2004 Chrysler Pacifica consumer reviews

$28,845–$32,300 MSRP range
side view of 2004 Pacifica Chrysler
67% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.2
  • Performance 3.5
  • Value for the money 3.4
  • Exterior styling 4.1
  • Reliability 3.5
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Older Pacificas Were Newer Crossovers Loaded With

I was the 2nd owner of a 2004 Pacifica I purchased in 2010 with low miles. The previous owner did everything by the book-literally! He wrote down every oil change date or when it would need service. In his notes I only found required recalls done and oil and filter changes. When I bought it, it was the most comfortable vehicle I have owned. All leather, 3 rows, 6 CD changer, DVD player in mid ceiling that also connected up gaming systems or other compatible devices, Sirius capable, even took cassettes! 6 speaker sound systems was awesome. Great for family vacations. It didn't look anything like a soccer mom van since it was a Hybrid. It was cool. It ended up having a shredded timing belt happen with 185000 miles and I did have Chrysler pay most of a new subframe a few years prior to be installed. Other than a flat tire, I never had any other major repairs until it got older. I loved it! May "LaFawnda" Rest In Piece now.


Lots of leg room and very comfortable

This car rides well and it's also very comfortable. Has DVD ice cold AC, power steering, power windows and was well maintained.


One of the most smooth rides that I've owned

This car has plenty of leg room and very comfortable. Nice car for road trips. Has leather seats perfect car for family with kids.


Excellent interior design

This car is overall a good car . The outside looks a little close to a minivan but the inside is great. Once you are in it, you will think you are in a luxury car. It handles decently. And its relaible for the most part.


Excellent family vehicle

Overall this is a very good family car. Its a crossover, so if you are not quite ready for the van, this is the perfect choice. The inside looks like a luxury vehicle with its leather seats and woodgrain accents. Along with the motorized seats and navigation, the interior of this car is sure to please!


I loved my car till it started brakeing the bank

I wish Chrysler would fix this was my favorite car ever but now i will not buy another very sad. Fueling problems, fuel pump problems, evap problems, starting problems, battery terminal problems the list gos on and on. 150,000 miles


2004 Pacifica looks good

Purchased the 2004 Pacifica new. I have 150,000 miles on it and it is still running. Drove it in South Carolina and Florida so no corrosion issues. It is now a third car that I only use to carry stuff from Home depot an other and would sell it if I could find a buyer. I changed both front windows motors myself which is not too complicated after watching a video on youtube. Total cost 200$ from an on line auto part. The tire monitor system is showing need for maintenance but I don't want to try to fix it given nobody knows how and it would be a waste of money. It is underpowered with the 3.5 liter and the fuel economy is 17 mpg at best. There is a noise issue at time with the front suspension...which I don't care for. The control module for the A/C fan is an issue because of location. Had to change it twice but it is easy to access and cost about 70$ at auto part store. Overall I think I was lucky to get one that ran for 150,000 miles without major issues but reading all the reviews about potential issues, and the value when you try to sell it I would not but it again.


owner of a pacificia

Drives great, looks great, comfortable. But the engine cradle and pto cradle are rotting out. Thousands of people have this problem. Chrysler knows of the problem and will only do something if the courts get involved. Research this car more. Not worth the money, there's a reason why this car with all the options it has is so cheap. If not for the rot and electrical problems. I'd buy one again In achicago heart beat.


Safe and Sound

We bought my car April 2004 with 1,500 miles on it and it was used as the dealers model. I live Florida and have driven it to Texas and Illinois multiple times and NY in August of 2013. It is red in color and has been hit twice once parked and once at a red light. Small amount of damage to my Pacifica lots of damage to the other cars. I have had both electric window motors in the front replace at least one time or more times and the air conditioner just this month Sept 2013. I fell safe and everyone that rides in it is comfortable even in the 3rd row seats. I have a DVD players which is wonderful for children. I dont see me selling it anytime in the future.


expensive lemon

I fell in love with this car, it has the room of a mini van but handles like a SUV. I have had one problem after another with this car, first problem gas line ruptures while we were out of town, dealership couldn't get another fuel line right away so we were stranded 3 extra days. next problem is an electrical fire, it was fixed under warranty but since then electrical problems have started happening such as cruise control and the pedal adjustment going out. next the window regulator in both driver and passenger door has gone out, now I have another electrical problem that no one can identify, tried replacing battery and that didn't work. Im done with this car, I will never buy another Chrysler!