2004 Chrysler Pacifica consumer reviews

$28,845–$32,300 MSRP range
side view of 2004 Pacifica Chrysler
67% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.2
  • Performance 3.5
  • Value for the money 3.4
  • Exterior styling 4.1
  • Reliability 3.5
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Oil Problems

Since buying my Pacifica. I have had two instances where the oil got very low and I never saw an Oil Light or other engine warning lights. The first time I noticed at idle that I could here the hydraulic lifters clattering. Two quarts of oil fixed that. The second time the engine started making a tremendous clattering noise and then stalled. I could not restart it. A check of the oil again showed two quarts low. Waiting for diagnostics and the bill to repair the engine or replace it


Chrysler should bring it back !!!

2004 Chrysler Pacifica AWD 4dr Wagon (3.5L 6cyl 4A) This car gives you much confidence on the road. It feels extremely solid , very smooth at highway speeds and brakes that are powerful. Never thought I would use the Auto/manual trans but a trip through the mountains of W Va. made me very happy we had it. Seating for 1st 2 rows is excellent, 3rd row is the penalty box. Accessories are over and above what we need. At 47,000 miles we have had 1 "fit and finish" issue with one of the roof rails (dealer fixed on the 3rd try) and the fuel gauge stopped working (1st try fix). We were rear ended by a VW Jetta. Jetta was totaled. Pacifica, just under $3,000 for the rear bumper, exhaust etc. This car is very safe. Would buy another Favorite Features Ride, braking ability and great gadgets Suggested Improvements Rear visibility - highway wind noise


More enjoyable than a minivan

We have had our Pacifica for almost two years, and we are pleased with it. What we like: Style and comfort; It is definately more stylish than a minivan, and it is the most comfortable road car we have owned. Drives and handles nicely. AWD is great for snow. Good reliability. It has over 70k miles and we have had no mechanical problems at all. The only problem we have had is that the driver's side power door switch broke. It must be locked manually and makes a wierd noise when locking / unlocking. Passenger space is good for our family of five. What we don't like: Gas mileage! we really only get 15 or 16 mpg in town, and 19-21 on the highway. Cargo space. When 5 or 6 people are in the car, there is just no space for any cargo. This makes it hard on family vacations. We have had to either pull a trailer, or a cargo carrier on our hitch. Poor backup visibility.


Great SUV

I have had my Pacifica for 3 years Now and just had to do a couple of things but it was covered under warrenty. Just a Perfect car and i have 3 kids.


High End Comfort at Mid-level Pricing

With its shared Mercedez technology on interior styling and rear suspension, this car has been an excellent choice. While acceleration can be a bit slow, the comfort, room apperance is second to none. We have had 1 issue with the climate control unit fading, but it was replaced under warranty. We have found this vehicle to be very reliable and very easy to load and unload groceries with this automatic rear hatch. Getting car seats in and out are a breeze as well. The all wheel drive is great in the snow. With HID headlights, 6 disc DVD, moonroof, heated seats this car is simply impossible to pass up. We test drove minivans, and nothing holds a candle to our Pacifica! WE LOVE IT!


Great car!

Have owned a Pacifica for two years. Everyone that gets in says how surprised they are about how nice the interior is. By far one of the smoothest rides available in this category. This car would be great for anyone with a family, a Realtor, or anyone who wants to impress clients as they take them around town. It works for me.


I love my Pacifica

Someone hit mine and looking for one to replace it seems impossible. It was the BEST car I've ever had. I have owned 4 new vehicles... Kia, Jeep, Chevy and now the Pacifica... She IS the BEST!!!!


2004 after 3 years

After driving one of the first Pacificas out for 30K miles now, I am impressed. This very inexpensive ($300/mo) lease is as good as all the others that I tested for almost 1/2 the $'s. Pros: Spacious, nice ride, AWD works well, towing is easy, spacious, reliable, nice dealer, easy to buy. Spacious. oh, and there is a lot of room for adults, kids and runs to costco. The number of times we stoped in at costco after a run to home depot with both kids and stuffed this car full was impressive. Cons: Fairly hard to park, some fan belt noise, faulty tire pressure sensor, it's big, fairly poor gas (perhapse cause its big???) and heavy. I didn't get any options (except AWD and towing) and I only missed the remote rear hatch opener. So many times I had my arms full of baby stuff and had to put it down knowing the back would have opened if I spent $5/mo more. Was going to buy the Toureg and it was a bit more nimble, but they were asking more that $500 (600 with the options I didn't want) and the dealers were swamped. I looked at volvo and was unimpressed. My lease is up next month and I may just buy this one.... Nahh.. I love new too much. But for a medium big, non earth destroying (dont people who buy sequios feel any guilt?) car, I have been very happy. Another question, who buys these 2000 dvd players when you can buy each kid there own for $90 each, and then they can take it on the plane or to the diner. Good luck.


EVERY bell and whistle available...

This car has it all: easy-to-read navigation system, 6-disc DVD changer + CD player (total 7 CD changer) with flip-down LCD screen and headsets for the kids, leather package, power seats with memory, third-row seating for a total of seven passengers, almost 1000 miles left on the manufacturer's warranty, chrome package (including premium 19" wheels), VERY smooth ride. The only 4 out of 5 star I give this on interior design is the slightly limited rear visibility when the LCD screen is down (typical for any flip-down viewer). There isn't a THING wrong with this one! Commute just changed, the need for this beautiful vehicle has gone away. Try and find this same car under $24k anywhere else! Yes, the proverbial "steal"...