2005 Ford Crown Victoria consumer reviews

$24,430 starting MSRP
side view of 2005 Crown Victoria Ford
100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.0
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value for the money 4.8
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.8
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An all around car.

I’ve had my Crown Victoria Police Interceptor for almost a year and I fell in love with it almost right away. I’ve given this vehicle a 5 star for comfort because this vehicle has an extremely comfortable backseat, the only thing I can compare it to is a couch, the front seats are as comfortable as recliners. This car is easily one of the most comfortable cars I’ve ever been in. The comfortability of this car is one of the main reasons I sold my 2019 Ford Mustang after 6 months of owning the Crown Vic. However I rated the interior design 3 stars due to some flaws. Lets start off with entertainment. I know this is a 15 year old car and I really shouldn’t expect much, but I would’ve really liked if there were speakers on the front doors. As far as I’m aware there’s only 2 speakers behind the back seats under the rear windshield, for a 2 speaker set up its what you expect, but I wouldn’t say its terrible. The radio stock doesn’t have USB or even an AUX, this can be easily fixed with a FM transmitter, but you will be taking a hit on sound quality by using one. The next flaw with the interior is lack of door storage and cup holders, this vehicle has 2 cup holders that slide out with an ash try and cigarette lighter in the front of the car, these are the only cup holders in the entire car which could be inconvenient considering this vehicle can comfortably fit 5 passengers. The reason why I didn’t rate the interior design lower is because all these flaws are easy and relatively cheap to accommodate for. You can purchase a new center console for roughly $30 that will add 4 more cup holders which will total the cup holders to 6. You can update the radio with a touchscreen radio for about $150 which will give you apple car play, bluetooth, and USB/AUX and you can add a subwoofer in the trunk for about $150 to upgrade the sound system. For just a little over $300 you can make the interior comparable to most modern cars. The reason why this car gets 5 stars for performance is because it holds up for what it is 4.6L V8, which is the same engine to the 4th gen Mustang GTs and a smooth shifting 4 speed automatic. This vehicle I wouldn’t say is fast at all, in fact most modern mid-size or compact sedans will match or out preform the crown vic, but for a 4000 lb sedan it holds up. Torque and horsepower are decent by todays standards and at best good for when this vehicle was out. For the 4000 lb land yacht that the crown vic is it handles above average, this is no sports car, but it does its job. This vehicle gets 5 stars for value for the money, you can get a clean crown vic for about $3k if you look really hard since the prices are inflating for this car, but it still is worth ever penny in my opinion. A full size, reliable, box frame, V8 sedan for $3K, is a steal if you ask me. I rate the exterior styling 5 stars because I personally love the simplicity of the car. However if simple is not for you, you can swap a lot of 4th gen mustang parts with the crown vic so you are able to customize this car to your liking, with the endless aftermarket support for the mustangs, you’ll be able to find parts to use for the crown vic. If there was an option for a 10 stars out of 5 for reliability I would have chosen that. THIS CAR IS RELIABLE! Okay let me say first off my crown vic has 180k miles and was a cop car for 126k miles, then owned by an individual until I purchased it at 175k miles. It appears the last own neglected this car, when I got her she was in rough shape. I did the necessary repairs on her to keep her running however my car has some issues but I’ll blame it on abuse and neglect. I had the water pump go out due to the car overheating from a bad radiator fan on my crown vic, I drove her all the way to H and drove her without a working water pump or cooling fan for a week and she did it and is still running fine. This was an error on my part, mechanically the engine runs well, the transmission fluid I changed at 180k miles was still the original fluid and was still red. This car is built like a tank. This car is reliable if you find a clean one, I recommend buying a crown vic straight from a PD, SD, or ST/HP, most of them rigorously maintain their vehicle every 3-6k miles/3 months and they mostly use OEM parts for their cars. The conclusion of this Crown Vics are an all around car, its not amazing for todays standards, but for the price it will give you more than you expect. They’re very reliable cars if you find the right one.


Police Interceptor

I think this car kicks xxx. Fast, smooth ride and allows me to hammer down on the freeway without skipping a beat. I have the spotlight installed so it looks like a legit cop car.


Very reliable car and loaded with options

Very nice and comfortable interior. Bench seat with fold down arm rests. Two key fobs, kelyless entry key pad, bolt on hub caps and power everything! It was like driving on a cloud.


Most reliable car I have owned.

Fantastic. These crown Victoria police interceptors are the best. Super heavy duty, comfortable, economical, fast. The best car I have ever driven and owned and I have owned 447 vehicles over the past 55 years.


Best used car ever period

Best used car for its simplicity cost of ownership and proven durability, a Massachusetts Lt governor had Collied his car a crown Vic against a brick wall @90 mph he survived with minor injuries


One of the best cars for your money

5 start I have owned many and they are great, plenty of room, very reliable. Would definitely buy again.


P71 interceptor

I have owned a few of these cars. They are really reliable. Not much of a cost to own. Everything that can go wrong is researchable and easily fixed on your own. A real bang for your buck.


Great awesome car

Loved this car for speed, durability, inexpensive fix and comfort. Love the fact that it wasn't a well all cars made by them do that kinda car



this is a police cruiser and has some scratches and a few small dings, its comfortable and holds well in turns and acceleration, it does drink a bit more gas that other cars, but if you drive a bit less aggressive you can miser a few more miles per gallon. little squeaks here and there from the breaks but nothing unusual. Nice ride and comfort in the seats. big trunk gona miss this car when they are all gone, ford needs to look at bringing back the crown vic.


large and in charge

I recently purchased a CV LX Sport from a dealer listing on Cars.com. This car is what people would call a "boat" to drive but in a good way. It does not like to turn but runs fast in smooth going straight. It loves highway driving and will turn those country-bumkin pothole-ridden northeast roads into some of the smoothest sailing you've ever experienced. The air-ride suspension helps to alleviate some of the crashing experienced when driving a car as heavy as this over bumpy roads. The 4.6L V8 also does a fantastic job getting you to highway speeds in a timely manner and keeping you there without stressing the engine. Unlike most heavy cars that do not like to remain at high speed, the CV LX Sport actually prefers the far left lane as much as possible and the ride gets more and more smooth as the speed increases. City driving is not the greatest as the 20' turning radius and extra long nose and rear end are tough to feel out initially but, as with all cars, the more you drive it, the more you get to know where all of the corners are and what freedoms you do and don't have in tight spaces. All around, probably the best car I'll ever own.