2001 Dodge Ram 1500 consumer reviews

$15,285–$15,555 MSRP range
side view of 2001 Ram 1500 Dodge
88% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 3.9
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 4.2
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.3
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best truck i have ever owned

i have a 01 dodge ram 4x4 sport with the 5.2 engine it. it has 151000 miles on it runs and drives great i take it mudding and drive it hard everyday and its always been reliable


Own 2 of them

I own 2 of these trucks one a 1995 and the other a 2001Quad Cab. Both trucks have the 318 engine and are by far the most reliable vehicles i have ever owned. The 2001 has over 250,000 miles on the original enigine and while the gas milage has never been great it averages about 17 on the highway (with a 5 speed manual). Yes this vehicle is my daily driver and far more comfortable then my wifes over priced european car. My 95 has 185,000 miles on the original engine and is now on its second teenage driver. Again has never broke down or left anyone stranded. If your looking for a good reliable vehicle this is it. It will do everything you need it to do.


Second Dodge Truck I've owned

I had never owned a truck and bought a 1994 Dodge Laramie 1500 to do a project. I expected to sell the truck when I was done. I loved it so much I kept it but alas, I was hit from behind and the insurance company would fix it so I went out looking for another Dodge. I was lucky fo find my 2001 Dodge Laramie Extended Cab with an 8 foot bed and pneumatic load levelers. I am the third owner of this truck and while it hasn't been babied it is very good condition. The interior is almost brand-new. The materials that they have chosen are far better than the older truck that I owned. The upholstery material has held up very well and there are no tears, particularly on the drivers seat where careless drivers don't lift their butts to get out of the vehicle. The cab is very well laid out and unlike the domestic pickups from Chevy and Ford, the fold up center console is a real usable desk. Mine is the extended cab version which has sufficient room to accommodate six people in the cab in a pinch. Of course the back seat's just a little bit crowded legroom wise. It folds up easily from either side and there are small compartments underneath it for storage of things like extension cords, basic tools, and the like. The exterior styling of the vehicle still is timeless. This is the last model year and beginning in 2002 they freshened design slightly but still the truck looks much the same. The engine starts and runs strongly, the transmission shifts smoothly and the truck has a great sound. The cabin is actually well insulated and quite quiet. Okay, now for all the bad stuff. It's been my experience in this truck and the last one that for a sun unprotected dashboard, you can expected to crack and disintegrate. Likewise the bezel around the instruments also tends to crack. On this truck I've removed the insturment bezels and coated the cracks with epoxy from the inside which seems to hold it together. You can buy aftermarket dash covers for about $150 and diecut carpet covers for under $50 which will protect the dash from the sun. In this sunny state, you can expect the exterior paint to become sunburned. I just had the truck painted and it looks like 1 million bucks. The long wheelbase version of this truck with the 8 foot bed makes making a U-turn quite difficult. You must have three lanes in order to effectively make a U-turn however I can haul a ton of stuff and with a bed mounted toolbox I have a mile of room for hauling tools and material. Talking about shortcomings on the interior, the map light switches on both lights no longer work properly and the sunglass holder class in the overhead console broke which I have repaired with epoxy. Comparing Chevy' design of the similar feature is superior. As everybody else has complained about the gas mileage (this truck has the 5.2 L, 318 in.? V-8 and I get about 12 miles around town and 17 On the hwy which I consider far superior to the 9 miles around town and 13 on the hwy. That I got with my 5.9 L in the 1994 Dodge truck I had before). But overall, I absolutely love this truck. I love the way it looks, I love the way it drives, I love the way it sounds, I love the way it rides and I love the amount of stuff that I can put in it and it's reliable and it doesn't complain.


If you can....get one!

I absolutely love this truck! I owned a Ford in 1990, so I began my search there, but this Dodge Ram 1500 not only had great looks, but tons of power on and off road. Roomy extended cab, excellent vision with no blaring blind spots. The only negative I can think of is that it just EATS gas. I use this for a fun, around town and junk/brush hauling vehicle. I would never commute everyday in it. Mine was babied, only 86K miles and absolutely no rust. She's a beauty. Affordable used truck, but well worth the price!


My 2001 dodge Ram 1500 sport

I bought my 01' dodge in April of 2010. It was 9 years old and babied, with 70,000 miles. It looked and drove brand new. I've had it now for over two years, and have put 47,000 miles on it myself. That totals to 117,000 miles, and still going strong. I've heard that Dodge transmissions go out quite often, but mine is holding up well, and is the original. The sport modles are known to have painted bumpers that match the body. It looks verry nice, but the clear coat has a few peeling places on the 11 year old front bumper. The 4-wheel drive in my truck is outstanding, and overal the truck is very reliable. I've never been stuck or broke down on the side of the road. The interior of the 01'dodge ram is clean and attractive. Mine is a dark gray with black trim. The only negative to the interior, is that the dash is plastic. So is every other newer truck on the market, but they all will crack, and it isn't cheep to fix. The 5.2/V8 motor is a reliable 318 cc., but it wasn't built to pull a heavy load. It will scream on the interstate, once you get over 60 mph. Given the gear ratio, I would imagine, that's most of the trouble. It's geard for less pull and takeoff, but more travling speeds and passing capabilities. The feul mileage isn't terrible in my book either. I have a heavy foot, and still average 15+ mpg.. If I took it easy, I wouldn't be suprised to get 17-19 mph.. Thats not bad at all for a 1/2 ton, with 117,000 miles on a V8, 4x4, 4-door, thats 11 years old, with over sized tires !!!! The look of my Dodge is incredible. I wanted one since I was 10 years old, and still find myself pleased with it today. The Sport package also comes with a bit of a lift from the factory, and 4x4. This is a big plus !! Overal, I would have to say this has been my favorite truck so far. * looks inside and out,I give it a 100% * the feul mileage, I give it a 90% * reliability, it gets 100% * accelleration, it's a 68% * pulling power, is at 70% * handling, 95% * 4x4 is incredible, 100% * comfort is an easy 95% * I WOULD HAVE TO GIVE THE TRUCK AS A WHOLE A 94 out of 100... a high "B+" Average !!


Smoothest Riding Truck I've owned

Dodge had 135000 miles and was well taken care of by previous owner. Mileage with 5.9 V8 was not bad for 4 wheel drive, 11.5 city 17 highway. Since purchase have added Cold Air Intake and E3 Spark Plugs, Mileage now 14 city and 19.5 highway. Have always bought Ford Trucks before, But now I'm a Dodge fan


best looking truck

veary good truck just don't expect good gas milage had a chevy decent truck but could not keep the ABS or engine light off .


2001 Dodge RAM 1500 4X4 off road

I bought this truck new in 2000 it?s a 2001 ram 1500 quad cab short bed 4X4 with the off road pack and a tow pack. When I bought this truck it had 8 miles, it now has 99,915 (it sat in storage for 3 years while I was stationed in Japan). PRO, power for days, looks good, roomy, and comfortable, rides nice, and with the right muffler it sounds amazing. CON, the dash has cracked and big chunks have fallen out, the paint is peeling and faded (due to it being stored outside) my fault. And it just absolutely loves the gas stations can get passed one to save my life. The truck is fun off road and I pull a 25 ft RV with it and it tows good for a 4X4 I would buy a new Dodge if I had the $40,000 to pay for a new one.


Dodge Ram

Very good performing truck, very comfortable and it gives you a sense of security and sturdiness when driving it


pretty good truck.

I have a 1995 dodge ram 1500 since it was new. it now have 289,000 miles in michigan and if gas was't the high. i would drive it till she stops.