2017 Chrysler Pacifica consumer reviews

$28,995 starting MSRP
side view of 2017 Pacifica Chrysler
90% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.5
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Comfort and Style for families

The ultimate MINI VAN for a mom that doesn't want a mini van. Exceptionally comfortable for up to 7 passengers. We upgraded ours with a 17" DVD player. Super easy to maneuver around and we got 34+ miles per gallon on the interestate.



One of the worst decisions of my life was to buy a Chrysler Minivan and ignore Sienna or Odyssey It was a little cheaper and very hyped. I have a Touring 2017 - from transmission to every other small issue has happened to my Car. The worst is the customer service. - car just hangs a lot in shifting. (the dealer never fixes it) - axles out and spent so much money (not part of power terrain) - power windows don't work on passenger side - steering wheel noises a lot (not covered by power terrain) - constant noises from different areas of car Don't look at $3k-4k cheaper when compared to Odyssey/Sienna. Just buy those minivans which are in the market for decades.


Autobdy rust & erosion/interior cleaning nitemare

I bought a 2017 chrysler pacifica in 2018....so excited....sort of...it had 8000 or so miles on it...It is a overpriced nice looking van, until you actually use it. After it was 3 yrs old, i started having a rust spot, now that its 5 years old there are several paint spots missing on the oxidizing bubbling hood that is not much different than a van well over 10years old! I have a 2007 gmc that has a better looking paint and body than this van. If they just made it a bit better the outside would look really cool, but i right now have a ghetto lookin van that still has a high payment....now to the inside. Right away i could tell purposeful poor choice in colors and materials as i was a mother of multiple children...Aaaaaand vans are mostly bought for people with kids......so this van has a type of material that holds dirt and junk and they claim it is stain resistant....mine was black,...which shows EVERYTHING!!...and KEEPS everything per its design...its disgusting to look at and is very difficult to clean...the BOTTOM part of the van is the WHITE(ISH) VINYL/PLASTIC...where you feet constantly scuff and dirt drops...there is this cute umbrella holder...alls that really is is dirt and grime holder with ridges that make it difficult to brush dirt out of...so this is not a clean looking sleek van lime my payment says it should be...so they want us to upgrade to a better one...it would take hundreds of dollars to have the inside detailed and over $2000 for paint fix.... So far i have had to replace tires right around 30,000...pretty cheap tires for a fancy van...i am at 60,000 miles or so. I feel they key faub opening up doors when you're near is cool...UNLESS there is a creepo around then they have access to you and your car through the other doors...safety issue!!! Vacuuming and cleaning is a nightmare because of all the stow and go cracks and openings....that catches all the dirt and debris and plenty of everything else....nightmare i say...nightmare...soooo many crevices...so many cracks...parents nightmare if you have messy kids...i do.... The cupholder is really low and no starage in middle(cupholder)except shallow open storage...to which you run the risk of anything in it, rolling out under the driver pedals and causing havoc...yikes! Not safe!!! Also this car comes with NO SPARE TIRE!!!...you get this nifty air pump that plugs into your van and supposedly will help you in most cases get to safety....except...mine is broke(it even came with tire hole sealant or whatever thats called) but that runs out and tire guys says thats actually bad for tires and to only use in emergencies or you have no other choice...i had to pay big bucks to get it cleaned out of my tire....i as a mom, would like the air pump AND a spare tire...makes sense and is safer and much more practical.! The digital aspect of this van makes it harder to use climate control by far...old school...turn a nob blindfolded with ease to you temperature or fan speed...now you have to hold but down for 15 seconds while driving to change temperature all way from hot to cold...fan speed is nob, but it is still digital...it has a stupid delay...old school is instant! Volume nob is digital as well, so there is also a delay...so you have to adjust things more due to delay and that keeps your eyes and brain off of road more....it does have volume controls on steering wheel but that is slower yet...definitely doesn't seem like a practical person nor parent with any witt designed these things...i have plastic mats, cant imagine if i used the carpet ones...there are more negatives...but i am tired and feeling down now of my dumpy lookin van that is spendy and so hard to keep clean...and an autobody nightmare at such a young age..


Car started a house fire

Our 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid had 27,000 miles on it. One day just stopped working despite regular maintenance. At this time it also caused a house fire while plugged in. Fortunately nobody was hurt. Since then Chrysler has been terrible to work with and dragging their feet to repair or reimburse the car. It is under 100% electrical warranty due to low mileage. We have now been without our vehicles for 5 months as it sits in the Chrysler lot and we wait for answers. Chrysler did not ever mention to us this vehicle has had SAFETY RECALLS due to CAUSING FIRES. I just happened to stumble on the recall on the internet. They have dragged their feet on repairing our vehicle due to the high cost and refuse to pay us out. They have been an absolute nightmare to work with.


Live this vehicle

Pacifica was designed with people in mind. Amenities are super. Ride is smooth and handles well. Stow n go seats are fabulous. Wish ithad better milage but 30mpg on highway not bad.


A very comfortable and versatile vehicle.

This is the perfect van for traveling. It is comfortable and there is plenty of room for luggage. This is one of the few vehicles that has enough legroom for my husband in the passenger seat. He is 6'5". It is large enough that I can hold my own on the interstate. Would of kept this one except we were interested in a hybrid.


Had all the appointments wanted.

We are former Chrysler Town& Country owners and were in the market for like same and the Pacifica met all our wants and needs and then sum.


front end makes noise!

front end rattles like crazy and they say that is the beast. But I've seen others that don't. They just don't want to fix it. Don't go to New smynrna beach dodge. They will tell you anything to sell you a car. WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Worst investment I have ever made

At little over 110 k miles car start having all kinds of problems.... dimmed head lights that no one know how to fix . The engine hesitate at 28 mph , park sensor went out ,abs module went out , traction went out ...and more xxxx that I have already fixed


terrible purchase

had the vehicle for less than 3 months and already numerous issues with it. I would not recommend this vehicle to anyone. One week in service and still not solution found.