarity where I live which doesn't make any sense to me because there are many Prius driving around and this car is far superior in many ways. Do yourself a favor and try a 2018 Volt out, it really is a great car.


I love my Volt

Bought the 2014 and loved it so much I gave it to my son who's also loving it. 2018 on average gets me 59 miles on electric after 6,000 miles my VOLT has averaged 160 MPG. Only problems I have with the car is trying to figure out how to use the Apple works linked up in the car. I have driven all the luxury vehicles and this VOLT is one of my favorites. Just love the fact I rarely need to show up to the one-armed bandits to fill up.


excellant auto priced too high

good car, but GM has very poor customer service. I have a minor problem with the range of the battery being very variable. I have spent months trying to get GM customer service (who claim they have no technical knowledge) to provide me with a phone number of a senior engineer to explore the problem. They will not (or cannot). I have to live with the problem.


I absolutely love this car, worth every penny

I discover new things the car does every day. Adaptive cruise control is great for commuting, driver's aids are great, it is overall all about safety, efficiency and style. It is great for commuting, because its a hybrid and gets 50 miles on electric.


Plug-in Hybrid is Great

Owned my Volt for a month or so. Love the quiet ride and handling and that wonderfully torque that makes this car very fun to drive. It is surprisingly quick and nimble. I love not putting any gas in it and of course taking the HOV lanes!